Chaiiwala – Bolton

For those that don’t know about Chaiwala, let me explain. First of all, the definition of the Chaiwala is โ€œChaiโ€ means Tea and โ€œWalaโ€ refers to the one who is making it. Chaiiwala Bolton is a modern cafe that offers different flavoured Chai and drinks, alongside an accompaniment of their finest Indian street food. Rest assured there are many options to satisfy your cravings with a sip of their fine tasting Chai! Chaiiwala has a modern ambience, Itโ€™s not shabby and…

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Howdy – Bradford

So I’m sure the name gave it away but to confirm Howdy’s is a western-themed Diner decorated tastefully. The place isn’t very large however they have managed to fit a fair amount of seats into the location without making it crowded. Howdy’s is a refreshing change due to the unique nature of the place. The Diner has wild western-themed quirky features on each wall such as fake guns. I would recommend booking ahead if you require this area. The place…

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Roomali – Blackburn

This is where Halal Food Gastronomy (HFG) was born so it would be wrong for it not to be my first post. It all started when we decided to take a trip down to blackburn one evening as we were craving a curry. One of my close friends highly recommended this restaurant and gosh I was shocked to see the standard of the food as It was amazing and delicious! It has also stood the test of time with multiple…

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