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Appetite Junction – Manchester

The Place

Appetite Junction recently opened just a 12 Minute Walk from Arndale and a 5 Minute Walk from The Hilton Hotel Deansgate. I have to say the location is a little hidden, best described as just around the corner from Akbars and Rump ‘N’ Ribs. Although they have made the place noticeable with the blue lighting and the waterfall features. We visited a couple of days after they opened during Ramadan and it was a lovely experience. I recently revisited and have updated the post so you have the menu and a few different food items!

Upon entering you see a beautiful fish tank filled with Pirhanas which matches the waterfilled theme throughout the place. Although the place is fairly small they have managed to get in just enough seating so that you are not crammed next to other guests. They have done this whilst including the waterfall theme throughout the place which acts as a beautiful feature of the place and a pleasant visual whilst eating. Wherever you sit in Appetite Junction, you have the beautiful waterfall room in the centre which I personally loved. This area acts as a private area, perfect for couples. The room is fairly small however it is something different which will make your stay more enjoyable. To eat within the waterfall room there will be a £10 charge. Appetite Junction has a VIP Area which is designed for you to experience luxury for a charge of £100 (for up to 6 people). The chairs are more plush with a velvet finish and the waterfall is VIP theme. The area has glass doors whilst also being curtained for maximum privacy.

The area also has a PlayStation 4 and a Virtual Reality headset for you to play with throughout your time there. Currently, they have Fifa and some nature VR games but the owner advised he is going to purchase more soon. The VIP room has a leather massage chair which looks like it could be so relaxing just before a meal. I look forward to trying it someday.

The Staff

Everyone was lovely. This could be seen from when I messaged the facebook page to make a reservation and advised I would be late, the staff assured me it would be okay. All the waitresses helped us decide what to eat and were very helpful. The manager was super friendly and even gave us an extra (well you’ll have to wait till I get to the drinks to find out about that) but he was great! He was really accommodating and most definitely made us want to return soon. On our second visit, there were lots of new staff and a new female manager who was really accommodating.

The Food

Portuguese Piri Wings (£6.50) – These were so yummy! They looked just as good as they tasted and I have to say the presentation made them even more appealing. I have to say they were spicy but very flavoursome and juicy. Lamb Chops (£8) – These were succulent, tender and flavoursome. Often Lamb chops can be dry and bland but these were just right. I have to say they were a little spicy but the good kind. I mean we all wanted more! The Lamb Chops are a must. Masala Chips (£4) – A lot of places do not do masala chips right but I liked that these masala chips were different. Rather than just giving them a quick sizzle in a sauce, they were seasoned with peppers and onions which added flavour and made them really enjoyable. I have to say they were closer to fries than chips but I liked them! Olw Oh 10″ Pizza (£9) – There were different options to add to the pizza (see the menu at end of this post for toppings), we opted to add peppers, sweet corn, onions, fresh green chillies and chicken. This pizza had a homemade vibe which I enjoyed however it was not cut upon arrival so it became messy, to say the least, this meant I ended up with toppings everywhere. The chicken on the pizza was yummy BUT the chillies were EXTRA spicy so be careful if you choose them.  Penne de Arabiatta (£8 +£1 for additional chicken) – This pasta had a tomato base with just enough spice. I added chicken breast pieces which were tender and yummy. The portion size was bigger than it looks (I could not quite finish it but it was nice the next day). I smothered the pasta in cheese right after this picture (sadly the owner advised they do not yet have a parmesan cheese that is suitable for vegetarians) and it tasted so good. Mixed Grill ‘N’ chips (£12) – This included steak and chicken which was served on chips with coleslaw and salad. The steak was surprisingly tender and easy to chew, thinly sliced as was the chicken. The meat had been grilled with onions and peppers which tasted great and I would try again.  Boston Griller Burger (£9) – This was a grilled peri-peri chicken fillet served with lettuce, cheese and relish. I have to say I loved the huge knife (and onion rings) the burger was served with, it was not expected at all! The burger came with lots of fries that tasted much better than they look (I was tempted to order more). There was also a lovely sauce that was served separately that tasted really good. I enjoyed the burger but I think I would opt for the Alabama Cruncher next time (the buttermilk fried chicken).

The Desserts

Kinder Bueno Crepe (£8) with Nutella whippy ice-cream, whipped cream, and a cute strawberry. The crepe was made perfectly. It was thin enough but folded well with just enough of a filling. The ice-cream was so good and made the crepe even more enjoyable. I loved the cute little flag (I’m a sucker for miniature garnishings). Stacked pancakes (£9.50) – We opted for the full monty with strawberries, Oreo, Biscoff, Nutella, maple syrup, whippy ice-cream and whipped cream. The stacked pancakes were AMAZING. They were fluffy and just as they should be thick. The strawberries were really fresh and the ice-cream was delicious. I have to say there was bit much going on but I was too excited to mind. I have to say there was just the right amount of Nutella meaning it was not sickening. These are definitely a must.

The Drinks

Mojitos – All Fully Alcohol-Freee

Forever Green (£6) – This is a regular mocktail made of Lime, Lemon, and Mint. I loved how green it was but I worried that it may be way too sweet. It was strange because it was not full of bits and di not taste too syrupy but I actually enjoyed this with my meal because it was not too heavy. Pineapple Blast (£6) – This was one of the smoking mocktails we ordered which was super cool from the moment they arrived. They came in stands with little lights that illuminate the glass to making the visuals amazing (perfect for social media). So, the glasses come with dry ice within them and you pour your drink into the glass which creates smoke. The pineapple blast contained tapioca balls (what you find in bubble tea) which was a surprise upon drinking the pineapple blast but meant the bubbling of the drink was even better. The pineapple blast was as you can imagine, tasted of pineapple. It was a nice change and I loved it. Crimson Storm (£6) – I was unsure about this drink at first given the name but it was so good. This was also a smoking mocktail and sadly we poured it a little too late as we were praying although the owner gave us another glass which was lovely! The crimson storm tasted of berries and was delightful. Furious Red Mojito (£4.50) – This is a combination of Strawberry, Lemon and Mint to make a rich Mojito. For me personally, I would stick to the smoking mocktails as they are super cool and not as sweet. But if you love a sweet drink or you prefer syrup based mocktails this is the drink for you!

The Verdict

Appetite Junction surprised me. Often enough when a place first opens they neglect an aspect which can be the food leading to disappointment but Appetite Junction did NOT disappoint. The place looks beautiful with water features and blue light everywhere you look. All the food was yummy and we managed to eat the majority of it. The leftovers tasted great the next day which is always nice. The prices are decent and the food makes it worth every penny. The desserts are delicious and make it much easier than having to go to another place for dessert. The drinks are cool as they have made sure they are unique and exciting. Manchester definitely needed somewhere like Appetite Junction that is Halal (non-machine slaughtered). I would definitely recommend the place and look forward to trying the rest of the menu and visiting the V.I.P room in shaAllah. Let me know what you think and if you try anything I have not!

The details

Contact them via 0161 839 8007

Find them at 73-83 Liverpool Rd, Manchester M3 4AQ

Open 5pm – 11:30pm

V.I.P (private dining) available for £100, Waterfall Room (shared tables for 2) avaialable for £10

Street parking available (pay and display during the day)

Access their social media via @appetitejunction

All chicken and meat was sourced from a non-stunned supplier at the time of dining


The menu (pictures)


All information was correct at the time of dining, however, we strongly recommend that you re-verify that Halal status before dining to ensure there have been no changes regarding certification/suppliers


  1. Asiya
    29/07/2018 / 10:14 pm

    Appetite junction in Manchester was amazing with excellent service! Especially a girl by the name of Miriam. Absolutely fantastic will be going again soon for sure

  2. Yasmin
    31/12/2018 / 7:48 pm

    Had a lovely birthday meal, even though some item on the menu was not available. The lovely server made sure to give us a free hot chocolate and made us feel very welcome!

    • 02/01/2019 / 1:54 pm

      Glad to hear you had a lovely meal, thank you for sharing your experience with us.

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