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Big Moe’s Diner – The Green Menu!

Big Moe’s is a 1950’s style classic American Diner with a super authentic feel and delicious food in the heart of London. To make it even better, Big Moe’s Diner has officially launched their green menu with lots of vegan and vegetarian options! From the moment you lay eyes on the place it looks amazing. The place has ambient lighting  and red L.E.Ds throughout to add to the vibe of the place.

 I am forever amazed by the attention to detail and I always notice new things. Big Moe’s truly feels like you’ve stepped into a time machine.

On entry there is a bar with red leather stools and bright signs which is the perfect place to watch your dessert being made or have a quick drink or snack. All of the walls have super cool art and little details like the 1950’s style speakers and a juke box which adds to the magic of the place.

Throughout the diner there are red leather Chevrolet style seats which are super cool and comfy. On the end of each booth there are metal coat hooks. Big Moe’s also has a party area upstairs which is just as cool and private which is fabulous. I would definitely book there!

Not to forget the super cool car booth seating which is magical!! They have taken a 1950’s Cadillac and transformed it completely. It literally feels like you are sat in acar eating and how epic is that? I would advise you book in advance as it is very popular to sit in their (contact details are below).

I can’t put into words how cool the place ie and the pictures do not do the place justice.

The Food


Vegan Potato Skins (for one £5.65, to share £8.95) – Big Moe’s have created a vegan option of their famous delicious potato skins which come topped with mushrooms and melted vegan cheese. This is also available with normal cheese as a vegetarian dish.

They usually come with mushrooms but we opted for half with and half without so that everyone is happy.

Side Orders

Corn on the Cob (£2.95) – I absolutely love corn and Big Moe’s Diner have perfected their corn. It is chargrilled and coated with a salted butter giving it a yummy flavour. You can really taste how fresh the corn is and it still tastes yummy if you reheat it the next day.

Big Moe’s Garlic Bread (£3.85) – What better side than garlic bread? Big Moe’s have slices of garlic bread which comes topped with fresh vegetarian mozzarella cheese and baked to perfection.

Big Moe’s Garlic Mash Potato (£3.45) – Big Moe’s pride them selves on using the best ingredients and it definitely shows in the flavour. They use freshly mashed potato which is mixed with butter, cream and fresh garlic topped with a thin layer of cheddar cheese which is then lightly grilled. I must say the mash is such a large portion!


Classic Vegan Burger £10.95 – I couldn’t believe this juicy moving mountain patty was vegan. It comes with their delicious vegan mayo, ripened tomatoes and pickles all inside a freshly toasted vegan brioche bun! You can also add in their vegan cheddar cheese for extra flavour which is great and surprisingly delicious. I had never tried a mountain patty before and I was pleasantly surprised. I have to say it isn’t for everyone as it is quite a simple burger but definitely worth a try as it has been made well as it is super juicy and full of flavour. Also their vegan mayo is fabulous.


The Falafel (£11.95) – I was surprised by how yummy this was! This burger comes with a yummy baked homemade spicy chickpea patty topped with grilled tomatoes, fried aubergine, rocket and their delicious homemade piquant vegan mayo!! 

It is one of the most flavoursome vegan burgers I have had and I would definitely get it again.

All burgers are served with Big Moe’s skin on fries BUT you can upgrade them to be topped with Vegan cheddar or Sweet Potato Fries.

Vegan Fries ‘N’ Cheddar (for one £6.25, to share £9.45) – Big Moe’s fries are the best! They source the best potatoes and clean and cut them in house in a long process which gives them their delicious taste. They are served with the skin-on and it gives them so much more flavour. The fries are topped with fresh cheddar cheese and oven baked until the cheese is melted just enough. (This also available as a vegetarian dish or a side order). The fries come served with sour cream and chive sauce.

Sweet Potato Fries (£4.10 as a starter or £2.00 to upgrade) – I personally love ordering sweet potato fries instead of normal fries! I mean they are delicious, healthy and unlike many other restaurants Big Moe’s doesn’t serve them oily which is great. These are always my go to side.


Halloumi and Pomegranate Salad (£11.95) – This is one of Big Moe’s Signature dishes and it was both beautiful and yummy!! It’s perfect for instagram pictures and it’s healthy which is great! Their salads are super fresh and filling. This comes with wild rocket salad, peeled orange rings, thinly sliced avocado, topped with pomegranate seeds and halloumi cheese! The halloumi comes battered and fried which was interesting as I’ve never had this before! You can opt to remove it or alter the salad slightly. The salad comes with honey and pomegranate vinegar which is super interesting and adds to the flavour.


House Salad – This is such a flavoursome salad which comes with 3 different leaf salads and it is topped with lots of yummy vegetables. There are wedges of tomatoes, red bell peppers, fresh cucumber slices, red onions, sweetcorn, olives and lastly yummy croutons. The salad comes with a delicious thousand island dressing.

Kids Menu

Kids Vegan Nuggets (£5.95) – my little sister decided to opt for the crispy nuggets coated in a lightly seasoned batter cooked fresh to order. She LOVED them! It is lovely that they’ve got lots of options for kids and they taste delicious. They come served with hand cut chips and the portion size is super generous (We always end up with too many chips).


The lemonade at Big Moe’s Diner is my forever go to drink. Big Moe’s is the only place that I’ve been that have perfected lemonade. It’s what I’d imagine lemonade to be like in the 50’s. They actually make the lemonade fresh in house and you can really taste the difference. The lemonade is better than a mojito and you get lots of different flavours throughout. The lemonade isn’t too sweet or sour, it’s the perfect blend.

Strawberry Lemonade – All of the lemonades at Big Moe’s Diner are delicious and refreshing. I’ve tried them all now because they’re just that good but strawberry is definitely my favourite.

Chocolate Milkshake – 


Belgian Chocolate and Raspberry Torte (£6.95) – I was so mind blown by how delicious this was. This had a creamy delicious vegan chocolate torte sprinkled with raspberry powder and a rich chocolate sauce. The dessert comes with vanilla ice-cream or a lemon ice-cream as a vegan option! 

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough – I love the cute pan that the cookie dough comes in and it tastes just as good. The cookie dough is baked well and comes topped with yummy chocolate curls.

Big Moe’s has lots of different desserts that are suitable for vegetarians from waffles to cookie dough to lots of delicious cakes. There are lots of yummy ice-cream flavours available, so much so that I can never decide. Some of my favourites are their whipped vanilla ice-cream, mango sorbet, peanutella and so many other yummy flavours.

What's The Verdict?

Big Moe’s Diner has done an amazing job at creating a green menu incorporating lots of vegan and vegetarian options whilst staying authentic as an American Diner with fabulous food. I LOVE that the menu has lots of options instead of just 1 or 2 as most menus usually have. They have really thought the menu out to have something for everyone. What’s perfect is Big Moe’s has made the green menu completely separate saving you the hassle of trying to locate the suitable options. Big Moe’s Diner is perfect to go out with family and friends as their are lots of options regardless of your diet. The meat is halal and the vegan and vegetarian items are made separately to avoid cross contamination. Big Moe’s are really transparent about everything which fills me with confidence. I love that they’ve chosen some of our usual go to items such as their potato skins and given a vegan alternative. The menu has 6 burger options which is awesome. Overall I’m super impressed by the menu and I cannot wait to try out their other menu items such as the Mac ‘N’ Cheese. I would definitely recommend the falafel burger as it was super tasty. The salad also stayed fresh as I finished it 2 days after!! The drinks and desserts at Big Moe’s are AMAZING!! I would 100% recommend the strawberry lemonade or a flavour of your choice. The desserts are divine and I love that there is something for everyone. Here’s hoping they add more vegan ice-cream flavours soon and vegan milkshake.

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The Green MEnu

The Details

Opening Hours

Big Moe's Diner Newham

Unit 3 Newham Leisure Park, Jenkins Lane, Barking, Essex IG11 0AD

0203 026 0016

Sunday to Thursday 8AM - 11PM, Friday and Saturday 8AM - 12AM

Big Moe's Diner Aldgate

96 Whitechapel High Street, London, E1 7RA

0207 247 1013

Everyday 8AM - 11PM

Big Moe's Diner Wembley

Unit 96, Level 2 London designer outlet, Wembley Park Blvd, Wembley HA9 0FD

020 3026 7420

Monday to Friday 8:45AM - 10:30PM, Saturday 8AM - 11:30PM, Sunday 8AM - 10:30PM

ACCESS THEIR WEBSITE VIA http://bigmoesdiner.co.uk/

Accessible bathrooms

Delivery available via uberEats



All information was correct at the time of dining, however, we strongly recommend that you re-verify that Halal status before dining to ensure there have been no changes regarding certification/suppliers

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