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Heavenly Desserts – Bradford

The time has finally come! Heavenly Desserts has now landed in Bradford and the name says it all and is most definitely true. We have just attended their V.I.P launch event (Thank you for the invite!) and loved it, so I had to get typing and share the details with you. Heavenly Desserts has long been a favourite of mine so when I found out there was one opening in Bradford I was excited, it will make dessert decisions a lot easier! Let me get to reviewing.

The Place

From the moment you arrive at Heavenly Desserts, you can tell they have made sure to make the place the best it can be. The large glass windows and a red rope to greet us meant we were excited right from the start. The place has comfortable brown and beige seating with both booths and chairs available. There is a prayer room which I managed to use (although they are finishing it for the grand opening) which I love as it made life so much easier and meant we could spend a lot longer. Heavenly Desserts also now sell merchandise ranging from luxurious boxes of chocolate to powdered hot chocolate and other drinks which I imagine must be yummy. To my surprise upstairs is massive. It is definitely the biggest heavenly desserts. There are a lot of stairs to get up but once you get there it is lovely. There is more than enough seating and you aren’t too close to others which is great as you get privacy. There are big plants around the place adding to the beauty. There tinted mirrors throughout the place (great for mirror pictures) and a large one by the toilets which was great given you can get messy when you enjoy your dessert. There are separate male/female disabled toilets (again, with massive mirrors) which I liked because you can use the taps as and when needed.

The Staff

All the staff were friendly, welcoming and ready to help. Given it was their first day I have to say they handled it amazingly which isn’t usually the case when you go to an opening. All the staff wore shirts and wore aprons that allow you to identify their role (the chef wore black). The staff were very accommodating to ensure we enjoyed everything we had! I have to say Cediqua was an amazing waitress probably the best we’ve ever met! She was always smiling and made sure we were comfortable and happy. Thankyou Cediqua for being so lovely!

The Desserts

Due to it being an invite-only event the menu was set. I have to say I loved the set menu (I’m getting ahead of myself I know). I enjoyed not having to decide what to have and everything came at the perfect time. The menu also meant we tried things we had never had before which means I now have new favourites but let me get to the bit you want to read about, the food! Belgian Chocolate Shots (£1.10) – the chocolate at Heavenly Desserts is amazing. We were given one white chocolate shot and one milk chocolate shot and they were both yum, I loved mixing them! I was tempted to just drink the chocolate but I knew it would fill me up. We decided to have a little chocolate fondue as the shots were served with strawberries. We saved the rest of the chocolate to drizzle on our mains as who doesn’t love extra chocolate. Brownie Points (£4.50)– surprisingly I haven’t opted for the brownies in the past so it was a nice surprise when they arrived. The brownies came drizzled in chocolate, 2 stacks in milk chocolate and 1 in milk as well as warm Nutella, which was perfect as there was something everyone like. The brownies were actually amazing. We were sharing and ended up taking most of them home 😂and they tasted just as good the day after.


Usually I’m more of a Belgian waffle kind of person which always causes a divide at the table as half the family prefer American waffles. It was a nice change having American Waffles I have to say. We were served 3 different waffles which were nice as we tried waffles we wouldn’t usually. All the waffles were fluffy with just enough crisp. I’ll have what she’s having (£6.90) -is an American Waffle topped with strawberries and strawberry sauce served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. This was not my favourite but only because I am not into strawberry sauce but the family loved it. I stole quite a few of the fresh strawberries as they were lush and they’re amazing dipped in the melted Belgian chocolate 💖. Ferrero Royal (£7.50) – came topped with Ferrero Rocher chocolates and drizzled melted Belgian chocolate. To complement the waffle it was served with Stracciatella ice-cream which is one of my favourites! Secret Sensations (£7.20) – this surprised me I have to say as I wouldn’t ever opt for this on my own accord but it was surprisingly lovely. It was topped with fresh raspberries and a little raspberry sauce and melted Belgian white chocolate. I ended up drizzling more chocolate from the shots and then it was extra yummy I have to say. This was also served with vanilla ice-cream which was nice but I’d probably change it for Stracciatella next time 😉 I shockingly managed to finish the majority of it and I have to say I was proud and so were the staff! Gelato – There are so many flavours to choose from it is kind of overwhelming BUT thankfully everyone I have tried so far was super yummy. I would definitely say it is worth trying something new but either way, make sure you have at least one scoop (I always have more).

The drinks

Classic Mint Mojito (£3.20) – I was surprised by this drink as it wasn’t like anything I have ever tasted before. The first sip gave me quite a shock as I hadn’t stirred the drink so make sure you give it a stir. Once I gave it a stir this was really enjoyable especially given it wasn’t just full of ice you get a lot to drink. I loved the colour of the drink and the little bits of mint you’d get with each sip. It was a perfect combination of mint and lime however it may not be to everyone’s taste! I was trying to take the perfect picture for you to see and as I did I spilt lots of the drink down my sleeve but it was worth it! Tropical Passion Mocktail (£4.80) – this was very much something I’d get on holiday. It was in between a mojito and a smoothie. There was a lot of ice so at first, I wasn’t fond but once the sorbet melted a little and it had been stirred it was nice. Again this is something for certain individuals who are into their tropical smoothie/mojito style juice. I have to say the scoop of sorbet was lovely, I’d eat a little before you let it melt! I can’t wait to try the other sorbet flavours. Iced Vanilla Chai Milkshake (£4.50) – this really surprised me. I wasn’t sure if it would be to my taste as although I love chai I am very fussy especially when it comes to cold drinks but I thought hey why not? Who doesn’t love a chai? Given it was 28 degrees this was a perfect way to cool down. Iced Mocha Frappe (£3.30) – As promised in the menu I was left craving more. I could actually taste the espresso which was good (I may get an extra shot next time but hey I do love coffee). The Frappe was blended just right and it was a perfect complement to the dessert. Perfect Rose Flowering Tea (£4.85) – This is a beautiful experience as strange as that may sound. You will receive a glass pot of tea with what looks like leaves inside and then as the tea brews the bud like thing in the pot blossoms into flowers (consisting of Jasmine Flowers, Rose Buds and Marigold)! I managed to get a time lapse but sadly the pot was facing the wrong way but the pictures below will show you the end product🌻! Upon receiving your tea you will also receive three hourglass timers with sand in them. There are 3 different timers each is for a different strength tea, so just remember even though the flower blooming is beautiful if you don’t like your tea too strong, get pouring earlier! Although we left ours for longer than all the timers and it was still nice. I’d say the tea is as you would imagine more herbal like, similar to green tea but a lot nicer was my initial thought, I later found out it is green tea of the highest grade. Regardless, there is always more sugar to make it taste more exciting right? The tea was a lovely way to let the dessert digest a little so we weren’t leaving the place bloated. Still Water (£1.25) – Heavenly Desserts thankfully serves tap water. However, their mineral water is really nice and comes in a glass bottle. We enjoyed lots of water with ice, Cediqua made sure of that (thank you)! Given the amount of chocolate, water is a must in my opinion or you’ll just end up feeling sick and not finishing your dessert. Plus you need to hydrate!

The Verdict

Although, I always worry when visiting a new store that exists elsewhere as they can often not quite make it as good as the previous stores and when the bar is set as high as it has become over the years it could easily be a disappointment. Alhamdullilah Heavenly Desserts Bradford did not disappoint! Heavenly Desserts is definitely in my top 10 places that serve dessert! This branch, in particular, has both the service and the food on point. Given they have made sure there is lots of space I’m sure the wait time will be much better! The staff were amazing and management really have thought of everything. We loved our time at the VIP event, thank you for the invite Heavenly Desserts! They are now open so make sure you go down and let us know what you try and what you think. I’ve pretty much had most things on the full menu so any questions just ask! P.s: scroll down to view the full menu!

The Details

FIND THEM AT 250 Great Horton Rd, Bradford BD7 1PU

Open from 12pm till 12am

Card Payment Accepted

Pre-booking Available

Takeout Available

Prayer Room Available


There are also branches in

PRESTON – 18 MILLER ARCADE, PR1 2QY. (01772 250320)

BIRMINGHAM – 371-373 LADYPOOL ROAD, WEST MIDLANDS, B12 8LA. (0121 448 5601)


LIVERPOOL – 39–41 STRAND STREET, L1 8LT. (0151 345 4160)


Heavenly Desserts Drinks Menu


All information was correct at the time of dining, however, we strongly recommend that you re-verify that Halal status before dining to ensure there have been no changes regarding certification/suppliers

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