If anyone is in need of a curry fix, the first place on mind to visit Fo’Sho would be Bradford! It has been named the curry capital of the UK. Who would think of going for an afternoon tea with jam n’ cream scones in the heart of Bradford! Well now you certainly can and I’ve got the right place for you that is relatively new and everyone is on about it as we speak, Now let’s get to it!…

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So I’m sure the name gave it away but to confirm Howdy’s is a western-themed Diner decorated tastefully. The place isn’t very large however they have managed to fit a fair amount of seats into the location without making it crowded. Howdy’s is a refreshing change due to the unique nature of the place. The Diner has wild western-themed quirky features on each wall such as fake guns. Howdy also has booths that offer some privacy for those who require pardah…

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Bradford Halal Food Reviews #HFGBradford

Dhesi Grill – HMC Halal Certified 

Rakkaposhi Coffee & Desserts

Mumtaz Restaraunt 

Icestone Gelato