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The Fig and The Olive – Blackburn

The Fig & Olive is an HMC certified Restaurant located on the outskirts of Blackburn. Their menu has options to suit any palate from breakfast to gourmet burgers & classics like a good old Jacket Potato. The daily specials they offer are a breath of fresh air from the usual options you’ll find in most restaurants thus are definitely worth a travel, but call ahead to see what they have for the day & to ensure they still have items in stock as specials are available until sold out.

The Place

The Fig and The Olive is one of those Restaurant’s that are perfect for families. It looks small on entry but it is much bigger than it looks. The place has a really comforting feel which meant I felt really at home when eating. I have never had to wait for long to be seated and the food always arrives just in time to satisfy our cravings. For those who observe Pardah & require privacy, Alhamdulillah The Fig & Olive have room dividers available just let them know so they can set them up for you.

The Staff

Just like the place all the staff are lovely. They are always smiling and happy to help. A perfect example would be when we needed to pray Maghrib and they gave us a corner of the restaurant to pray within which was so helpful Alhamdullilah. They also provided us with the Pardah dividers as a form of privacy whilst we were praying as they don’t have a separate room for customers to offer Salah.

The Food

The starters at The Fig and Olive are some of the best I have had. I have enjoyed everything most times I have visited. Mozzarella Sticks (£2.95) – I know they may not look that amazing but they were so cheesy as silly as that sounds, with a crispy coating different from your usual mozzarella sticks. The portion size was impressive as they were much longer in size. Samosas (£3.00) – I usually would not order samosas as we usually make them at home (sadly usually just in Ramadan), but I was really craving them. They were surprisingly good and they satisfied my cravings. Curly Fries (£2.45) Potato Wedgies (£2.45) – You can not really go wrong with these as a side. As you would expect they were yummy and crispy and thankfully not oily at all! The Curly Fries are a definite whenever we order. Homemade Potato Skins (£3.50) – These are a MUST!! They are made to perfection. I have been searching for good potato skins for years. As a child, I used to love these from Pizza Hut and they stopped serving them and eventually, Pizza Hut was no longer on my list places that were suited. But the potato skins at The Fig and The Olive are so good! There is just enough potato and melted cheese grilled to perfection. Mezze Platter (£4.50) – This includes falafel, hummus, pitta bread, tomato salad, olives and yoghurt. I have to say this made me nostalgic about my visit to Turkey as it tasted just like the food I had there. I loved the variety available and that it acts as the perfect starter that is perfect for sharing. Chicken Wings – Chargrilled chicken wings served with a sweet chilli dip. Peri Peri Chicken Melt (£4.25) –  This was such a nice panini the consistency was just right with the Peri Peri chicken filling and warm cheese, red onion & peppers.

Gourmet Burgers (handmade)

Classic Beef Sliders (£8.95) – Beef patty, house mayo, relish, tomato. The sliders at Fig and Olive look so cute. They are handmade and you can taste the quality in the meet. They are served in brioche buns with melted cheese which complement the patties so well! The fries are nice but if you enjoy them I would recommend curly fries or potato wedgies as a side. Crispy Chicken (£9.95) – Spicy crumbled chicken breast, special sauce, cheese, salad and jalapenos. During my first bite, I was so pleased as this burger had been made to perfection. There is just enough batter and the burger is perfectly crispy. The burgers are served in seeded burns and if you opt for fries they come in a cute box! Biriyani Arancini (special) – Don’t judge me guys, just trust me on this one ? this is….wait for it… a BLOOMING BIRYANI ARANCINI. Yep you heard it right here folks. It’s a medium sized ball stuffed with chicken biryani, coated in breadcrumbs and then deep fried to golden perfection. Garnished with a yoghurt sauce and a sprinkle of Chevra on top. On a bed of onion Raita. Yummy! This is something I was apprehensive in trying because it sounds so bizarre to me but I took the risk & it sure paid off! This is quite inventive which has been brought to Indian cuisine. Very cleverly thought, I can confirm it was absolutely delish. The biryani was so tasty that when we took our first bite, a rush of flavour overpowered our tastebuds with the spices. It was nice and spicy. They also do a Daal Chawal Arancini and I can’t wait to try it. Will definitely come back again for it! Manchow Soup (Special) – Served in a giant bread bowl this is pure comfort food for a rainy day. Literally just waiting for you to dip the lid into the soup & begin to tear apart the wholemeal bread bowl. Giant Yorkshire Pudding with Roast Potatoes, Veg & Gravy  (Sunday Special) – Now who doesn’t love a good Sunday Roast with Yorkshire Puds & all the trimmings! The Fig & Olive have you covered for your cravings with their Sunday Roast Dinner Special. Shepherds Pie (Special) – Now if you’re like me you will crave things like Shepherds Pie, this was served straight from the oven in a hot dish with fries & a cute garlic bread slice cut into the shape of a heart.

Chef’s Special Chicken Pizza (£7.45) – This thin pan pizza comes topped with spicy(ish) chicken, sweetcorn, red onion, green chilli and the Chef’s special sauce. The pizza has a very authentic homemade style, therefore, it may not always be perfect to look at but it always tastes good! There is just enough cheese so that it is not overpowering and the same with the toppings. Vegetarian Pizza (£6.95) – I have to say I really enjoyed this pizza which comes topped with tomato sauce, mushroom, aubergine, zucchini, pepper, olive, garlic and finally mozzarella. I love that the Chef is not shy when it comes to toppings so every bite you get a good amount. I would opt for this in the future! The pizza was crispy although some of the edges were burnt it was still nice in the middle.

The Drinks

Lime, Mint & Lemon Mojito (£3.95) – This was super refreshing and they were not shy in using enough lime and mint. I also loved the jar it was served in!

Spiced Chai Late £3.45 – Now at the end of any good meal you need a good Chai to wash it all down The Fig & Olive has that box ticked.

The Desserts

There are lots of different options available for dessert at The Fig and The Olive. Churros – The churros are fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside as they should be. They are smothered in Nutella and icing sugar served with fresh strawberries. I would advise sharing as they are so filling! The Ferrero Fig & Olive special waffle (£5.99) – The mini waffles are freshly made in-house to order garnished with warm Nutella, sprinkled nuts and crushed Ferrero Rocher chocolate.

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream (£2.80) – This will forever be my favourite flavour. Unfortunately, I have had some awful experiences which I did not know was even possible. Thankfully this was not one of them. The ice-cream was yummy!  Strawberry Sundae (£4.95) – A fresh fruity mix of vanilla, strawberries and strawberry ice-cream. This is smothered with whipped cream and strawberry sauce. This was very refreshing with a perfect combination! I loved it.

The Verdict

The Fig and The Olive is high up on my favourite places to dine. The starters are my favourite, in particular, the potato skins but everything is yummy. In terms of mains, I would recommend that you try the specials as they are really good & not what you usually find in most restaurants. The starters are really yummy as are their burgers & pizzas. Make sure you save room for some yummy churros at the end of your meal, you won’t regret it.

Contact them via 01254 602154 

Find them at 254 Shear Brow, Blackburn, BB1 8DS

Open – Tuesday to Thursday 09:30 – 22:00, Friday 16:00 to 22:00, Saturday 09:30 – 22:00 and Sunday 10:00 – 20:00

Closed every Monday and throughout Ramadan

Access their social media – Instagram @thefig_theolive,

Facebook @theFigandtheOlive

Pardah Section Available on (request) with the use of room dividers / pardah boards 

HMC Certified


The menu (Pictures)


All information was correct at the time of dining, however, we strongly recommend that you re-verify that Halal status before dining to ensure there have been no changes regarding certification/suppliers


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    My partner and I stumbled over here from a different page and thought I might check the Fig & Olive out. I like what I see so now were following you. Look forward to exploring your page again.

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