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Howdy – Bradford

So I’m sure the name gave it away but to confirm Howdy’s is a western-themed Diner decorated tastefully. The place isn’t very large however they have managed to fit a fair amount of seats into the location without making it crowded. Howdy’s is a refreshing change due to the unique nature of the place. The Diner has wild western-themed quirky features on each wall such as fake guns. I would recommend booking ahead if you require this area.

The place

What makes Howdy’s even funkier is the selection of hats that are hooked onto one of the walls available for customers to try on. There is also a selfie booth type thing with a guillotine for you to pose under with your friends or family. These accessories are great fun for both Adults and children. I tried on every hat till I found the perfect one and I was pretty upset when they said a child wanted my hat. I really wanted to say no but how could I!

The staff

The staff at Howdy’s complimented the place. They were all dressed smartly, with a western twist, wearing blazers with fake guns and holsters around their waists. Right from the moment, we entered the Diner the staff greeted us pleasantly, made conversation and ensured to keep us updated. Throughout our meal, the team ensured we had everything we needed without coming over too many times and lurking around in a manner that would be irritable.

The food

Often enough you go to a restaurant that is decorated well, and the food is lacking, but that isn’t the case at Howdy! Everything we have ordered has been up to standard. The menu has good descriptions of what each food item is. Some of the items have funky names to match the western theme such as ‘The Gun Slinger T-Bone Steak’ or ‘The Kill Bill Beef Fillet Steak on the Rocks’.  The steak on the rocks seems of particular interest; I haven’t personally tried it although it sounds interesting. This is where your steak arrives on a lava plate, and either your self or one of the Howdy team cook it to the colour you like. I personally didn’t order this with the risk of it not being as tender as I would like it and it carrying on cooking while I’m there. However, this could be nice. So here is what I have tried The Big John Wayne Burger – This is described on the menu as 12 oz of handcrafted Gourmet Beef served with red onions, mushroom, peppers, melted Swiss cheese, crispy lettuce, tomatoes and Howdy’s spicy relish. The burger was as described; all the vegetables were fresh thus complimenting the patty well. The beef was above average, not too meaty but not overcooked, so it melted in your mouth. The cheese really made it more enjoyable. I had the burger complemented by sweet potato fries which were actually great! They weren’t soggy like most places but rather crispy and cooked to perfection which is rare. The Juliana Got a Sizzle Special – This is succulent strips of Sirloin Steak and Chicken Steak, served on a bed of peppers and onions, on a sizzling platter with melted cheese. I had this served with creamy mash, noodles, peppercorn sauce and steamed vegetables.  Usually, I wouldn’t have opted for a sizzler, but I figured seeing as I hadn’t been to Howdy before but I thought it was the best way to see what the food is like. The steak was much more well done than I’d like but I’m very particular about the steak. The chicken was tender, and the marinade (which I presume is what the Howdy’s special sauce) was delicious, it was spicy enough. The noodles complimented the steak well. The mash was my favourite part, it was creamy and just made the steak so much more enjoyable after I smothered it in peppercorn sauce and cheese. The Most Wanted Burger with Rodeo Fries – this is described on the menu as 6 oz of handcrafted Gourmet Beef served with crispy lettuce, tomatoes, red onions and Howdy’s Homemade Relish. This is much like the previously discussed burger but I’d personally go for the ‘Big John Wayne Burger’ just because of the additional salad and the Swiss cheese. The Rodeo fries were lovely, I’d choose them over the chips they have available if I were to go back, ALTHOUGH sweet potato fries will forever be my favourite. Mexican Mix Grill Sizzler Platter with Nachos, salad and camembert dippers as a side – This consisted of tender Lamb chops, Chicken fillets and Chicken wings on a bed of peppers and onions. The nachos were a nice touch to this Mexican style sizzler. As you can see the sizzler was a generous portion with a variety of meat available. The chicken steaks were tender, saucy and lightly grilled. The chicken wings were thoroughly cooked and again with enough sauce for them to be flavoursome. The lamb chops were usual lamb chops but they also had the Mexican theme to them. The Chief’s Chicken Salad – This is tender chicken strips that are grilled yet tender served on a bed of fresh mixed salad, croutons and howdy special dressing. This was a nice side to the mains. The howdy dressing was a lovely garnishing making this side refreshing and tasteful.

The drinks

Strawberry Daiquiri made up of Strawberry, Lemon, Lime and Mint – This wasn’t the best mocktail I have had but that may be down to the fact I opted for a Daiquiri rather than a Mojito, it was much sweeter. Even still I enjoyed it. It was thick and wasn’t just made up of ice which I liked so you got a decent amount, enough to share even. Virgin Mojito (right of above picture) made with Lime, Lemon, Sugar syrup and Strawberry Mojito (left of above picture) (+strawberries or it wouldn’t be a strawberry mojito would it!). These were more my kind of drink. I loved how they didn’t really use ice but the drinks were still cold. Personally, I’m not a fan of sugar-based mocktails but they are so common now I’ve had to adjust my tastebuds a little. Tropical Daiquiri (centre of above picture) made with Passion Fruit, Pineapple, Lime and Sugar syrup. This was similar to the other daiquiri but with as you can imagine a tropical twist which was something different.

The price

Overall I’d say given the Western-themed Diner Howdy is and their menu offering Steaks and Gourmet burgers I would say the prices are justified. The portion sizes are generous if anything we were shocked at the size of the sizzler which was priced at £15.99. For what you received I would say this was a very good price. Extras and sides range from 99p to £2.99 which is reasonable and lower than other places with a similar menu. The mocktail’s are all priced at £3.95 which is just below average price.

The verdict

So Howdy has definitely done well with their theme and the food is enjoyable. The prices are reasonable. The food portions are generous so I would definitely recommend this place. In particular, I would say this is perfect for families. I’d advise you to book ahead if you are going as a big group or just in the evening on particularly busy days such as Friday and Saturday. If not be ready to wait as the Diner isn’t that big inside!

Location – 375 Leeds Rd, Bradford BD3 9LY

Opening times 7 days a week 12 pm – 12 am

Reserve a table via 01274 722277

Facebook @HowdyBradford

Important Things To Note  

– HMC Halal Certified – Bookings can be made in advance – Free Car Park Area available (1 minute walk away) – Card Payment Not Accepted – Wait time is relatively quick; I haven’t ever waited more than 15 minutes to be seated. – Food is also served relatively quickly given the steak is excellent and cooked to perfection.

All information was correct at the time of dining, however, we strongly recommend that you re-verify that Halal status before dining to ensure there have been no changes regarding certification/suppliers


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  1. Abid
    15/10/2018 / 7:04 am

    This looks like a great place to take the family & children.

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