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The Gourmet Hut – London

New Update: At the time of dining, the poultry & meat at this restaurant‘s menu was exclusively non-stunned & hand slaughtered. However, when doing follow up checks we have found that they are no longer HMC Certified & would advise you make your own checks re supply chain

The Gourmet Hut is a fully Halal, HMC Restaurant (NOTE THIS HAS CHANGE SEE UPDATE) which is located in the East End of London, serving up Delicious Burgers, Hot Dawgs, quirky English Breakfasts/Brunch and much much more. Their menu is full of amazing surprises which will tickle your tastebuds because their Menu offers different ingredients with a slight twist which at first, you wouldn’t think that the combination will work, but it will take you by surprise and you will love it! We are always on the hunt for good burgers and the Gourmet Hut has really hit the spot! Their needs to be more Burger places like this up North because we all like to try something different! 

Once you spot TGH, You will understand why it has a “hut” in their Restaurant name. It certainly does look like a Hut from the exterior with the addition of the wood added throughout the building. It looks quite cool from the outside which makes you want to check out the interior! 

When you step foot inside, you will feel at ease straight away because it has a super cosy atmosphere. They really have tried to make the place look like a Hut by adding brick effect walls all over the exterior of the building. Dark red leather booths follows the wall round which immediately adds a warm touch. Dark brown tables and chairs are grouped together in the centre of the ‘Hut” which makes it more comfortable because you don’t want all eyes on you when you are eating! I really like the way the seating arrangements have been laid out because even though the place is small in size, it makes it feel big which is quite smart.

The team is super friendly and ensure you’re always smiling. Of course most importantly the place has the most delicious burgers and food (even better than the cool wall art outside).


Unfortunately I am yet to try the breakfast but it looks delicious and I have heard amazing things. The breakfast comes in a grill pain and contains chicken sausages, glazed turkey bacon, two hash browns, one fried egg, mushrooms, potato squares, tomato, beans, one toast, sprinkle of cheddar and parsley at £8.50. If you’re taking a visit just be aware it is cash only but there is a cash machine on the main road a 6 minute walk away.

The food

Lamb Chops £7.95 – these are marinated with delicious flavour and grilled to perfection. What I love the most is that they serve them at medium.

Honey BBQ Wings (£5.95) – Large juicy chargrilled chicken wings glazed with honey then drenched in smoky BBQ sauce and garnished with sesame seeds and parsley. These were delicious and full of flavour, the sesame seeds were a great touch. I will definitely be ordering these again.

Chicken Skewer £3.95  I was really suprised when these arrived as they were’t like anything I’ve had elsewhere. They were circular Chicken Koftas that were full of flavour and came on a skewer served with a mint sauce (which was pink!!! It made me smile).

Backyard Burger (£8.50) – A delicious beef patty topped with American cheese, red onion, honey mustard and ketchup in a yummy brioche bun. What I love the most at Gourmet Burger Hut is all of their burgers are cooked till medium which means they are not overdone and taste perfect. The cheese melts in really well and everything tastes delicious.

The Classic (£8.75) – this is their yummy beef patty which comes topped with lots of their special turkey bacon rashers. The burger comes with caramelised onion, gherkin and spicy sauce sauce. I absolutely love some flavoursome caramelised onions and turkey rashers so this burger was just what I needed.

Veggie Crunch (£7.50) – a juicy veggie patty which was full of flavour and came topped with American cheese, mushrooms, pepper, red onion, lettuce, spicy burger sauce in a yummy brioche bun. I was surprised by how delicious this was and loved that it was full of lots of toppings. Often burger places do not have vegetarian options so this made me very happy

The sides

Bacon Fries (£4.25 or £6.00) – One of the Gourmet Hut’s super sides are the skinny fries that come topped with Turkey Bacon, red onion, peppers and a smoky BBQ sauce.

Curly Fries (£2.75) – I opted for curly fries because they’re my favourite and I love that they were crispy and not too oily.




The Drinks

One of the things we always look for is a perfect mojito with the right blend of sweet to sour. The Gourmet Hut have definitely mastered the art and made the most refreshing mojito. I’ve visited more than once, and it was so good.

The verdict

Gourmet Hut is definitely worth the visit. The food is absolutely delicious. The burgers are juicy, full of flavour and made just right. Each burger is served in a yummy brioche bun grilled to perfection and it is evident the team definitely pay attention to the detail. Everything we have tried has been delicious. What makes the place even better is the prices are affordable and the food is worth every penny. On both visits we have left really full and satisfied. The breakfast also looks delicious so I cannot wait to try it. Do let us know if you’ve tried the place and what your thoughts were!

The Menu (will be added soon)

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81 Cavell St, Whitechapel, London E1 2BQ

020 7790 0715

Mon – Thurs 12:00pm – 11:00pm

Fri 2:00pm – 11:00pm

Sat & Sun 10:00am – 11:00pm


The details

Cash Only

Street parking available

No music in the restaurant.


All information was correct at the time of dining, however, we strongly recommend that you re-verify that Halal status before dining to ensure there have been no changes regarding certification/suppliers

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