The Best Halal Places to eat in London


The Gourmet Hut – London

New Update: At the time of dining, the poultry & meat at this restaurant‘s menu was exclusively non-stunned & hand slaughtered. However, when doing follow up checks we have found that they are no longer HMC Certified & would advise you make your own checks re supply chain View Food View Menu The Gourmet Hut is a fully Halal, HMC Restaurant (NOTE THIS HAS CHANGE SEE UPDATE) which is located in the East End of London, serving up Delicious Burgers,

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Big Moe’s Diner – The Green Menu!

Big Moe’s is a 1950’s style classic American Diner with a super authentic feel and delicious food in the heart of London. To make it even better, Big Moe’s Diner has officially launched their green menu with lots of vegan and vegetarian options! From the moment you lay eyes on the place it looks amazing. The place has ambient lighting  and red L.E.Ds throughout to add to the vibe of the place.  I am forever amazed by the attention to detail and I always notice new

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Chin Chin Labs – London

I absolutely love adventuring through London trying new places but finding a place that is completely unique, with Halal ingredients that are suitable for vegetarians, with vegan options is super difficult. Never mind, somewhere with such yummy marshmallows that I can’t even begin to describe but I will get to that in just a moment. Chin Chin ticks all the boxes! So what’s the place like? There are lots of different branches and each place is unique! Each place is

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Halal Food Map

If you’re anything like us and travel a lot, you will know how much of a struggle it can be to find Fully Halal places to eat at that from Halal Restaurants for a meal to Halal Takeaways for a quick bit to eat, especially when you opt to only eat non-stunned with hand zabiha, along with no cross contamination risks, Fully Alcohol Free & dubious methods like no machine slaughter being present. Alhamdulillah, your Duas have been answered with

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Bake Street – London

Bake Street is a cool cafe, based in Stoke Newington, London offering an amazing selection of Tea, Speciality Coffee, Cakes, Bakes along with some amazing Brunch options. Bake St is extremely transparent when it comes to all of their produce. They have a huge focus on producing everything in-house where ever possible or they use trusted local suppliers & they clearly display the current suppliers for the chicken, meat, dairy products, eggs, bread e.t.c at the bottom of the menu, ensuring that you have no

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Aziziye Turkish Restaurant – London

If you’re craving Authentic and traditional Turkish food then look no further, pop into Aziziye Restaurant. They are based in London and offer fantastic, Turkish food! Their amazing decor is like a mini Turkish Oasis directly within Stoke Newington in providing a truly amazing aesthetic atmosphere! Aziziye are fully HMC certified which is also an added bonus and no need to worry with regards to the method of slaughter Alhamdulillah! THE PLACE The building of Aziziye is spectacular from the

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Big Moe’s Diner – London

Big Moe’s Diner also doBig Moe’s Diner is a cool diner designed to be like a 1950’s American Diner. The place serves great burgers, steaks as well as ribs and hot dogs. They also have amazing starters, desserts and a selection of different drinks.  The place Big Moe’s Diner was designed with a feel for classic American dining. Big Moe’s Diner most definitely has an authentic American diner feel as though it is straight out of the 1950’s. This can be seen from

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Finding the best Halal Restaurants can be tricky at times because there are just so many places to choose from. If this Halal Food Map is overwhelming you with over 500 options, then I have got you got covered! Halal Food Gastronomy introduces YOU to the best eats in the cities across the UK! You won’t be struggling to decide where to eat after reading through my recommendations. I have broken them down for you so it makes it a tad easier In Sha Allah! Here are a few:

Top fully Halal places to eat in London:

The Great Chase


Update Dec 16th 2019: At the time of dining, the poultry & meat at this restaurant‘s menu was exclusively non-stunned & hand slaughtered. However, we have been notified by the restaurant on Dec 16th that this is no longer the case.

Unfortunately, The Great Chase have changed suppliers for chicken, which is now from a Stunned source.

Hopefully this may change in the future & they are open to options.

Hence why we always recommend you do your own checks before dining.

MIX OF Non-stunned Hand Slaughtered Suppliers & STUNNED Suppliers, Fully Non-Alcoholic Dry Bar | Prayer Facilities Available 

Premium Halal fine dining experience with a focus on ethically sourced food & providing Tayyab (pure) non-stunned cuisine and alcohol-free dry bar. The Great Chase’s passion for sublime cuisine meets the desire for a wonderful ambience and a plethora of exquisite dishes to suit any palate. Contemporary culinary delights perfectly complement their traditional values, with innovative and sophisticated menus and a setting that’s vibrant, yet relaxed. Hands down, this is my favourite restaurant!

Method of Slaughter: As mentioned above, Alhamdulillah at The Great Chase, they have a huge focus on Tayyib (pure) meat, which means that the animal is nurtured well and treated with utmost respect. The welfare of the animal is vital in this regard and the poultry is always free range. PLEASE SEE UPDATE ABOVE

Telephone: +44 20 7998 0640

Address: 316 St John St, Clerkenwell, London EC1V 4NT

Opening times: Thursday: 5:30–10:30 PM

Friday: 5:30–11PM

Saturday: 11AM–3PM & 5:30–11PM

Sunday: 11AM–4PM

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: 5:30–10:30PM

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Here we have the @thegreatchaserestaurant 32 day dry aged Sirloin Steak cooked medium rare 🍖 drenched with Beef Dripping Butter and served with Pickled Shiitake Mushrooms 🍄The Sirloin Steak was beautifully tender and buttery with a beautiful colourisation of the meat on the sides 😍 I was infatuated by this dish due to its Wonderful texture and perfect balance of seasoning. Expectedly, this is a gastronomic triumph! I'm always amazed by the fabulous fine dining dishes executed here in a warm, cosy environment, they deserve a Michelin star. Who's with me? 🙈 At the Great Chase, their main focus and ethics is to provide fully halal, Tayyib food to customers.The owner was chatting to us about the low demand from consumers makes it hard to source Halal non stunned Free Range Chicken, here at Halal Food Gastronomy our aim is to raise awareness about these issues and make it easier for restaurants like The Great Chase who have a great concern on providing Tayyab food in line with the correct slaughtering methods. Unfortunately, it’s a catch 22, as the supply of non-stunned free-range chicken is low because the Muslim consumer demand is low! Hence, at Halal Food Gastronomy we want to help grow the demand through raising awareness. At the time of dining at The Great Chase, all meat was confirmed non-stunned & hand slaughtered. They also have a small space to offer Salah Alhamdulillah. #hfglondon #thegreatchase #hfgsteak #hfgprayerroom

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We can't get ENOUGH of the amazing creations from @thegreatchaserestaurant This is definitely one of them! The Free Range Chicken Breast, served with Asparagus, Baby Carrots & Maple Gravy 😍 The menu at @thegreatchaserestaurant is aimed to challenge you in trying new things & expand your palate. I'm always mesmerized by how amazing the food & every aspect around it is. The chicken breast was beautifully tender as it had first been sous vide in a water bath then pan fried to give the skin that crispiness edge, coupled with the amazing maple gravy along with veggies giving an added crunch. I would never have thought that maple syrup would pair so well with gravy & was hesitant ordering this but was pleasantly surprised by how delicious it was. This dish was executed really well 🤤 & we can't wait to try the new Autumn menu they have launched! Alhamdulillah at The Great Chase, you will find that they have a immense focus in Halal Tayyib Food - being in line to the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم which we think is amazing. All the meat & chicken is non stunned with hand zabiha. The owner was chatting to us about the low demand from consumers makes it hard to source Halal non stunned Free Range Chicken, here at Halal Food Gastronomy our aim is to raise awareness about these issues and make it easier for restaurants like The Great Chase who have a great concern on providing Tayyab food in line with the correct slaughtering methods. Alhamdulillah The Great Chase also have a small area to offer Salah. #HFGLondon #TheGreatChase #HFGPrayerRoom #HalalFineDining

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Saffron Kitchen

HMC Certified | Segregated Prayer Room available for men and women

A highly populated restaurant specialising in Indian food and fusion eatery, Mumbai-style street food and much much more. Their menu is enormous so they have something for literally everyone. My favourite dish from there is the butter chicken and their mix grilled starters! Also, their portions are huge so it is good value for money and its very filling. The Indian dishes are something I always go back for and it doesn’t disappoint in the slightest so I highly recommend ordering the Indian dishes as opposed to the other type as I wasn’t too keen on it myself. It’s good to note that customer parking is located behind the restaurant. Alhamdulillah Saffron Kitchen provide a prayer room for both men and women and a few private rooms so those who wear Pardah can dine with peace.

Method of Slaughter: Saffron Kitchen is HMC Certified alhamdulillah so rest assured everything is non-stunned with Hand Zabah.

Telephone: +44 20 8988 1446

Address: 300 Lea Bridge Rd, London E10 7LD

Opening times: Everyday from 5PM – 11PM

Chin Chin Ice Cream

Address: 54 Greek St, Soho, London W1D 3DS, UK

Toro’s Steakhouse – Harrow

Address: 190 – 194 Station Road, Harrow, London, HA1 2RH | Telephone: 020 8621 0615

Pie Republic

Address: 76 Upton Ln, Forest Gate, London E7 9LW, UK

Bake Street

A family run breakfast and brunch destination also specialising in yummy bakes by the owner herself! They show care and attention into their ingredients and support local produces which I think is amazing. I came across this place on Instagram and decided to head down there one day seeing as though I was already in London. It’s totally a hidden gem. One of the reasons why I love this place is because they are different from other brunch restaurants I have come across. They like to incorporate different types of ingredients in their dishes, for example, the Fried Chicken Benedict! You would think a fried chicken with an egg? Huh? I hear you! It sounds odd but this dish is exceptional and makes me want to go back for more!

Method of Slaughter: Bake Street showcases the meat, bread and dairy suppliers on the menu which brings me to say that the meat and chicken is from a non-stunned and hand Zabah local supplier. Although just to be safe, feel free to do your own checks.

Address: St. John Street, Islington Clerkenwell, EC1V 4NT

Telephone: 020 7998 0640

Opening times: Monday: Closed all day

Tuesday: Closed all day

Wednesday and Thursday: 17:30 – 22:30

Friday: 17:30 – 23:00

Saturday: 11:00 – 15:00, 17:30 – 23:00

Sunday: 11:00 – 16:00

Big Moe’s Diner

Ahh this place brings back so many memories for me and it’s a MUST place for me to visit because the food is just SO good Alhamdulillah. An American themed dining experience followed by all the American eats – from classic beef burgers, steaks, ribs, shakes, and many more yumminess to fulfil your American food cravings. Big Moe’s have branched out to these locations in London: Newham, Aldgate and the latest opening based in Wembley.

Method of Slaughter: Alhamdulillah ALL the Big Moe’s Diner Restaurants are HMC Certified so rest assured everything is non-stunned with Hand Zabah :)

Wembley – Unit 96, Level 2 London designer outlet, Wembley Park Blvd, Wembley HA9 OFD

Whitechapel Aldgate – 96 Whitechapel High St, London E1 7RA

Newham – Unit 3 Newham Leisure Park, Jenkins Lane, Barking, Essex IG11 0AD

Aziziye Mosque

Address: 117-119 Stoke Newington Rd, Stoke Newington, London N16 8BU

Brioche Burger

HMC Certified | Address: 154 Hoe St, Walthamstow, London E17 4QH, UK

Sadly Brioche Burger has Closed Down 😭.cThis place has been recommended to me by multiple people and the hype is definitely worth it, after multiple visits its bome my go to in london. The burgers are delicious and so enjoyable. The burgers also look amazing which is perfect for pictures! They also have a brunch menu which again is served looking as good as it taste. Brunch is available on weekends at 10:30 AM to 4:30PM and definitely worth a try. The buttermilk pancakes are yummy, and so fluffy! They come topped with icing sugar and lots of yummy fruit, the berries really completed. The eggs are also on my list of great brunches in London. All the food is HMC Certified which is difficult to find when brunching so I particularly like this place. Anyway back to the burgers they are super filled making them worth the money and look like a challenge at first but taste delicious. They also have lots of offers on such as student discount and others so be sure to ask or check their instagram.

Method of Slaughter: HMC Certified

Opening Times: Closed Down 😭

Address: 154 Hoe St, Walthamstow, London E17 4QH