Aziziye Turkish Restaurant

If you’re craving Authentic and traditional Turkish food then look no further, pop into Aziziye Restaurant. They are based in London and offer fantastic, Turkish food! Their amazing decor is like a mini Turkish Oasis directly within Stoke Newington in providing a truly amazing aesthetic atmosphere! Aziziye are fully HMC certified which is also an added bonus and no need to worry with regards to the method of slaughter Alhamdulillah! THE PLACE The building of Aziziye is spectacular from the…

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Big Moe’s Diner

Big Moe’s Diner also doBig Moe’s Diner is an HMC diner designed to be like a 1950’s American Diner. The place serves great burgers, steaks as well as ribs and hot dogs. They also have amazing starters, desserts and a selection of different drinks.  The place Big Moe’s Diner was designed with a feel for classic American dining. Big Moe’s Diner most definitely has an authentic American diner feel as though it is straight out of the 1950’s. This can be seen from…

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Brioche Burger – HMC Certified

154 Hoe St, Walthamstow, London E17 4QH

The Gourmet Hut – HMC Supplier

81 Cavell St, Whitechapel, London E1 2BQ

Saffron Kitchen – HMC Certified – Prayer room available segregated for men and women

300 Lea Bridge Rd, London E10 7LD

Azizye Restaurant HMC Certified

117-119 Stoke Newington Rd, Stoke Newington, London N16 8BU

Proper Burgers – HMC Certified

706 Lea Bridge Rd, London E10 6AW

This photo honestly doesn’t do it juice-tice, as the Posh Bird @properburgers is HUGE! It’s buttermilk chicken with chipotle mayo, pickle, American cheese, rashers & slaw, struggling to fit between two cute buns! Unless you’re planning to feed your face, you should cut it in half 😜 The Burger is very filling! The chicken is so tasty & the coating so crisp 😋 The rashers particularly give it that meaty edge! Have you also tried this one’s little bro? It’s called the BBB & we’ll show it to you soon! Maybe you can’t always count on Halal Food Gastronomy when it comes to your calories 🤭 But you can count on us that @properburgers is @hmc_uk certified, ensuring all the chicken & meat is non-stunned & hand zabiha only. #HFGLondon #HFGBurger #ProperBurgers

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Wazir Restaurant Ilford – HMC Certified

55 – 57 Cranbrook Road, Ilford IG1 4PG

Redemption Bar – Fully Vegan and Alcohol Free Restaurant

320 Old Street London EC1V 9DR

Bake Street London

58 Evering Rd, London N16 7SR

Looking for somewhere for brunch? Here we have the free range golden yolk egg’s Florentine with a side of avocado 🥑 from @bakestreetldn this was seasoned to perfection unlike elsewhere! To the back we have the crispy Nanban fried chicken 🍔 with the perfect combination of Heinz ketchup & sriracha mayo 😋 @bakestreetldn has become one of my faves for brunch, their commitment to local produce & transparency is 👌 with clear mention on the bottom of the menu where everything is sourced from. Wherever possible the make things in-house eg they actually cure & make their own rashers in house. All chicken and meat products were sourced from a non stunned, hand zabiha local butcher at the time of dinning. #HFGLondon #HFGBrunch #bakestreetldn

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The Great Chase Restaurant London Prayer Facilities available

316 St John St, Clerkenwell, London EC1V 4NT

We had a lovely traditional Sunday roast @thegreatchaserestaurant. They serve a fully free-range menu, from only naturally fed animals. Starting with the 42 day dry-aged Sirloin roast beef, done medium well. A great texture & a meaty flavour that wasn’t too overpowering. That hearty smell of roast beef…yum! 😋 Both beef & chicken roast dishes on the menu come with beef dripping potatoes, winter greens, neeps, cauliflower, Yorkshire pudding & gravy as well as sweet potato mash which was definitely a hit! At Halal Food Gastronomy we intend to promote ethical dining by showing restaurants like The Great Chase, who are unfortunately a rare exception. We’ll continue to show mainstream restaurants too & always request transparency regarding slaughter methods, due to the growing concern about machine slaughter & controversial stunning methods which is usually ignored by most halal food accounts. At the time of dining @thegreatchaserestaurant, all meat was confirmed non-stunned & hand slaughtered at a HMC approved abattoir by supplier @hillfarmfinest The Great Chase also have a small space that you can perform your Salah Alhamdulilah #HFGLondon #thegreatchase #thegreatchaserestaurant #hillfarmfinest #HFGPrayerRoom

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When visiting @thegreatchaserestaurant London of course, we had to go for the dessert! The Cox apple, plum & oat crumble with cornflake ice cream. It was a sweet delight! Whilst the chocolate with blood orange & hazelnut was a perfect blend to a fine dining experience. The Restaurant boasts a trendy dry bar (non alcoholic bar), with cordials & concoctions made of drinks from only fair trade or direct trade sources. We had Palamino which has a sweet taste with a bitter twist of the lime that gives it a good kick. The red drink is the My Cherry Amour & it’s a pungent cordial with a nice fruity fizz! We were also given an intriguing presentation of the different collection of ethically sourced rare teas. For a soothing end to a great meal, we chose the Golden Lily Milk Oolong from the fine selection. The Great Chase also have a small space that you can perform your Salah Alhamdulilah #HFGDessert #HFGLondon #thegreatchaserestaurant #thegreatchase #HFGPrayerRoom

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Secondly @thegreatchaserestaurant, we have the succulent roast chicken breast. What a pleasure to actually taste the chicken without it being drenched in too much marinade or sauce. A perfect roast! The co-owner of the restaurant, who joined us in a very interesting discussion, told us about the struggle of getting non-stunned free-range chicken because the supply is so low. It would be unfortunate if The Great Chase had to resort to using stunned free-range chicken as a result, since Muslims who want to avoid stunning will no longer be able to dine there. Unfortunately, it’s a catch 22, as the supply of non-stunned free-range chicken is low because the Muslim consumer demand is low! Hence, at Halal Food Gastronomy we want to help grow the demand through raising awareness. You can be rest assured that currently all the poultry sourced @thegreatchaserestaurant is HMC certified non-stunned & hand slaughtered from @halalexoticmeats The Great Chase also have a small space that you can perform your Salah Alhamdulilah #HFGLondon #thegreatchase #thegreatchaserestaurant #HFGPrayerRoom

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Loaded Burgers London HMC Certified

68 Cranbrook Road, Ilford Redbridge London IG1 4NH

Jungle Braii London HMC Certified

115 Wood St, Walthamstow, London E17 3LL