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Grillaz – Bolton

Grillaz is a HMC certified takeaway located on Derby St Bolton with plenty of space to eat in. Their focus on fresh quality ingredients is evident when you taste their food.  The menu has a great selection of Gourmet burgers, Sizzlers, Kebabs and Pizzas that will keep any group happy.

The Place

Grillaz is unlike anywhere else in Bolton. The place has a simple and a casual feel. There are 2 floors of seating ensuring there is enough room for families and friends. The place is fairly small with more of a takeaway vibe but they have made the place look decent and have tried to get as many seats in there in possible given how busy it gets. The food is unique and delicious and most definitely worth a trip! The look of the place does not do the food justice, however, I ensure you the food is divine.

The Staff

Everyone is really busy but that does not stop them from working well through the rush. They have never yet made my food wrong. You can tell everyone is well trained and my compliments go to the chef!

The Food

Lamb Chops (£6.45) – As you can see in the picture the chops at Grillaz are oozing with sauce and flavour. They have a perfect level of spice and are cooked to perfection due to their level of tenderness. The chips are not too oily which I appreciate and they are super moreish, you will be left craving more. The lamb chops can either be served with a side of rice or fries or half and half. Piri Piri Chicken (Half £5.95, Full £8.45) – This is one of my personal favourites. Dependent on how much you order you get different sides included. A half chicken is served with fries whilst a full chicken comes served with fries and small naan. I love the Piri Piri chicken as it is oozing with flavour. The picture does not do the food justice. Grillaz marinate the pieces of chicken ensuring the flavour is actually full of flavour as opposed to other places that just put sauce on the chicken and quickly grill. You should definitely try this chicken as it is super yummy and you’lll apreciate the power of marinating food. Sizzling Steak & Chicken (£12.65) – After a long discussion of what to opt for we finally decided on going for a mix. This was served on a very hot cast iron plate, with pieces of marinated chicken and prime cut steak, topped with rice, vegetables and chips. Finally the sizzler was topped with melted cheese and served with Peppercorn sauce. The flavour and combination of all ingredients was mediocre for me and didn’t sizzle with my taste buds, simply because I have had better Sizzlers in the past but it was far from being the worst. The boiled veg could have definitely benefited from some seasoning and has a lot of potential. I would definitely go back and try more of what they offer because they have amazing things on their menu (the homemade pizza section is my personal fav ?).

I have opted for the sizzler again for take-out without the veg and I loved how easy it was to eat due to the way it is served. The chicken is really yummy, I’m a tad fussy when it comes to steak but it was decent. Turkish Donner Sizzler (£6.45) – This is the best donner sizzler I have ever hade. The donner tastes good and is cut into tiny pieces that are perfect in size. The donner has been sizzled with onions peppers and a sauce that I cannot quite figure out. When I first ordered this the portion size seemed tiny but rest assured this is plenty, enough for 2. You can opt for this on chips if you like but I personally enjoy the naan there.

Chicken Sizzler (£6.95) –  Here we have bitesize pieces of chicken sizzled with peppers and onion in a special sauce all served on chips. This is great on-the-go food. I often get this as a starter even though the portion size is decent, I can never just get one thing from Grillaz as everything is so good. I love the crispy onions and tender chicken that are full of flavour.   Asian Style Pizza (12″ £6.95, 16″ £7.95) – This particular pizza is topped with Chicken Tikka, Corriander, Red Onions, Peppers, Fresh Chillies and Tomatoes. I often opt for this pizza as it is a personal favourite.The pizzas at Grillaz are AMAZINGGG! That is not an over-exaggeration. Often enough when you order a pizza off a more takeaway style place you end with the usual (usually rather greedy and doughy) BUT not at Grillaz. Instead, the pizzas have a real homemade vibe to them. You can tell all the ingredients are of high quality and they are most definitely not shy with toppings (you can tell by the overlap on the crust)! Grillaz Handmade Veggie Supreme  (£8.95) – Due to the pizzas having a very thin base (as they should be, do not worry they are not too thin!) they need to be eaten fresh or you will not get to enjoy the experience fully. If you prefer a meat-free option this pizza is the one for you. The base has garlic butter combined with tomato, giving a great flavour. The Veggie Supreme is topped with Onions, Peppers, Spring Onions, Sweetcorn, Jalapenos, Tomatoes, Rocket leaves, Mushrooms and Olive Oil. We removed a few toppings so it was suited to what we wanted. All the ingredients are sourced daily so you really can taste the freshness.   Piri Chicken Wings  (£3.95) – The wings are really yummy. Grilled to perfection. The flavour is just enough but not overpowering. There are enough wings to share as the spice can be rather filling.

Chicken Tikka Boti (£5.45) – This is yummy pieces of chicken cooked on a skewer in a clay oven. This is served with a side of fries or naan along with salad. I really enjoyed these pieces of chicken especially with the bits that are super crispy. I also liked the onion that came with the pieces (but hey it depends if that is your thing or not.  

The Drinks

Strawberry and Lime Mojito (£3.50) – This mojito is syrup based along with lime juice and club soda. Sometimes I crave a mojito but just want it on the go. This mojito was a refreshing change, especially given I can never find mojitos to take-out.

The Verdict

Grillaz is a MUST! All the food is super yummy and I have tried a little of everything. It is hard to describe how good the food is as I feel that justice would not be served. For certain items, I have heard people rather shocked at the pricing, however, the food is definitely worth it. Everything is fresh and HMC which for me really takes off the pressure. The chicken is all marinated overnight for at least 24-hours so the flavours are deeply embedded into the food and I must say it makes all the difference. I must warn you the food can take a while to cook but that is due to everything being made fresh. Grillaz is definitely somewhere I would visit again and I would say you should try the Peri-Peri chicken and the Homemade pizza. Everything is perfect for take-out but if you are opting for pizza, if you can eat in, I would. You will not be disappointed In sha Allah!

The details 

Contact them via 01204 776080 Find them at 350 Derby St, Bolton BL3 6LS Open Monday – Saturday 1pm-12am and Sunday 3pm-12am

Key Features

Street Parking Available (free of charge, around the corner) Masjids within a 5-minute walk

HMC Certified


Grillaz Bolton Menu


All information was correct at the time of dining, however, we strongly recommend that you re-verify that Halal status before dining to ensure there have been no changes regarding certification/suppliers



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