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Heavenly Desserts – Preston

Heavenly Desserts Preston is a dessert cafe offering dessert lovers (like me) a place to indulge in fine, luxuriously tasting sweet desserts. They offer a huge variety of different kinds of waffles cookie dough and crepes, to cakes and coffee to choose from. The list is endless. They have an array of options to choose from the menu and the style of the cafe has its own uniqueness in the way it has been decorated so you feel like you are indulging in heavenly desserts! They have many many locations dispersed across the UK and are opening many more so keep an eye out to see where your nearest one is open/opening! We have visited a few branches but wanted to discuss particularly one of them which is the Preston branch as I’m a regular customer there.


They have ensured to make sure their dessert cafes have a stylish interior with comfortable seating of booths and chairs. It is a lovely location for, families, friends and couples to have a good natter. Each location has its own character and they all meet the high standard that has been laid out. There are lots of seats aiming to cater to the popularity. The Preston branch is situated over 2 floors. It is the perfect location to relax and enjoy each moment to the fullest. The seating on the top floor is beyond comfortable due to the numerous booths available. It is very spacious, with an open pan dessert making area so you can watch your desserts being crafted!

Heavenly desserts have a lovely looking menu in the form of a mini booklet. Each dessert has a well thought out name with a description that will make you hungry and crave everything. The first time I went there I spent ages just reading through the menu and if I’m honest I still do that now. The pictures are just as good and what I like the most is the dessert looks exactly like pictures when they arrive.

The staff

At Heavenly Desserts all of the staff have a lovely uniform to match the ambience of their cafes. They are friendly and aim to ensure you are happy. It is their priority to serve your dessert as soon as possible up to the high standard laid out in the cafe. The management shines through in the way the staff carry out their jobs. There have been occasions where my order wasn’t up to standard or there was an error in my order. The manager ensured to make sure I was compensated for this mistake via remaking the order. One manager in particular who had come from the Leicester branch to work in Preston for a while was lovely and offered us free chai as he was so passionate and confident about how lovely it was. When there is free chai then im not complaining! Haha! My mother in particular really enjoyed it and was touched by the gesture.

The Desserts

So here is the part we all care about. Enough of me WAFFLING on! These are a few of the desserts that I order on a regular basis.

The “Guilty Indulgence” – Cinnamon Belgian Waffle drowned in Belgian milk chocolate with vanilla ice-cream to accompany it. Even though it is not freshly made and just microwaved it’s nice that the texture is hard and crispy rather than the American waffles. I do also enjoy American waffles but I’m very selective on where to get them from and how it is done as I like them crispy and not many dessert places do it like this.

Belgian Cinnamon Waffle with Chocolate

French Crepe with Belgian milk and white chocolate with a scoop of chocolate ice cream sat on the top (I usually go for Stracciatella as that is my fave) – one of my favourite desserts to heavenly indulge in!

French Crepe with belgian chocolate Heavenly Desserts Preston

The crepe is made fresh using their very own crepe machine. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, the silky smooth Belgian chocolate drizzled on in that warm fluffy crepe is Divine!

French Crepe with White Belgian Chocolate Heavenly Desserts Preston

Milk chocolate chip cookie dough smothered in Belgian chocolate served alongside vanilla ice-cream and freshly sliced sweet strawberries on the side. If you’re looking for a cheat meal then this is the one folks! It is satisfyingly gooey that I just can’t get enough. I also like to mix this with the crepe and have it together! It’s actually really nice and compliments it well!

cookie dough with belgian chocolate Heavenly Desserts Preston

Victoria Sponge cake accompanied with Vanilla Custard. This is my go-to cake when I have visited, the sponge is light like a feather, dripping with the tanginess of the Jam as you bite into it which enhances the texture of this decadent dessert. Sadly, they have stopped the mini version! I wish they would bring this back because it was one of my FAVOURITE cakes! However, not all is lost as they serve the above larger slice of Victora Sponge instead.

Victoria Sponge Heavenly Desserts Preston

The drinks

The Mint Berry Mojito. A combination of fresh mint, blended with strawberry sorbet and ice, with a big scoop of strawberry sorbet floating on the top. This isn’t like a typical mojito as it has a thick consistency to the drink due to it being sorbet based. The strawberry and mint compliments each other very well with the sorbet giving it that extra kick of rich flavour. It’s my favourite drink to order when I pay a visit. You have to try this! It’s a perfect refresher in the summer heat but this doesn’t stop me from ordering this when it is -2 or on a snowy day!

Mintberry Mojito Heavenly Dessert Preston

Belgian chocolate ice-cream (with a shot of espresso) *insert monkey face* I have placed the “shot of espresso” part in brackets because this is something on the menu but they don’t usually combine the two together, However, it’s a delicious combination! Belgian chocolate ice cream and espresso as it marries well together and gives it that great depth of rich and bold flavours. You could say that it’s similar to a Mocha Frappuccino but without the crushed ice.

Belgian chocolate milkshake with coffee heavenly desserts

Vanilla Chai and Spice Chai. I would have never thought to order this in a dessert cafe but oh my gawwwsh this is absolutely delicious! They have won awards for the tea and I can definitely understand why! The flavours are so strong and rich that it fills your mouth with spiced goodness to wash your dessert down! You can actually taste the vanilla in the vanilla chai and the spices in the spiced chai.

This is what you want when drinking tea at a restaurant! I highly recommend ordering this if you pay a visit!

vanilla and spiced chaii heavenly desserts

08/03/18 update: Complimentary tap water is now available, however, if you prefer they still have Glass bottles of Strathmore Mineral water available for £1.50

I still remember when we found out quite a while ago that Haagen Dazs had closed down in Leicester Square London. This was very sad news for us, we grieved about it because it was the best thing that ever happened to us for our life haha. But oh well, I guess life has its ups and downs. Luckily Heavenly Desserts would be a great alternative to the style and layout of the menu has some similarities to the Haagen Dazs menu as well as the type of desserts! Obviously, nothing can compare to luxurious high-quality scoops of Haagen Dazs ice cream meeting your lips. Very very sad times!

The price

At first, glimpse when ordering many have complained about the prices but once you try the desserts the prices are completely justified. They aren’t that much higher from a small shabby dessert place. The ingredients are clearly of quality, I haven’t even had a bad strawberry from there and that is rare when they are out of season. The Belgian chocolate alone is oh so heavenly! So, in my opinion, I’d say the prices are moderate and justified completely.

The verdict

Heavenly desserts is definitely on my list of favourites. I would recommend it if you enjoy desserts and appreciate the art of creating. It’s a lovely place to dine with staff that ensure they help fulfil your sweet tooth. They have been consistent at all the stores I have attended and over time which definitely tells that the staff are well trained and the store works. There is something for everyone.

Contact them and find them via

Preston – 18 Miller Arcade, PR1 2QY. (01772 250320)

Birmingham – 371-373 Ladypool Road, West Midlands, B12 8LA. (0121 448 5601)

Leicester – 134 London Road, East Midlands, LE2 1EB. (0116 247 0570)

Liverpool – 39–41 Strand Street, L1 8LT. (0151 345 4160)

Opening Times 

All stores are open: Monday – Thursday and Sunday 10:00 – midnight Friday – Saturday 10:00 – 01:30 (Preston store closes at 01:00 Fri-Sat) (Takeout for the last half an hour)

Key Features

Card payment accepted Pre-booking available Takeout available Street parking available free after 6pm (within walking distance) but its limited as it is in town centre so can be hard to park on a busy weekend! Be careful not to park on the pavement on the side of turtle bay like many people do as I’ve seen people get parking tickets for doing so Deliveroo orders can now be made at participating stores (e.g. Liverpool) Wait time is usually quick during the day but can be a while in the evenings particularly on Friday and Saturday (10-30 minute wait, however, they ensure to keep you well informed)



All information was correct at the time of dining, however, we strongly recommend that you re-verify that Halal status before dining to ensure there have been no changes regarding certification/suppliers


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