We decided to head over to the new Menu Launch at IceBurg Preston to see how things have changed and developed. Good news! All your old favourites are still present with some needed additions. IceBurg now have 3 menus available including a weekend breakfast menu which is now available (9am – 1pm), a lunch menu has a special offer (Mon – Thurs 12 noon – 5pm) along with an in-depth regular menu that is available at all other times.  (see the menu at end of post)

The place

IceBurg is an HMC Certified gourmet burger joint located in Preston Town Center within Milner Arcade around the corner from Heavenly Desserts.

They offer a varied selection of Wagyu and Angus beef burgers, as well as NYC style fries loaded with many amazing toppings of your choice, and of course, drowned in gooey cheese sauce! Their new menu has introduced all of the original beef burgers along with more chicken burgers, milkshakes, hot dawgs, wraps, veggie burgers, Icetails and much more! I am impressed with what they have added to the menu and really glad that they are still serving the old favourites. I have been multiple times before and they have stood the test of time with being consistently good. Their burgers are of good quality, using premium cuts which justifies the slightly higher price compared to elsewhere but still keeps things relatively affordable.

IceBurg’s decor does not lack in standard with a modern, industrial contemporary atmosphere that I love. There are lovely flowers placed throughout the place adding to the feel of the place.

The whole restaurant is based on the colour yellow and black theme. Kind of reminds me of a bumblebee! They have a huge floor downstairs full of booths and seats, complete with a sink within the seating area to wash your hands before & after you eat (Sunnah Style), which looks quite cool with the full wall mirror placed above.

IceBurg has an open plan kitchen with new equipment as soon as you walk in & you can see your food being prepared and how the kitchen runs. They have a drinks Bar to your right when you walk in, filled with a wall of the popular Monin Syrups along with an area to make your milkshakes and other drink-making goodies. Don’t worry, it’s all halal and alcohol-free. At the new Menu launch, they had a flair bartender for the day who was busy making the Icetails (IceBurg’s take on a mocktail). He was using his skills by flipping, juggling the syrup bottles to entertain customers which I thought was pretty cool! When you are seated on the top floor, they have a really cool shelf display area in the middle, filled with cool and quirky items such as colourful flowers, ornaments, plants, books and boxes etc which creates such a cool modern vibe. It really doesn’t feel like you are in Preston at all! The place is very spacious, can seat a lot of people so bring your families along and enjoy some yummy food!


The Staff

The Staff at IceBurg are great and have always tried to ensure we are happy. They have definitely improved with time and provide exceptional service. There are lots of staff ensuring you never wait around. One of the staff is especially great, named  Sumaiya (she used to work in Marco & Carl), she is very friendly and goes the extra mile to make your meal special!

The Food


IceBurg is one of my favourite places up North for burgers as they consistently deliver so well. They use fresh ingredients on site and their beef burger patties are of high quality as they have Wagyu and Aberdeen Angus. Right! Let’s get to the food! These are lots of new editions which we tried at the new launch of the menu and they were all yummy!

First, we have the new Appetisers!

The Fiery Firecrackers (£4.00) now these were my FAVV starter out of all of them. I can not describe to you how absolutely BANGIN’ these were! They were definitely fiery as they had a chilli kick to it, but I really liked that and the main part was the base ingredient – chicken!! This was oh my! Drooling with flavour. The batter had so much flavour to it, succulent and sooo crispy it was actually mind-blowing! I highly HIGHLY recommend these to try and trust me, you will thank me!

Jalapeno Bites (£4.00) Stuffed jalapenos with cream cheese coated in a breadcrumb batter and deep fried till golden. I am a jalapeno poppers fan, and I can honestly confirm that these were the best ones I have ever had. On the other hand, one of the other diners, who is not usually into jalapenos or creamy stuff, actually loved them. They were crispy and golden on the outside, soft and creamy on the inside with bits of jalapenos mixed within the cream cheese.

Garlic bread (£3.50), which I really enjoyed. It had a nice balanced texture of crispy and soft. All it was missing was cheese then it would have been even more delicious!

Greek salad (£7) – I surprisingly love salad but often enough most places do not really bother making an effort but IceBurg have made sure that their salad actually tastes good. The Greek salad contains lots of lettuce along with radicchio,  cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, croutons and feta cheese. The salad is drizzled with balsamic vinegar which I usually do not like but it was just enough and did not have an overpowering taste!

The Drinks – IceTails

Tropical Crush (£4.50) – This is a surprisingly refreshing mix of Orange and Mango with the perfect amount of zest and sweetness. I have to say it also looked so cute with the garnishing and lovely presentation plus I do love oranges!

Daiquiri Delight (£4.50) – This mint and strawberry mashup is different from most daiquiris. It is very sweet made for those of you with a sweet tooth. It has a fair amount of strawberry which I love and comes with a cute mixer (make sure you give it a good stir before taking a sip. The consistency is thicker than the other drinks but I enjoyed that.

Piña Colada (£4.50) – Different from your usual Piña Colada with just enough pineapple and coconut to make it refreshing.

Spearmint Splash (£4.50) – This was delightful, made up of Mint and Lime. I loved that the IceTail was made to perfection. You can tell mint is muddled but the Lime was squeezed therefore the Lime was not overpowering with bitterness from the skin.

Cor Blimey (£4.50) – Although this may not look as vibrant it did not lack in taste. Blueberry and Lime are not something I would expect to taste good together but the Cor Blimey was suprisingly flavoursome and I love eating the little blueberries at the end!

The Food – Mains


The Italian Job Burger (Single £8, Double £10) – Chicken breast fillet marinated with pesto, topped with sun-kissed vine tomatoes, mozzarella cheese & lettuce in a butter brioche bun. This was recommended as a favourite by the person who greeted us hence we had to try it. If you like pesto this is definitely one to try.

Grillionaire (Single £8, Double £10) – Peri Peri chicken grilled and doused in IceBurg sauce topped with, Monterey Jack cheese, caramelized onions, lettuce and tomatoes. This was grilled to perfection and tasted so good. The picture definitely does not do justice to the flavour. This was enjoyed with a side of cheesy fries which had lots of cheese perfect for the portion size and complemented the burger so well!

Classy Chick (Single £7, Double £9) – Here we have their yummy crispy deep fried chicken topped with crispy lettuce, red onions, Monterey Jack cheese, IceBurg sauce served within a butter brioche bun. This has always been a personal favourite of mine, the crispy batter tastes delicious.


Aged Aberdeen Angus beef is a Scottish breed of cow. Angus beef has much higher Marbling than most cattle. Marbling is the amount of intramuscular fat. Most people agree that marbling improves flavour, tenderness, and keeps meat moist while cooking. I have to say the Angus beef at IceBurg speaks for its self as you can taste the quality.

CheeseBurg (Single £8, Double £10) with skin-on fries. This was 4oz of tender Angus beef along with crispy lettuce, tomato and caramalised onion (it usually comes with a gherkin, so if you are not a fan ask for them to be removed. The Monterey Jack cheese really improved the burger and hey you have to have cheese for it to be a cheeseburger right?


Wagyu is a very premium type of meat you can get. Wagyu is expensive to source due to its incredibly tender, soft and butter flavour. It is from a Japanese breed of cow. It’s renowned for its tenderness and marbling. Traditionally, the Japanese Wagyu cows are massaged and fed alcohol in order to improve the quality & tenderness meat, however, rest assured, the wagyu from IceBurg is definitely not fed alcohol and is HMC certified which prevents any worry!

Son of a Bun (Single £11, Double £13) – I love how juicy Wagyu beef burgers at IceBurg. This like the other burgers is served with lettuce, tomato and red onions along with their signature sauce in a yummy butter brioche bun. I always opt for 2 patties and extra cheese.

The ‘One’ (Single £12, Double £14) – This has by far been my favourite. This is a Wagyu Burger aptly named “The One” you could instantly notice the quality of the meat they were using. We requested our burgers to be cooked medium which took some explaining but to our surprise it was actually cooked to perfection & was medium in the middle 💖 (there’s nothing worse than a burnt burger!) Everything just goes together so well from the Butter Brioche Bun which isn’t overly sweet like some Brioche can be, to the caramelised onions, a Monterey Jack Cheese slice, IceBurg sauce lettuce & tomato used all complimenting each other in harmony. Then if you upgrade to a meal (which you totally should) you have the skin on fries that are garnished with Rosemary & a drink of your choice.

Smokin’ (£9 – single, £11 – Double) – This is an Angus Burger for the BBQ’ lovers. beef rashers, tomato lettuce, caramelised onions and onion rings. This is complemented by Magic Salt, IceBurg Sauce, BBQ sauce and a Monterey Jack Cheese slice. This is all served in a butter brioche bun.

IceBurg mince their own blend of meat fresh onsite for their patties so they can ensure everything is prepared by their trained team to their own recipe.

There is an increase in price with these kinds of meats but I’m not complaining and would happily pay for this type of meat due to its quality!

Fire Fries (£5 – on its own, +£3 with your burger) – These are my all time favourite and taste like nothing I have ever had before! The Fire Fries are crispy skin-on fries topped with a little of everything. That includes peri-grilled chicken cubes, cheese sauce, IceBurg sauce with a final garnish of fresh spring onions. I would definitely say add these on to your burger, they are AMAZING!

Beef ‘N’ Fries (£5 – on its own, +£3 with your burger) – Usually I would not opt for something like this but given I do love meat I figured why not? I was surprised that they were delicious. The portion size is great as usually. You got lots of their signature skin-on-fries topped with crumbled Angus beef, creamy cheese and fresh spring onions

If you have leftovers (which is likely given their big portion sizes), takeout is available! I have to say I love the cute new bags they give you with burger shaped handles!

The Verdict

Preston has long lacked a good burger joint but no longer! IceBurg is delicious and ticks all the boxes. IceBurg have really improved the place and the menu. The location is lovely and the decoration adds to the feel of the place. The new menu has a lot more variety ensuring there is something for everyone! IceBurg is one of my favourite stops for a Burger and their variety of fries make it all the better. My favourite fries after trying them all would definitely be the Fire Fries but they all have their own great qualities. The new menu also offers a variety of new appetisers which surprised me and tasted really good!

One thing to note is the juicy patties are 4oz so they are just enough, especially if you plan to have dessert after (who wouldn’t with Heavenly Desserts around the corner) but if you are hungry then it’s definitely worth going for the double which should fill you up. The drinks are divine (I always ask them to go on the low ice, so there is more to enjoy)! Although  I have heard others complain about price in the past, IceBurg is definitely worth the money, you pay that bit more for the quality served. IceBurg is definitely worth a trip, let me know what you enjoy!

If you’ve ever paid by card you may be wondering who is Gourmet Empire on your card statement? I know I have been scratching my head with the same question, well if you’ve used your card to pay in IceBurg then you will most likely have a transaction on your statement with the name Gourmet Empire nothing to worry about it was just them juicy patties you have paid for.

The Details

Contact them via 01772 203660

Find them at 20 – 23 Miller Arcade, Preston PR1 2QY

Open Mon – Fri | 12pm – 11pm Sat & Sun 9am – 11 PM? (Dine in ends at 10:30pm, take-out until 11pm)

Access their website via

HMC Certified

Card Payment Accepted

Street Parking Available

Takeout Available

Wifi Available (Password = #iceburg)


Takeout Menu

Breakfast Menu – available weekends 9am – 1pm

Lunch Menu – Monday – Thursday 12 noon – 5pm

Full Menu


All information was correct at the time of dining, however, we strongly recommend that you re-verify that Halal status before dining to ensure there have been no changes regarding certification/suppliers


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