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Haute Dolci – Leeds

Haute Dolci – A dessert restaurant specialising in gourmet, exquisite sweet treats has finally arrived in Leeds. I’m so excited about this because it has arrived near my hometown and i have been looking forward to this ever since they have been posting the sneak peeks on instagram! Haute Dolci is popular for their stunning interiors and luxurious, mouthwatering desserts. They are also planning to open branches in Birmingham (the sneak peeks look so good) and London soon which is going to be brilliant! Anyway let me get to the details about the place. Haute Dolci is beautiful which is evident as soon as you lay your eyes on the building! The Haute Dolci Leeds branch is located in The Light, The Headrow Shopping Centre which is a perfect location to indulge in yummy desserts after a good shopping spree! The Haute Dolci menu is included at the bottom of this page (simply click the tab above) where we have info about what they have on offer and amazing discounts if you have the Dolci Key and much much more!

You are welcomed with a beautiful visual as soon as you can see through those massive windows once you arrive. Beautiful flowers surround you and leaves you in awe as your eyes follow the stunning place. I believe, that Haute Dolci have gone for a pink theme at this branch which is clearly visible. Everywhere you look is pink and pretty and floral! The perfect backdrop to have your instagram pic! The seats are a pastel pink and super cushioned which looks so cute and there is also enough seating for how busy they get which is great. The place also has balloons with a flowery ribbon throughout the place which just makes everything feel elegant.

I immediately fell in love with these beautiful cages hanging down from the ceiling which were also covered in florals. They look so cute and pretty! This branch has more flowers than anywhere I’ve been and it is truly magical. The place is larger than I expected with lots of different sized tables big enough for large groups. 

The delicate pink colours matching with the sleak grays work in perfection with the beautiful floral walls! Given the location it is easy to get to with parking (there is a Q-Park connected to the place. Equally that means there are lots of people wanting to get a table but thankfully Haute Dolci have catered to this. It’s incredible to see that every Haute Dolci store carries a different interior design that enables customers to experience a different vibe and ambience whichever store they visit.

Upon entry, you will catch your eyes on this gorgeous swinging chair complete with more floral work and a cute cushion. My sister absolutely loved this chair and she made sure she got her selfie! The wall behind this chair has beautiful letters that ‘STAY CLASSY’ that looked elegant and classy 😛 I also really like the mosaic effect walls they have around the restaurant because it breaks up the main pink theme and balances it out. Can’t get over how beautiful the interior is!

Haute Dolci have launched a gifting range where customers can choose a few options for gifting their family and friends delicious sweet treats and few bits which i think is a perfect gesture after treating yourself to dessert! Check out the images below to choose your preferences!


One of the coolest things about Haute Dolci is they have a key type membership. The keys have lots of different benefits and its worth having one in the family as you get discounts, points, priority queuing and seating and who doesn’t enjoy that? What’s even better is you can keep using it and you can always share it with your family and friends. 

We got sent out one of their VIP keys which was so lovely of them and really made our day. The key came in a lovely box. Whilst we’ve been super busy there is always time for some yummy dessert! The key came in such a beautiful box that matched the beautiful pink decor!

So they have 3 different keys!

  1. The normal golden key, this doesn’t have many differences to the other key. This key gives you have special access during their first 2 weeks of opening and also have access to their secret menu. To make the key even more appealing, you can use it at any of their branches, it really is one key fits all!but this key will get you into any of the stores during their exclusive period and also gives you access to their secret menu.
  2. The gift key is pretty much exactly that. This key can be purchased in store for around £20 and gives you all the perks of the other keys and has a pre-paid funds on it acting as a gift card. I personally think this is the perfect gift for anyone.
  3. The VIP exclusive golden key, this is given out to dessert lovers such as ourselves and can also be won through their competitions so keep an eye out on their social medias. With this key you have all the perks of the other keys along with private dining access. 

private dining

Haute Dolci also has 2 Private Dining areas for key holders which is great for that special event or just for some privacy. In the private dining areas you will have a waiter/waitress who will try to help you if you have any requests. If you are planning on private dining I would advise you book in advance as there only two at the moment. The Private Dining below is for a couple and it’s a very intimate section which is located towards the back of the restauarant. It is very much private as well so you won’t have any onlookers watching so you can gain the ultimate privacy! Obviously, it looks spectacular with a majestic, floral ceiling and cream high booths!

I love that this branch has a larger private dining area perfect for a party or special outing! The table is also beautiful with a lit up marble effect and an epic flower wall completing the room. We have personally used the private dining in the past at other branches and it was brilliant. I absolutely love the beautiful decor within this area as it really adds to the glamorous feel of the meal.

So what are the team like?

During our visit to Haute Dolci Alhamdullilah the team were accommodating and really tried to make sure we were okay. The owner of Haute Dolci is fabulous and is trying hard to make sure everything is running smoothly at all the branches which must be so difficult given how many stores they now have mashAllah. Our waiter was extremely friendly and he really catered to all our needs and requests. He made sure our orders were perfect as they were a few hiccups along the way but its forgivable because have newly opened and everyone learns day by day. 

Tell us about the dessert!!

Haute Dolci is well known for their delicious melted chocolate which pours out of a tap constantly! Imean, which other dessert store has this amazing feature? It’s unique and i love it!  I definitely want one of these in my house! Their melted chocolate is super delicious and we can’t get enough of it. The family is still torn as to whether the white chocolate or milk chocolate is better. Let us know what you think once you’ve visited! Let’s get to the good stuff…

Brownie Egg plosion (£6.80) – We had to start off this one of these bad boys lurking on the menu. This is a milk chocolate egg shaped dome encased with fresh brownies which were crispy on the outside and just soft on the inside. It was surrounded with crumbly shortbread which was a perfect addition to this dessert. 

I’m a sucker for a yummy brownie and Haute Dolci have really mastered the art of combining unique visually pleasing dessert and making them super delicious. 

Pour the silky smooth melted belgian chocolate on to the dome and watch how the dome opens up to reveal the brownies on the inside! You can opt for milk, white or dark chocolate so there is something for everyone! The portion size is brilliant (I can never finish them) as they’re super rich and filling but so good! They’re also presented really well.

Ferrero Cheesecake (£5.50) – Haute Dolci do the cutest cheesecakes that come in a circle and look super cute. They also taste just as good as they look. I have to say the cheesecake is super filling and much bigger than it is. I often end up taking some home. I loved that the cheesecake wasn’t too chocolatey and had the perfect consistency.

Vanilla Milk Cake (5.50) – Haute Dolci is one of the few places that has perfected the milk cake from my experience. This really surprised me and just tasted absolutely delish. I packed some up for my dad and he said it reminded him of a sweet indian dessert! Incase you’re wondering what this is, this dessert is their yummy light sponge cake which comes soaked in a vanilla milk and topped with lots of creamy vanilla.  It is one of the desserts I go back to Haute Dolci for specifically, usually I opt for the Nutella and Hazelnut which is part of their signature collection but I finally tried the vanilla and managed to each more as it wasn’t super rich. It is definitely worth trying.

Slumber Party Special (£6.50) – Now this is the STAPLE and EPICENTRE of our order! If you have read our dessert reviews for a while, you must be aware of our cookie dough obsession! This always hits the spot and delivers so well. The cookie dough comes with Madagascan vanilla gelato, their warm Dolci milk chocolate sauce and sweet fresh berries. I must say their cookie dough is just delicious, crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside and the portion is just perfection.

My Favourite Things (£6.80) – A yummy fluffy golden sponge cake spread with strawberry jam and sprinkled with coconut flakes. This goes down so well with the husband because he is obsessed with this dessert! The sticky Jam goes perfectly well with the soft and light sponge. Not to forget, the warm, silky custard caressing the entire sponge. Utterly gorgeous

If you love a good pudding covered in delicious dessert I would definitely recommend you try this. This is one of my favourites on the menu.

the drinks

Ciocolato (£3.50) – This drink is inspired by the coffee drinks that come mixed with ice-cream abroad and they’ve definitely added their own twist. The ciocolato is fine ground coffee is combined with the Dolci milk chocolate and Belgian chocolate gelato. This is topped with whipped cream (we opted to have it without the cream) and milk blossom curls. If you’re a coffee lover this is definitely for you because the coffee has a kick! Tip: mix the Gelato with the coffee and chocolate at the bottom and thank me later 😛

Mintberry Mojito (5.40) – I’ve been ordering this for as long as I can remember because it was love at first sip! This isn’t what you’d imagine, it is almost a cross between a mojito and a berry smoothie but even better. I LOVE how they’ve blended the flavours perfectly and use sorbet to give it the ice-cold yummy slush like flavour. There is lots of mint which I personally love and their so generous with their portion sizes which is always a bonus! Plus the price is so cheap given the drink and compared to other places.

What is the verict?

Haute Dolci is definitely worth the visit and thankfully for those of you in or close to Leeds you can now get there with ease. Your dining experience will have that added luxurious feel and the place is utterlyyy beautiful. This Haute Dolci is super unique in comparison to the others and I’m sure you’ll love the atmosphere and decor. The desserts are all fabulous from their quirky names to their unique style and delicious flavour. As we’ve visited most Haute Dolcis we have tried a lot on the menu so I would also recommend the Belgian waffles and their scrumptious cookie dough check out pictures from Haute Dolci Blackburn for more of a variety.

I love their drinks as they also have their own touch of unique. In particular I would recommend the Mintberry Mojito as it is so refreshing. If you’re a coffee fan I would recommend you give the Ciocolato a try.  I often visit Haute Dolci to grab a milkshake as they’re worth every penny and satisfy my cravings/ Do let us know your thoughts in the comments and share your experiences with us if you visit. I love getting new recommendations!

The Details

Haute Dolci Unti 20A The Light, The Headrow, Leeds LS1 8TL

Monday – Sunday 3-11pm

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The gift menu

the dessert menu

The drinks menu


All information was correct at the time of dining, however, we strongly recommend that you re-verify that Halal status before dining to ensure there have been no changes regarding certification/suppliers

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    19/10/2019 / 6:18 pm

    Excellent place for deserts, quality at its best friendly staff an atmosphere,

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