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Steakout Blackburn – Meat House

Steakout is a hidden Halal HMC Certified meat house in Blackburn. Serving a variety of steaks, burgers and other delights. The place is pretty and the food is even better.

The Place

At the moment you enter there is a positive vibe at Steakout. The place is very modern with stylish decor. From neon lighting to leaves throughout the place hanging from the ceiling. Steakout have found the balance and made sure the food and place are both equally as good! It is evident the place is a success given their constant expansion throughout the UK (Alhamdullilah).

The place is much bigger than I imagined! There is plenty of seating within Steakout so rest assured you will be seated in a timely fashion. The seating is comfy and positioned in a way that you are not to close to anyone which personally I loved.

Each table has numerous lighting (which has a warm feel, not too bright) hanging from the ceiling, which is perfect for taking pictures (personally I loved this, I hate eating in a beautiful place that is oddly dark). The ceiling is also completed by various pretty flowers really adding to the vibe of the place.

There is a wall decorated with miniature cow figures which some may hate, so be aware! I personally could not decide how I felt but loved the unique feel throughout the place.

There is a dedicated ‘Shakeout’ counter with all the different ingredients laid out in front of you. I loved this as it makes it so much easier making a decision on what to order!

The Staff

The customer service throughout the place is decent, they are still getting to grips with things. Everyone ensures you are kept well feed and happy throughout your dining experience. The staff are well presented and always smiling!

The Food


Chicken Cheese balls (£4.95) – made up of fine shreds of chicken breast mixed with cheese and spicy potato all within a crispy batter (which was thankfully not greasy). I loved these and I am not usually that into this kind of thing! I would definitely say they are worth a try. If you know what cutlets are they tasted quite similar, giving me that back to childhood feel.

Peri-Peri Chicken strips (£3.95) – The chicken strips were absolutely delicious. They had a tangy African steak hut vibe to them well combined with the spicy peri-peri flavour. Although you get a decent portion for the pricing, I was definitely left craving more. Just be sure to specify you want the strips flavoured (and the spice) as there was one time where I ended up with plain chicken strips which is not something that I would choose!

Spicy Lamb chops (£8.95) – The first time I ordered  I forgot to specify that I would like them cooked medium & served on a plate (I know I sound fussy but it makes all the difference and stops overcooking). Due to the lamb chops being served on a sizzler they ended up being very well done, however, we enjoyed them regardless which proves they’re good. On my next visit, I ensured to order to my liking and asked for them on a normal plate so that they do not carry on cooking whilst I enjoy my other food.

Mozzarella Sticks (£3.95) – these were really good. They were crispy on the outside oozing with cheese on the inside. The sticks were served with warm tomato salsa which I do not usually enjoy but this was surprisingly nice, I think it made all the difference that it was warm. Although the portion size looks really small there is plenty (we shared them between 3).

Prawn dippers (£7.95) – I was nervous to try these as I have never really had anything like this before. They did not taste as I expected and personally they were not for me as they were rather bland but it may have been on that occasion, so they are definitely worth another try. They were really crispy and not too oily.

Dirty Fries (£7.95) – I really enjoyed these! They are fries loaded with spicy beef, caramelised onions, melted cheese, jalapenos and sour cream. They also usually come with ketchup but I asked for it to be removed. These were honestly full of lots of yummy flavours. I enjoyed that the beef Keema wasn’t overpowering, there was a perfect balance of all the different toppings. The portion size is really good and great for sharing.

Spicy corn (£1.95) – I LOVE corn, especially when it is done right. Steakout have definitely done it right. I love that there are some parts of the corn that are a little burnt. I love that the corn is cooked to perfection, still juicy but crispy in some parts. The corn is dusted in some peri-peri/spicy salt which tastes really good with the corn (it isn’t salty, don’t worry!). I also loved that the butter was under the corn so it was almost like an oil because it had melted so I was able to just pour it on.


Filet Mignon (200g – £24.95 or 340g – £35.95)  – Fillet mignon is one of my favourite cuts of steak and I would definitely recommend it. I opted for mine pain style which is basically salt, pepper and garlic. I asked for my steak on a plate as when you get it on a hot plate it continues to cook and I like my stake more towards the rare end.

I love my steak medium rare. The pinker the better. I used to think well done was the way forward and swayed away from having my steak any type of pink but I have come to realise that it tastes so much better. This time I opted for the larger 340g Filet Mignon cooked medium rare because when I ordered the smaller one last time, it was served well done despite being requested medium rare on a plate to stop it cooking. However this time the steak was just right, not too chewy, nor overdone. I had garlic mash potato to compliment my steak which was yummy along with peppercorn sauce (it is a must). One thing to note is they use Aged British Yorkshire Cattle for their been steak so make sure that you arent comparing it to a preminum breed like Angus or Wagyu

Lamb Steak (£17.95) –  this was cooked medium Steakout style with chunky skin on chips and onion gravy. If you are looking for a more flavoursome steak I would recommend you opt for the Steakout style it is marinated in their special combination of different ingredients. I really enjoyed this as it was different from everywhere else due to the marinade.   

Chicken Steak (£11.95) – This Peri-Peri Chicken is most definitely one of my favourite items on the menu. You get so much chicken and it is juicy and tastes divine. You can opt for any spice which is nice. I enjoyed mine spicy. It also comes with chips and caramelised onions which I love.

Signature Chicken burger (£7.95) – This burger is their signature spicy grilled peri-peri chicken fillet. This comes topped with lettuce, tomato, and Monterey Jack Cheese served in a toasted brioche bun. It tastes much better than it looks! It was nice and flavoursome and grilled to perfection. I have to say I love brioche buns.

Buttermilk Buffalo Chicken burger (£10.95) – chicken breast marinated and dusted with a seasoned flour, deep fried until crisp, then drizzled with hot sauce and topped with a buttermilk coleslaw, dill pickle and our homemade burger sauce. The burger comes served in a seeded brioche bun. This burger was delicious, you could really taste all the flavours combined. The chips were really yummy, much like that what you get in a fish and chips shop. They complemented the burger really well. I would definitely get this burger again, buttermilk fried chicken is so good however in the future I would go for a more cut down version (see below)

Mac ‘N’ Cheese Burger (£12.95) – A flame-grilled gourmet beef burger topped with macaroni cheese fritters and coated with an oozy sauce. Served in a toasted bun glazed with garlic butter & our homemade burger sauce. This was different which excited me but it confused me at the same time. I have to say I really enjoyed the garlic butter on the bun and loved the presentation, however, the patty was a little to thick for me and I would definitely recommend they make this cheesier, as it felt a little incomplete.

Juicy Lucy burger (£8.95) – Beef patty oozing with cheese topped with lettuce, tomato, Monterey Jack cheese slice and their homemade burger sauce. I apologise for the picture not being the best, BUT all the food looked so good I ended up rushing as I do not like making food wait. Sadly for me, this did not meet up to its name 🙁 as it was not juicy, it tasted more kebab like. It was still decent but I probably would not opt for it again.

The Drinks

I really enjoyed the mojitos at Steakout. They are syrup based but it is not overpowering at all. They are not filled with ice which I like and they come with cute straws which is a bonus!

Mojito (£ 3.95) – This was really refreshing. You can see that they are generous with their ingredients which really makes a big difference. The mojito is syrup based but not overpowering.

Strawberry mojito (£3.95) – this was a lovely blend of lime, mint and strawberry. The mojito is a syrup based mojito however it was a good blend which was not overpowering (thankfully!). Steakout also matched the straws and umbrella to the colour of the mojito which I found super cute!

Pina colada (£2.95) – this is a blend of coconut milk and pineapple juice which was enjoyable. I loved that the portion sizes were really generous (we opted for the sharing size)!

Chocolate Milkshake (£3.75) – I was really craving something sweet but I was super full after all the yummy food so I got my milkshake to go. It was really nice. Thick and chocolatey just as it should be.

The Verdict

Steakout is a really pretty place to dine. That is obvious from the moment you see the exterior with the pretty pink neons. I love the vibe in the place and there is plenty of space for everyone. The food matches up to the place and the variety is great. Personally, I loved the chicken there and in future, I would definitely go for the chicken, it is really well made and full of flavour! The burgers are filling and you should definitely give one a try. The steak is decent and cooked well (even if you like it rare!) to the specification you request. If you are used to premium steaks, I would recommend you go for chicken as it may not match up to what you are used to. This is due to the steaks not being Wagyu nonetheless the steaks are yummy! The sides/starters are enjoyable as well and they are not too filling so that is great. My personal favourite is the Chicken Cheese balls. The drinks are great especially the shakes. Let me know if you try anything different or what you decide to opt for. I love hearing what other people think and I hope you have a lovely time at Steakout. There are multiple Steakouts across the UK so hopefully, you will find one close to you. Enjoy!

The details

Contact them via 01254 675611

Find them at Lower Audley St. Retail Park, Lower Audley St. Blackburn, BB1 1BB

Open 12-11pm every day

Access their website via

HMC Certified



Steakout – Meat House can also be found:

SLOUGH – 295-297 High St, SL1 1BD (01753 525834)

TOOTING – 116 Upper Tooting Rd, SW17 7EN (020 8682 4223)

NORBURY– 1443 London Rd, SW16 4AQ (020 8679 3008)

HARROW– 358 Station Rd, HA1 2DE (020 8861 2221)

LUTON– 52 Wellington St, LU1 2QH (01582 877433)

SOUTHALL– 175 The Broadway, UB1 1LX (0208 843 0555)

LEICESTER – 14 Granby Street, LE1 1DE (0116 262 6501)

STRATFORD – 150 The Grove, London, E15 1NS (0208 534 1727)

BLACKBURN  – Lower Audley St. Retail Park, BB1 1BB (01254 675611)


All information was correct at the time of dining, however, we strongly recommend that you re-verify that Halal status before dining to ensure there have been no changes regarding certification/suppliers


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    15/10/2018 / 4:13 am

    The drinks look so nice I can’t wait to try the steaks out.

  2. Brandon
    01/11/2018 / 11:18 am

    That steak looks really nice! Need to give it a try.

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