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Pearls Tearoom & Patisserie – Bradford

If anyone is in need of a curry fix, the first place in mind to visit Fo’Sho would be Bradford! It has been named the curry capital of the UK. Who would think of going for an afternoon tea with jam n’ cream scones in the heart of Bradford! Well now you certainly can and I’ve got the right place for you that is relatively new and everyone is on about it as we speak, Now let’s get to it!

The place

Pearls Tea Room and Patisserie just opened a few weeks ago located in Bradford. I decided to take my family out on a weekend to see what the hype is all about. On Arrival, I was quite happy to note that there was a car park available just outside of Pearls so I didn’t have to worry about parking in the hustle and bustle of Bradford. Pearls TeaRoom Bradford Outside On the outside, the building looks quaint and elegant. As we entered, on your right we were met with a Pianist playing soothing music. This was such a nice touch added to the atmosphere as it really lifts your mood helping you feel calm and relaxed. Behind the Piano, there is a backdrop of comfy sofas opposite to each other with a cute table in the middle so you can look at the menu before seating. There is a cute setting of an electric log burner with a white fireplace surrounding it and a huuuuge beautiful mirror hung gracefully on the top. Definitely Insta goals! This place gives you that luxurious feeling and atmosphere because it’s just decorated so well! With big comfy chairs and marble tables! And my gosh I was stunned by the huge chandelier near the entrance! It felt like we were in a posh cafe in London! Pearls TeaRoom Bradford Chandelier What makes it even better is that all the food is Halal! We also found that they purchase the meat from Mullacos which is HMC certified so I was super duper elated and headed down as soon as I could! However, this could change feel free to do your own enquiries before visiting if you opt for non-stunned chicken. But woop woop!

The seated

We were seated by a lovely member of staffafter 15 minutes of waiting time even though it was quite busy so I guess that’s a good sign that they can control the flood of people coming in. We walked past the bakery section to get to our seats and what caught my eyes were the cute pink and minty green pastel coloured bags and boxes which were displayed on the top of the shelves where the bakery section is! What a nice idea to gift some baked goods such as macarons (Yes Macarons!) to your friends and family! Sadly, I didn’t try them at the time because I was full to the brim but I will definitely try it next time! All the staff were lovely throughout our visit and definitely made me want to visit again. Now let’s get to the food!

The food

Pearls have a menu which is varied for all-day Breakfast, cakes, afternoon tea, lunch and much more. There was so much to choose from so it took me quite a while to order! One of us opted for the Eggs California that had two poached eggs sat on a spread of avocado with toasted muffins. Finished off with hollandaise sauce and topped with salsa and fresh dill. To be honest I wasn’t quite fond of my food because the food was cold. I wasn’t too keen on the hollandaise sauce as I found it too tangy and sharp for my taste buds. One of my poached eggs wasn’t runny. I would have preferred more avocado as it was tasteless and the salsa overpowered the flavour of the avocado. However, I know that they can definitely improve on this so I’m not overruling this place just yet!

Breakfast at Pearls Tea Room Bradford. Here is the Eggs California which consists of Toasted muffins on a bed of avocado, topped with salsa, two poached eggs smothered in hollandaise sauce topped with fresh Dill. I would have preferred for more avocado as the flavours of the salsa overpowered the avocado so I couldn’t taste much of it. Also if you like your eggs runny like me, make sure you tell the staff as one of mine wasn’t. To the back we have a 3 egg omelette with spinach & cheese. @pearls_tearoom have a wide selection of breakfast options to choose from so I’ll definitely be going back again to try more of their menu because they source the chicken and meat from a non stunned supplier at the time of dining. #HFGBradford #HFGBrunch #Pearlstearoom

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  We also decided to try out the 3 egg omelette. We can choose our own toppings so I opted for cheese and spinach. This was very nice and my favourite out of everything we got. It had huge pangs of flavour running through the omelette and the portion was quite good. It also came with a side of salad which was nice and crunchy. 3 egg omelette with cheese & spinach Next, we ordered some tea. I am a huge fan of tea so I definitely wanted to try some. They have a huge selection of tea and I opted for the English Lakes Breakfast Tea. This comes in a glass teapot brewing with tea leaves inside. I’m glad that they have proper tea and not a usual tea bag. When it arrived the tea was cold so we told our waiter and she immediately gave us some more. It was nice but not so amazing compared to the other teas I have had elsewhere. However, our waiter was apologetic about it and really cared about our experience to ensure we had a good time and was happy with our food. We had another waiter serving us in the beginning and whenever we asked her for more sugar or any little bits, it seemed like she forgot because we were waiting for so long which resulted in the tea getting cold. This is another thing that needs improvement however again iI am sure they will solve it when Pearls is opened for longer. My little sister ordered the cheese sandwich from the kids menu which came with coleslaw and a side of salad. She also wanted a banana milkshake and some stealth fries. They are pretty much normal french fries but they were yummy. Fresh fillet of Haddock in a crispy batter served with mushy peas, tartare sauce & homemade double fried thick cut chips. The batter was really light and complimented the Haddock really well. The Double Fried chips went down a treat. Thankfully the food wasn’t oily despite being fried. Overall I was happy with that!    

Yesterday we decided to visit @pearls_tearoom & Pâtisserie in Bradford which opened last week. The place looked absolutely Amazing! Definitely insta goals ❤️ what makes it even better is all the food is Halal which wouldn’t be apparent at face value. So here we have the fresh fillet of Haddock in crispy batter served with mushy peas, tartare sauce & homemade double fried thick cut chips. The batter was really light & complimented the Haddock really well. The Double Fried chips went down a treat. Thankfully the food wasn’t oily despite being fried. The service could have been better but it was packed & it’s only just opened so I can look past this for now & will definitely be visiting again! ? more pics to follow. The chicken and meat products were supplied for a non stunned source at the time of dining. #HFGBradford #HFGBrunch #PearlsTeaRoom

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The drinks

Dry Ice smoking virgin mojito with fresh lime, mint, sugar syrup and lemonade. The drink came in a wide jug. This came with a plastic cup so you pour the mojito in the cup. The best part is when you pour the mojito in the tall cup and it reacts to the ice making the drink smokey and bubbling away! Don’t worry it’s not that type of smoke, it’s a cool texture which doesn’t tamper with the drinks but it’s so pleasing and satisfying to the eye which turns heads on our table!
  I was very interested to see that they also make their own handmade chocolates. I had a glance at the display next to the bakery section as I was leaving. The chocolates mounted on top of each other. I did not get to try it but I’m keen to know what this tastes like because it looked so good! We were slightly disappointed with some of the things we have ordered but this can be forgiven because they literally just opened so it was apparent that something’s would not be right.

Pearls Tea Room Food Menu

Pearls Tea Room Drinks & Dessert Menu 

Location: 46 Rooley Avenue, Bradford, BD6 1DA

Opening Times: Mon – Thurs: 9am – 9pm | Fri – Sun: 9am – 10pm

Contact them via: 01274 306567

Access their website via: www.pearlscp.com

Social: Facebook , Instagram, Twitter



All information was correct at the time of dining, however, we strongly recommend that you re-verify that Halal status before dining to ensure there have been no changes regarding certification/suppliers


Food was sourced from a Halal non-stunned supplier at the time of dining, please feel free to make your own checks & enquiries.

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