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Loaded Gourmet Burgers and Fries – Liverpool

The time has finally come! Loaded Burgers which you may know from London has finally arrived in Liverpool (my mileage and stomach thanks you!). I’ve never been so excited to go for food. To make the place even better they are HMC certified Alhamdulillah.

The place

The place is actually super big inside BUT it can get super busy. It is easy to miss the place as you’re driving down Smithdown road. However, it is just by the traffic lights close to the shell fuel station if you’re struggling. There is street parking that is free available in the side streets which is great!

I LOVE the rustic feel of the place and feel it really adds to the dining experience. There is a cool wooden wall which completes the place really well. I am super glad there is lots of seating and must say if you opt for take out the food is still AMAZING or if you have left overs it tastes even better the next day.

The team

The owner is so lovely and is always happy to talk about his vision which I love. He is a kind soul who aims to make sure everyone is enjoying their food and the ingredients are of high quality and taste great. The team are always busy making sure to get everything just right. They are all friendly and hardworking. I love that all the staff have customised hoodies (I want one!) and t-shirts.

The food

SO Let’s get to what matters, THE FOOD!

Onion rings (£3) garlic cheesy bread (£4) – We were overwhelmed with choice but decided to get some onion rings (my mum loves them!) and the cheesy garlic bread pleasantly surprised us at it really had that home cheese on toast vibe with a little extra.

Frickin (£8.50) – JUST LOOK AT HOW YUMMY this freshly fried battered chicken dipped in buffalo sauce is. I was amazed by how big the chicken was, I could barely finish the burger. I must say the burger was super spicy and saucy, so I drank a lot!

The Classic (£7.50) – I really enjoyed this! The beef was yummy and the chef cooked the burger medium as requested (check the pic below). I loved that the cheese was melted onto the burger so well and the caramelised onions and brioche bun really added to the flavour.

This Classic is perfect if you can’t decide what to get and just want a good beef burger!!

Wrecky Breaky (£10) – This4oz beef patty, topped with egg, chicken rashers, sausage, grilled onions, hash brown and ketchup is my sister’s dream come true minus the ketchup. She said, “it’s THE BEST BURGER EVER”. I think that describes the Wrecky Breaky pretty accurately.

The Wrecky Breaky is one for those who love their rashers and sausages. This burger also acts as a perfect brunch burger which I quite like because sometimes you want a burger and you want a good breakfast so this is the perfect contrast. Definitely one of my favourites.

Big Bird (£9) – This is truly a VERY BIG buttermilk chicken fillet that has been deep fried in southern breading topped with jalapenos and ranch sauce and spicy coleslaw. I absolutely love loaded’s ranch sauce and would definitely recommend it. The big bird is also pretty yummy. The breasts are super juicy and whilst the burger is deep fried it doesn’t have that lingering greasy feel.

Wing-it (£12.50) – This is the perfect option when you can’t decide what you want, it comes with a combination of their top 4 different flavoured deep-fried wings (BUT the owner was lovely and let me switch the ones I didn’t want). This option is great value for money! The Buffalo wings were deep fried battered wings drowned in their banging buffalo hot sauce. I really enjoyed these but they were super spicy. One of my personal favourites were the Texas BBQ wings that are cooked in a sweet Texas bbq sauce. They really surprised me, I’m not usually a BBQ person but these wings were MY FAVOURITE. They were full of flavour and tasted fantastic. I also tried the Herby wings which were spicy and roasted in pepper sauce. The herby wings were flavoursome and definitely worth trying. Finally, I tried the Chilli Lemon wings which were covered in a tangy lemon and chilli sauce.

All the wings are AMAZINGG!! I was so surprised by each and every flavour. These are a MUST.

Chicken steak fries (£6) – These were so good. The portion size was so much bigger than I expected and filling enough to be a whole meal. The chicken was flavoursome and combined with the chicken it was super yummy. The chunky chips are delicious as are all their fries. I end up getting the skinny skin-on-fries along with the sweet potato fries because they are so good!

The drinks

Bubblegum Mojito (£4.50) – This really surprised me! It is at the top of my list of favourite mojitos and I’m not usually into Bubblegum as a flavour but this was something else. My little sister has decided it is her new favourite. The flavour is something I couldn’t really begin to explain but it is sweet but not too sweet. It has just the right amount of flavour and ice.

Strawberry Mojito (£4.50) – I absolutely LOVE the mojitos at Loaded and they do a Mojito Monday offer for just a £1! Their mojitos are full of flavour and are loaded with lots of mint.

The verdict

Loaded Liverpool is so yummy! You must visit if you’re feeling a yummy burger or some good wings served by lovely people. There is a decent amount of variety and they also do chicken and waffles which I am yet to try. I have visited 4 times already and everything has been great. Alhamdulillah the owner has done a brilliant job and Liverpool finally has somewhere that is HMC and can fulfil my burger cravings. I would definitely recommend the wings. I am not usually a wing person but I decided to wing it and give them a try and I can’t get enough. I crave them regularly. The variety of fries available is also great and it is worth trying a few different things. The burgers are great. You can create your own if the options are confusing. I enjoyed both the beef and chicken but I would probably go for beef when I visit again.

The mojitos are a MUSTT!!! I was amazed by the bubblegum mojito because I am not a bubblegum person but this was so good. Alhamdullilah all the food is fantastic at loaded and the place is lovely. Can’t wait to try the rest of the food on the menu!

The details

Find them at 439-441, Smithdown Rd, Liverpool L15 3JL

Open – Sunday -Thursday 12-10:30pm Friday 2-11pm

Contact them via  0151 734 3267 or [email protected]

Instagram @loadedburgersliverpool

HMC Certified

Street parking available

Disabled toilets and access available

Takeout available



All information was correct at the time of dining, however, we strongly recommend that you re-verify that Halal status before dining to ensure there have been no changes regarding certification/suppliers


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