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Haute Dolci – Leicester

Haute Dolci has now made its way to Leicester! They have newly opened on Granby Street and we were invited to the exclusive VIP premiere event to experience their delicious menu of luxurious desserts before their opening.  I got my plus one ready and off we trotted to Leicester to fill our stomachs! Ahh, I can’t wait to tell you all about it…keep scrolling!

Haute Dolci Leicester store entrance

If you didn’t already know, they launched their first restaurant in Cheshire Oaks (which we have done a review about, read our full Haute Dolci Cheshire Oaks review here) so the Leicester branch is their second flagship store, they will also be opening one in the Trafford Centre in Manchester and we cant wait! Who doesn’t love shopping & dessert!?

Haute Dolci has the same initial “Got The Key” concept where its initially only open to Key holders, they sent us an with one of their Exclusive Golden Key in the post.

If you were lucky enough to find a golden key during the recent key hunt in the city then you have the chance to get in the restaurant.  With first, showing the key to the staff upon entry. They have now opened to the public so you don’t need a key to enter but if you have one keep it safe as it will soon give you access to a secret menu for key holders only. Each store has its own different key, so if you manage to collect them all, you might be in for a surprise! It’s definitely worth collecting them all.

Being the founders of Heavenly Desserts and IceBurg, I knew they would deliver yet again & make another breakthrough to deliver a luxurious dining experience that tickles your sweet tooth with their mouthwatering dessert menu. With that being said, they are soon going to be serving the delicious food from IceBurg within the restaurant so get ready for great food combined with great desserts. This will save you from going somewhere else to have dessert and to queue up twice!

The Place

Haute Dolci’s decor has a modern luxurious finish. The room is painted with warm dark colours, enhanced with lighting, which immediately creates a warm and comfortable vibe. The attention to detail is un paralled with hand pained walls & tall gold pillars made for an eye-catching statement effortlessly complementing the decor beautifully.

The restaurant has space for more than 200 diners and features a state-of-the-art open-plan dessert and drinks area complete with a Gelato and patisserie display cabinets, and oh my gosh…chocolate taps!

Silky smooth Belgian milk and white chocolate taps sat beside each other gives you an eyeful to look at and it’s definitely tempting! I could literally look at this all day but would inevitably end up with my lips wrapped around the tap drinking the chocolate! They also have an upper floor which will be available to hire for events, parties, functions and also a prayer room Alhamdulillah.

One of my favourite parts of the decor is the stunning blue velvet sofa and chairs. It’s absolutely gorgeous and it lifts the whole atmosphere, making it look stylish.

So Beautiful!

I love that you can watch your dessert being decorated. They have placed reflective mirrors above the open plan dessert area. I mean how cool is that? It’s quite fun to watch the skill that goes into preparing your Dessert. You can sit back and literally enjoy the view!

The seating plan is designed in a way so that large groups of people can be seated in one booth comfortably as their booths are fairly large, but are also seated in a way to give you a sense of privacy & intimacy.

Haute Dolci have a private dining area with booth seating at the back end of the restaurant for those who want to go that extra mile for a special occasion and enjoy the VIP experience.

They also have a couples private dining section with your own private waiter. The idea behind this is that you can gift this area to someone you care about as a gift to a couple rather than just giving them money for example: a wedding. Gifting them this table will be more of a memorable experience which they will never forget. I loved the way it was decorated, “Got the key to your heart” was written on the wall which is just so romantic, a box full of red forever roses was placed in the middle of the table and birdcage chairs were placed on opposite side. Finally, the tables were scattered with rose petals which brought it altogether. How cute?! #instagrammable Definitely wouldn’t mind booking this area and making it a memorable occasion for myself.

Speaking of flowers, Haute Dolci have launched their own florist company called Haute Fleur. They have displayed their collection in counters and shelving unit as you walk into the main area.

It looked absolutely beautiful, i really loved how they decorated the whole place with these roses and this really created a sense of elegancy. Some flowers are displayed in glass cabinets around the restaurant.

My favourite piece was the red roses in gold cones! Something unique yet stylish. The Haute Fleur range can be purchased at the counter, as well as Macarons, chocolate covered strawberry gift boxes and much much more!

Each Haute Dolci branch will have its own unique theme, so when you visit each branch you will have a unique experience because of the decor, different key, different concept etc. This can be seen if you have visited the Cheshire Oaks branch.

The Desserts

Haute Dolci have an extensive menu which is presented in a book form. This form of menu layout adds to the aesthetics of the classy look of the restaurant. The menu is filled with all the dessert choices you can ever imagine!

From freshly prepared waffles, american style pancakes, cakes, cookie dough, crepes and many more options. They have simplified the menu so it’s now easier to use compared to the Cheshire Oaks branch to ensure it is easy to order.

They also have an extensive dessert menu for those who are vegan and gluten-free, ensuring that everyone is catered for. When we arrived, we were escorted to our booths and the lovely waiter offered to take off our coats which was a nice gesture. we were seated in the beautiful private dining area. He then explained to us how the menu worked to make it easy for us to choose what we order. So anyway here’s what we got:

Naughty Nibbles Appetiser – To start things off we opted for this naughty looking appetiser which was, a cute mini cone filled with Dolci Milk Belgian chocolate, garnished with strawberries. You can choose from the following flavours: Milk choc, White choc, Nutella & Nuts or Strawberry & Choc. This was too cute to eat but I couldn’t help it! It was delicious, their Belgian chocolate is my FAV and it was the perfect option to get me ready for the mains.

Naughty Nibbles Appetiser

Brownie Bites Appetiser – A soft and spongy slice of brownie poured over with Belgian chocolate. You can also choose different flavours such as Milk Choc, White Choc, Toffee & Fudge or Nutella & Nuts. The brownie arrived warm, just the way I like it!

Brownie Bites Appetiser

My Favourite Things – Mini strawberry & jam cake served with a jug of custard and sprinkled with coconut shavings, with a fresh strawberry laid on the side. I am a back-to-school-pudding fanatic and this cake exceeded my expectations! I was so gutted to find out that they stopped making the mini victoria sponge dessert at Heavenly Desserts, when my eyes happened to fall on this number, I was ecstatic and had to order! The texture of the cake was soft & fluffy, it was complemented with the warm and creamy custard, I happily finished it all off smacking my lips!

My Favourite Things – Mini strawberry & jam cake

The Slumber Party Special – Baked milk chocolate chip cookie dough, accompanied with Madagascan vanilla gelato, warm Dolci milk chocolate sauce pot to pour all the unapologetic calories. The cookie dough is by far, my favourite dessert on the menu and tasted exactly how I wanted. It was truly an indulgence experience, the cookie dough was baked to perfection and the Gelato was just as good. Alhamdulillah.

Milk Chocolate Cookie Dough

I won’t tell if you won’t – French Crepe drizzled with warm Dolci milk chocolate, scattered with dark chocolate curls, enriched with a scoop of two-toned Stracciatella ice cream and topped with fresh strawberries. The crepe is folded with layers of even more silky chocolate which I appreciate as some dessert places can be very stingy in not spreading chocolate inside the crepe itself. However, this crepe was flowing with chocolate as you cut in.

I won’t tell if you won’t – French Crepe (Before)

As always, had to order a pot of melted white chocolate as we love the combination of both in my crepes. I also went for caramelised almonds as an extra topping, this was so tasty and added a sweet crunch. The crepe was light and golden, needless to say I had a romantic crepe affair. DIVINE.

I won’t tell if you won’t – with extra pot of white chocolate & caramelised almonds (After)


Haute Dolci also have an extensive drinks menu, serving a variety of milkshakes, floats, mocktails and hot drinks. Since it was just me and my friend who went, we didn’t go crazy ordering so many drinks as this would fill us up in not eating our main desserts. But this is what we opted for.

Cor Blimey – This mocktail contains a blend of blueberry, lime and mint topped with crushed ice. The citrusy tang of the lime wasn’t overpowering and all the flavours of the fruits carried subtle flavours that work together well. This drink is also served in IceBerg & is one of my faves when i order there. Tip: order it with less ice.

Cor Blimey 

Mango Pleasure – Lastly we have this beauty! Mango sorbet and soft vanilla gelato blended with cool milk and silky cream mango sauce, topped with cute slices of Magno. A tropical extravagance is what I would describe this drink! The mango sorbet fulfilled my sweet cravings. The smooth milk combined with the rest of the ingredients created exotic flavours on your palate.

Mango Pleasure


Haute Dolci gives you a luxurious dining experience to share with friends and family. The staff were incredibly helpful. Our waiter helped explain the menu down so it isn’t too overwhelming when you have over 30 pages to decide what to order. We met the owner named Nizam. who openly welcomed us,  giving us a tour of the whole place. He was passionate about what they do and the future plans he is currently in the process of implementing. We’re excited for the launch of the IceBerg menu within the restaurant which is one of my faves (see the full review of Iceburg Preston here). Alhamdulillah that there will soon also be a prayer room upstairs too. Looking forward to visiting again soon!

Let us know how you got on if you visit this branch. Also don’t forget to pray the dua for eating something sweet when you’re enjoying your delicious desserts: “Allahummar zuqnaa halaawatan Imaan.” (O Allah grant me the sweetness of Imaan.) Ciao! x

View The Full Menu below


Location:  84-86 Granby St, Leicester LE1 1DJ

Opening Hours: Sunday – Thursday: 12pm–12am  / Friday & Saturday: 12pm–1am

Vegetarian & Vegan Options available

Prayer room available upstairs (Soon)

Tel: 0116 254 2244

Book a table: resdiary.com/restaurant/hautedolci

Website: https://hautedolci.co.uk/ but is still baking (under construction)

Haute Dolci Leicester Dessert Menu


All information was correct at the time of dining, however, we strongly recommend that you re-verify that Halal status before dining to ensure there have been no changes regarding certification/suppliers


  1. Sumeyyah
    02/11/2018 / 12:45 am

    Love this post. Very detailed and informative. Definitely will have to check this place out! Also it’s so good that they will be adding a prayer room upstairs too, great for those who are travelling alhamdulillah xo

  2. Williamsah
    28/02/2019 / 1:16 pm

    It all looks ao yummy can’t wait to give it a try with my family

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