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Roomali – Blackburn

This is where Halal Food Gastronomy (HFG) was born so it would be wrong for it not to be my first post. It all started when we decided to take a trip down to blackburn one evening as we were craving a curry. One of my close friends highly recommended this restaurant and gosh I was shocked to see the standard of the food as It was amazing and delicious! It has also stood the test of time with multiple visits over the past few years with the consistency of food being maintained.



I couldn’t resist in doing another post on the food from @Roomaliblackburn guys! ? If you are in a group I highly recommend you to book the “Dastarkhan” table where groups of 5-8 can sit on traditional floor cushions with a slightly elevated table and enjoy their meal. Its always fully booked on weekends. It has a Moroccan theme to it which is great for occasions. With curtains to accommodate for those who require pardah. We had two Masala Chips, Keema Karahi (on the right) which is my favourite dish they do, it goes so well with the paratha. Chicken tikka masala (orange/red), Butter chicken (middle), Lamb Karahi (left) and a Roomali Red mocktail (bottom). The Roomali red is one of the few Syrup based Mocktails I enjoy as the blend is just right. The dishes are always amazing, definitely one to try out! @roomaliblackburn are also HMC certified so you can rest assured everything is un stunned. #Roomali #HFGBlackburn #HFGPardah #HFGPrayerRoom

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The place

Roomali’s has various facilities that make it a more attractive place to eat. Roomalis is set over 2 floors with a cosy environment perfect for families or friends. Although Roomalis may seem small it seats up to 100 people. For those who are going as a group, I highly recommended you try to book the Dastarkhan area, which is an Arabian themed booth with cushions, allowing you to sit on the ground with a slightly elevated table. #SunnahStyle. The dastarkhan area is known for its privacy as they’re curtains available for you to close at your convenience with the staff being extremely respectful when they are closed, I mean I wouldn’t really want to be sat on the floor whilst others are sat on a table looking down on me. So for those of you that are worried, have no fear they are very private and it is truly an enjoyable experience. There are also various table areas that accommodate for pardah which provide you with privacy whilst eating, which I personally appreciate. These areas are also respectively large which can be difficult to find when there are over 8 guests eating. Ensure you remember to request pardah areas when booking if required. The seating at Roomalis is comfortable. They also have a small prayer room upstairs which is great when you are travelling. The bathrooms are segregated and kept clean. Oh and importantly they have parking just behind in a car park that is free of charge after 18:00. The restaurant also take card payment which all make life so much easier. The atmosphere in Roomalis is always welcoming and never too loud even when it has been busy. The decorations follow a traditional style with a modern twist which is complemented by their menu and staff. An exceptionally traditional aspect of their menu is the tawa option. Roomalis was one of the first restaurants to offer this in the area. This ensures the food stays warm throughout your meal and is lovely for sharing. Roomalis now cater for external events which is great. I’d love to have them at an event or go to one where their food is served. They have previously done iftars, weddings and various other occasions. They also do other niche things such as Christmas dinner made to order. (possibly mention what options they had)

The Staff

All staff at Roomalis are friendly and ensure excellent customer service is provided. The management are extremely accommodating of my fussy requests?.  The staff keep up with the fast-paced environment well on busier evenings such as Saturday. They ensure food is brought out as soon as it is ready so that you receive your food when it is piping hot. They keep the tables tidy and drinks topped up. Even on busier days, they do not pressurise you for time but rather keep an adequate distance, there if you need them but not noticeable if not. It’s a family run business with a clear passion for food that is taken seriously.

The Food  

Roomalis is HMC certified so you can rest assured all the chicken and meat is not stunned. This makes me happy, I’d be very upset if I couldn’t eat at Roomalis. Although Roomalis has various vegetarian options which are lovely, ensure to let the chef know if you are vegetarian or have any allergies. Roomalis is one of my favourite places for Indian food, especially dishes. It has stood the test of time, consistently performing over the past few years. I haven’t had a bad experience which is rare. All dishes are available at your preferred spice option whether that be mild, medium, hot or extra hot. Poppadoms with the condiment tray are served as a starter (mango chutney, red onions, yoghurt sauce, chilli sauce).  I did not previously eat mint sauce but Roomalis converted me and opened up to the world of sauce and chutneys with poppadoms. Chilli Chicken Nimbali is something different that again I tried here for the first time. This appetiser is succulent strips of chicken that are coated with peppers and topped with cheese. This dish is then oven baked to perfection, slightly crispy on the outside with oozy melted cheese within. This isn’t large but perfect for 2 when ordering a few starters. Favourites are: Keema Karahi with a paratha – this is actually one of the top 5 Kharai’s I have ever had. It goes really well with their Paratha which has a great flaky texture. It is one we always order whenever we go. I also love that it is not just spice but rather it has amazing flavour mixed with spice. Keema Kharai Butter Chicken (the creamy type) (£8.50) is perfectly accompanied by the butter naan  (£1.50). Roomalis has one of the creamiest dish I’ve had, although it is not too creamy. This is definitely one of the best butter chickens I have had. Upon arrival, there is still remaining butter that melts on the table which I loved. Creamy Butter Chicken Chicken Tikka Masala (Despite the waiter’s warnings that it’s not suited for a Desi palate we loved it but it is the creamy type). We also opted for Prawn Kharai (£9.95) which to my surprise was delicious (I am not usually that fond of prawns) but they are flavoursome and taste great. Chicken Tikka, Keema Karahi, Prawn Karahi Lamb karahi at Roomalis was delicious with the perfect amount of spice and the lamb cooked to perfection. The lamb melts in your mouth and it is just saucy enough. The salads here are amazziinggg. I’m not normally a salad person but the Arabic Salad, in particular, is one of my personal favourites. The veg is always fresh and the amount of dressing is perfect and lingers in your mouth. The salad is not too oily and just enough zest. They offer 5 other different types of salad ranging from a yoghurt based raita to a greek salad with a sufficient amount of feta cheese. Roomali's Arabic Salad Roomali also offers a range of Signature Dishes and if you have any questions about anything on the menu just ask! The complimentary paan mouth freshener they give with the bill that the owner has made to specification and is lovely so make sure you try it!

The Drinks

Roomalis never disappoint. I always opt for a Mocktail, usually a jug because why not! Their mocktails are never shy on mint and aren’t drowned in syrup or over iced so you actually get a lot to drink. I don’t usually like syrup based drinks, however, Roomalis seem to have mastered it ?. My personal favourites are the ‘Roomali red’ which has lots of strawberries and mint and the ‘Arctic Breeze’ which I can’t really describe but it is blue, refreshing and not too sweet. £2.95 per Glass or £8.95 a JugRoomali Red one of the only Syrup based Mocktails that I like most places go overboard with the syrup which makes things sickly but this is just ?. Roomali Red Mocktail Jug They also provide free tap water which is great when you’re having a spicy curry. Coke is sold by the jug or glass. They also have a lemon and lime drink, Mango or sweet lassi and orange juice available again by the jug or glass. I love all of their drinks really, they are rich and you can tell they aren’t artificial. J20 is also sold here but I would personally recommend the Mocktails.

The Desserts

They are traditional based such as Rasmali and Gajar Halwa which do not disappoint. They offer the common dessert such as a peanut butter stack, however, I haven’t really tried many of them and they are on my to eat list. There is also something for the kids, I hadn’t seen one for years so it got me rather nostalgic so hey maybe they are better for adults, the Kuaky or Punky penguin plastic toys with ice-cream inside. Another different option I haven’t seen anywhere in the past is the ‘Pineapple or Coconut Supreme’ which is an actual piece of fruit cut in half, the shell acting as a bowl with pieces of the fruit within and the same flavoured ice-cream. The ice-cream at Roomalis is Movenpick which are Swiss based and a personal favourite of mine, creamy and packed with bits that are small making sure there is a good amount of flavour and pieces.

The Price

Roomalis is very reasonable. In particular, their make your own tawa is priced at £45 whilst their ‘Roomali Tawa Feast’ listed on the menu is £40. This offers tarka daal, chicken karahi, lamb chops, seekh kebabs and chicken tikka served with 2x naan, 2x roti, salad and steak cut chips or rice. The make your own tawa allows you to select 3 of your favourite main courses (with the exclusion of the signature dishes), I personally opt for this when with 4 or more people as it is affordable and allows you to share a variety of options. The Mocktails are cheaper than I have found in other restaurants at £3.95 a glass or £8.95 a jug. Overall great value for money. A full list of pricing and food available can be viewed online at http://roomali.co.uk/menu/.

The Verdict

Roomalis is a lovely place to eat with friendly staff who are caring and ensure that all needs are met where possible. The prices are reasonable and without doubt, justified by the quality of the food and the divine tastes. The food is aromatic and made to perfection with the intent to please. The drinks and dessert also meet the high standard at Roomali Blackburn. Roomalis has consistently pleased all the team here at HFG and my accomplices. I would recommend booking ahead and trying the dastarkhan area. It isn’t often that you find a restaurant that ticks all the boxes, but Roomali definitely does and still remains as one of my favourites.

Location – 1 Lower Cockcroft, Blackburn BB2 1JX close to the town centre.

Opening Times – Roomalis is closed on Monday, open Tuesday – Saturday 17:00 – 23:00 and Sunday 17:00 – 22:30. Reserve a table via  01254 677622 or at http://roomali.co.uk/reservation/

Key Features –

HMC Halal Certified Great for dishes Pardah Facilities Dastarkhan Facilities available on the second floor Bookings can be made in advance Free Car Park Area available free of charge after 18:00 (1 minute walk away) Card Payment Accepted Small prayer room for Salah Wait time is relatively quick, I haven’t ever waited more than 15 minutes to be seated. Food is also served promptly.



All information was correct at the time of dining, however, we strongly recommend that you re-verify that Halal status before dining to ensure there have been no changes regarding certification/suppliers


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