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Haute Dolci – Blackburn

After very long anticipation, Haute Dolci has FINALLY arrived in Blackburn! It is situated in the town on 28 Church Street and I’m sure you’re just as excited as me to check out the decor and all things sweet desserts! Jazakillahu Khair to the awesome HD team for inviting us to the VIP Premiere event and for gifting us their Exclusive Gold Key (they only have 50 in the world!) I was so excited and couldn’t WAIT to see how they have pulled off this particular branch! Haute Dolci has really become one of my favourite dessert places to host special occasions and to spend time with your family because after all, HD’s aim is for their customers to have a never forgetting experience with their loved ones. They are officially opening to the public on 29 June from 12pm – 1am so don’t miss out!

Their Golden Key was inside an elegant, black box finished off with a ribbon which looked so pretty and inviting! I love the presentation of the Key! (see below) The Key purposefully matches the main theme colours of the restaurant which I thought was cleverly thought out! And it’s accompanied with faux flowers and chocolate pieces at the bottom in the shape of squares. At first, I thought that the coloured foil at the bottom of the box was just the base to make it look pretty, but when I got home and opened it again, I was pleasantly surprised that it’s chocolate pieces! Such good attention to detail! We also have included the Menu pictures at the bottom of this post to save you the hassle of deciding what to eat so stay tuned!

I love how the colour of the card matches the main colours of the restaurant!

The Key Concept: So, as always, Haute Dolci began their Key Hunt in the surrounding areas of the town centre. They were hiding the keys in different shops etc and if you found the key then this gives you access to the restaurant two weeks prior to the official opening which is very special! They also give them out to passers-by and you can also request one from their Instagram profile @hautedolci. Haute Dolci also held a giveaway on their Instagram where they would send you a key if you reposted their insta post and tagged them, so there are many ways to get one and it’s super easy and worth it! ESPECIALLY if you collect all the keys from each branch which I have also done a review about so whilst you’re here, go check out the Cheshire Oaks, Leicester, Bolton and Trafford Centre reviews!

One thing to note is that there are THREE types of Dolci Keys! The first one is the VIP Exclusive golden key which HD give out to foodies like us and you can win them through competitions. The second one is a normal key which isn’t much of a difference to the VIP but they both have their own benefits and specialty. Lastly, they have something called a Gift Key which I think is the perfect gift to give to anyone! It’s worth around £20 or little more and it has pre-paid funds to it in allowing you to purchase in store.

To have a Key is super beneficial and it’s definitely worth obtaining one! This is because the Key has many many mannnyyyy benefits prior to and after the opening of their branches. It gives you discounts, points, priority seating and queueing as well which means that they have a separate line for keyholders so you get to skip everyone! My personal favourite part of having a key is the VIP private dining section where it’s more of an intimate type of dining with your family/friends because they are usually allocated in a quiet area and you’re not close to the centre. Also, the decor in the private dining section is utterly gorgeous and insta-worthy!

Haute Dolci doesn’t have their own designated Car Park because the store is in Town Centre but they do have parking area just outside but this may result in a ticket so be careful! There are car parks available around the town centre which you pay for.

The place – Haute Dolci Blackburn is a 2-floor dessert restaurant with a beautiful view of the Cathedral Gardens which you can look through the stunning floor to ceiling windows on each floor. The Floor to ceiling windows make an eye-catching statement and immediately entices customers in the restaurant due to the amazing lighting throughout the place!

You can tell the place is special from the exterior due to it’s subtle and minimal “Haute Dolci” sign that’s lit up. I personally loved this because it really adds to the experience especially the view of the greenery outside which gives you the impression of “a getaway” trip from work life because you are surrounded by nature! Haute Dolci is vast and spacious meaning you should be able to get a table fairly quickly even on busier days!

Top Floor

The theme colour of this branch is light turquoise mixed with white and other neutral tones throughout which is personally my favourite type of decor. Each Haute Dolci branch has a different theme colour and is unique from one another but it maintains the luxurious vibe of the restaurant which I really admire! The semi-circle booths look absolutely gorgeous next to each other on both floors which enhances the whole vibe in making you feel like you have stepped into a fine dining restaurant! The HD team have paid great attention to detail with the design of the booths because if you look closely, the outer circle of the booth is of grey, velvet type material and the inner circle is makes a good contrast in colour. I also love that the low hanging lights above the booths are the same colour too!

First Floor interior
Top Floor interior

The stunning Private Dining area creates a whole new experience due to the way it’s made different compared to the booths. I personally feel like we are inside a gigantic, striped pendant light and I kinda love it! This section is located on the top floor towards the back and I believe that there are two private dining booths available. Remember to book in advance to save this spot considering they have only two Private Dining booths or if you have a key then that’s perfect!

Haute Dolci’s signature Chocolate taps have OBVIOUSLY made an appearance again! That constant flow of melted yummy melted, Belgian white and milk chocolate 😛 (I want one in my house!) They look amazing as you walk in! You just feel like sticking your tongue in it haha! Each HD store has chocolate taps which makes it a nice feature and different to other dessert places as you will always remember it and will want to come back!

The Team – Alhamdulillah, during our visit, the staff were super friendly and willing to help in any way they could. You truly feel like you’re looked after and whilst we attended the opening so it was super busy, they managed to handle the rush really well and ensured we all got our desserts! Saif who was looking over the place was very kind and it was nice chatting to him about the place and their experience opening up in Blackburn. The service was really good too, our waitress always had a smile whenever we requested anything. It’s also very organised because they had a food service lift which was so cool to see and makes it ever so easy for the waiters to deliver the desserts to the customers!

The Desserts

Finally the Desserts! Now you’re talking! As well as dining in a gorgeous setting, you have the amazing desserts to keep you company throughout your experience. When it comes to what to order, you have a humungous selection of desserts such as waffles, cookie dough, crepes, pancakes, cakes… I could go on! This time, I took it upon myself to try something different to expand my palate and just to be daring really! Haute Dolci has a simplified menu where it’s much easier to pick what you would like to order compared to before. What I noticed in this particular branch is the spectacular selection of cheesecakes in the counter! check these out below!

They Look absolutely delicious and scream “EAT ME!” I really couldn’t contain myself so I just had to order one! So here is the cheesecake I opted for (below)

Lemon Cheesecake (£5.50) – Sweet cream cheese combined with tangy lemon on a bed of crushed biscuit base, topped with a sprinkle of white chocolate curls and a fresh lemon slice wedged in between. I’m a big fan of Lemon in desserts so I thought I would give this one a go. To my surprise, I actually liked it considering I have never had a lemon cheesecake before! If you don’t like strong flavours then maybe sit this one out but I liked the strong flavours, it wasn’t too overpowering and had the perfect balance of pungency. The lemon flavour really came through on the palate and the filling was nice and smooth in texture.

5. Waffle Bites (£1.80, price varies due to portion size) – A medium sized waffle piece with a good lashing of Dolci Belgian milk chocolate. Seeing as though I can’t finish a full waffle, I thought I would try a small piece to satisfy my craving post Ramadan. When the dish arrived to our table, I was amused at how big the piece came because I pictured it in my mind to be a small mini piece. This was good value for money for one portion I must say. As always, the waffle was delicious, crispy yet soft in the centre. YUM!

16. I’m Not Sharing (£7.60) – 6 pancakes stacked on top of each other, topped with fudge pieces and drizzled with Dolci Milk chocolate, with a Vanilla ice cream sat on top. My little sister LOVEEESS stacked pancakes, she pretty much had them for Suhoor every day in Ramadan. So she is definitely a critic and well-rounded on this kind of pancake. She said they were fluffy, yummy and made her very happy! I think that pretty much sums them up. Soo good! you will not want to share them.

21. Best I ever had! (£7.60) – I enjoyed this golden Belgian waffle that came topped with lots of melted Nutella, roasted hazelnuts, dark chocolate pearls, accompanied with a scoop of heavenly hazelnut Gelato. I would definitely recommend that whatever you get is topped with roasted hazelnuts and I thoroughly enjoyed the ice-cream. This is perfect for all you Nutella lovers.
Belgian Waffle (top)

Cookie Dough (£6.60 – price varies) – I am quite fussy when it comes to cookie dough and I have often been disappointed BUT thankfully Haute Dolci does not disappoint! Their recipe is amazing, and I am always left wanting more. The cookie dough is baked to well but still gooey. I LOVE that they have the option to create your own because 1) I can never decide from the menu options; 2) it is a great way to try new combinations 3) you may find your new favourite. We opted for Haute Belgian milk chocolate cookie dough topped with roasted hazelnuts, with Belgian milk melted chocolate and Madagascan gelato. I personally like to pour lots of their yummy melted Dolci chocolate onto the cookie dough but even without it is AMAZING. Would definitely recommend!

French Crepe (£7.20) – I decided to create my own because I like trying out new combinations and love that they have this option. I opted for Dolci Belgian white and milk chocolate to complement the crepe. I got it topped with white chocolate pearls which were WOW. they’re just like the chocolate balls that come in a muller yoghurt (I used to only eat the chocolate and leave the yoghurt so these took me back to my childhood). Finally, the crepe was accompanied with Stracciatella ice-cream, one of my favourites.

47. Dig in (£6.80) – 2 scoops of Cookies and Cream and Madagascan vanilla gelato. Along with fudge pieces, chunks of soft chocolate chip cookies and drizzled with Dolci milk chocolate. I loved the chocolate lattice on the top. This is the kind of thing I wouldn’t order but as I said, I wanted to try something different and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS! My favourite thing was that the pieces of cookie dough within were warm and fresh out of the oven! For me, there was a little too much fudge in here so I would definitely go for the more chocolate version next time but if you’re a fudge lover this is perfect.

The Drinks – The drinks menu are in a seperate booklet to the main dessert menu which makes it very easy to decide on the two. They serve a wide variety of milkshakes, coffee, tea, mocktails, hot chocolate etc (see menu pics below to view the full selection) BTW did i mention that the menu covers beautifully match the theme of the restaurant? I love every attention to detail they put in for each store! Anyway, enough of me WAFFLING on, here are the drinks we ordered…

2. Tropical passion (£5.40) – A delicious blend of 2 scoops of delicious Mango Sorbet and sparkling lemonade. This transported me into the sunny weather abroad with the vibrant yellow colours of this drink! It was amazing and so refreshing. I personally would have preferred to have more mango sorbet than the lemonade because I love the flavour of sorbet. I happily drank it all with my desserts, can’t wait to have it again!

13. Chocolate Avalanche (£4.80) – I will forever order this classic drink. This is perfect for the chocolate lovers as it is made up of Belgian chocolate gelato and vanilla ice-cream blended together and topped with whipped cream and milk chocolate curls. This is a favourite drink of my husband and it never disappoints!

23. Oh so nutty (£3.50) – Coffee suffused with melted Nutella and Hazelnut Gelato, topped with whipped cream and chopped nuts. I usually go for the Cioccolato drink which is a little similar to this but it has milk chocolate and Belgian chocolate gelato. I thought I would try something different and I loved it! The strong flavour of the coffee goes perfectly well with the Nutella whilst the Hazelnut Gelato gives it a nice punch!

This is one for the coffee lovers as it is rather strong BUT definitely enjoyable and woke me up for my late night drive home. I must say it was as promised, NUT your average drink.

Water – This sounds silly but to me, I LOVE it when a place serves tap water as 1) less waste (I’m trying to be more conscious of this), 2) we’re blessed with water Alhamdulillah. Water is needed when indulging on heavy desserts such as these so we had to order quite a few glasses to help us finish the desserts haha! I love the glass too! it gives the water a nice bluey effect and unintentionally matches the teal theme colour as well!

The verdict is definitely good! We LOVED visiting Haute Dolci Blackburn. From my experience by visiting every branch, I have noticed that Alhamdulillah Haute Dolci remains consistent when it comes to the experience, the desserts etc. The place is beautiful and the desserts are just as good if not better. I also love that the place is an excuse to dress up and have somewhere to enjoy in Blackburn with a more glamorous feel. The prices are reasonable especially given the feel of the place. The dessert is of high quality and matches the place very well. Each dessert has been well thought out and stands out in a world full of places to go! I went for a few different options off the menu and I was pleasantly surprised. I have to say I LOVE their chocolate taps and always opt for a shot because chocolate is life. I’d recommend you try a few different things because there are so many options on their menu that are unique! Their cookie dough will forever hold a special place in my heart and their Belgian waffles. Drinks wise I am always impressed as they have managed to get it right and create their own blends of flavours.

Do let us know if you visit and what you tried and thought as we love hearing from you!

The Menu

I’ve included all the dessert and drinks menu pictures so you can see what’s available and It will be much easier deciding what to get before you go because it is long! The menu features, fan favourites, gluten-free and vegan options, exclusive Dolci key holder options and allergen statements which is vital. You can choose from classic collection signature or exclusive collections too.

Dessert Menu

Drinks Menu

The Details

Location: 8 Church Street, Blackburn, Lancashire, United Kingdom, BB1 5AL

Opening Times: Monday – Sunday 6pm – 12am (last table seated at 11:30am)

Family Friendly

Contact them via 01254 926256

Website: https://hautedolci.co.uk/

Card Payment accepted

Disabled access ground floor only



All information was correct at the time of dining, however, we strongly recommend that you re-verify that Halal status before dining to ensure there have been no changes regarding certification/suppliers


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    Hi went to haute dolchi Blackburn today got a very good service from Muhammad zakariyah and lubna will deffo be going back again

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