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Ribeye Steakhouse – Manchester

Ribeye Steakhouse

New Update: At the time of dining, the poultry & meat at this restaurant‘s menu was exclusively However, when doing follow up checks we have found that this is no longer the case

Rib eye steakhouse manchester unfortunately now have a mixture of stunned and non stunned due to them importing premium meat from abroad (Wagyu & Creekstone Beef) which is stunned this is cooked on the same Grill as the non stunned UK sourced Angus Beef. Chicken & Lamb is still non-stunned as its sourced in the UK

Note cross contamination may be present for those who exclusively opt for non stunned only. Ribeye have a scholar who has done checks with all of their halal suppliers & have been very transparent with clarification on the above. (Date last checked 12/7/20) 

Ribeye Steakhouse is a Halal restaurant offering a selection of the worlds finest premium cuts of steaks in Manchester. Ribeye also offer a variety of chicken and vegetarian dishes for those who are not into steak food which makes it a varied menu catering to all diets.They have just opened on First Street near Indian Tiffin Room and positioned near the main road so it will be easy to find In Sha Allah. They have truly mastered the art of a fine dining experience in a wonderful setting to enable us to have a memorable time. The place is absolutely beautiful! Within an open plan feel throughout the place and beautiful lighting hanging from the high ceilings. Everything about the place feels luxurious. Their philosophy is ‘It’s All About The Food’ which I love because it definitely is for me. They ensure to use the very best beef from all around the world AND our own shores. All of the meat is well fed (but I’ll explain that properly later). The owner’s vision was to bring forward a premium dining experience for those who had never had the opportunity to experience this before in Manchester. I love that they have as there was definitely nowhere like this and I love a good steak! Not to forget their desserts are brilliant and the drinks from the dry bar are great with a real theatrical experience available at your table. At the time of dining, all meat and chicken was from previously from a non-stunned source however this has changed. We are still looking in to the transparency as we have noticed some issues. Message us for more info on our Instagram page: @halalfoosgastro 

Right from the exterior you can tell how luxurious the place is from the tall glass windows throughout the place and from its location. Upon entry the place has a blossom tree by the door which is so lovely

Ribeye has an open kitchen in the centre allowing you to watch your food on the grill. I personally love the real marble they have opted throughout the place as it looks amazing! The kitchen team do well at dealing with the open view and you can see how hard they work for amazing food.

The tables are also marble with lovely racing emerald green seating and cream leather booths. The place has 140 seats! There will also be outdoor seating for up to 40 people which is perfect for the sunshine!

The place has 2 floors which is great because I’m sure it will be super busy. The place is also fully accessible with accessible toilets on the ground floor and an entrance that isn’t limiting.

Within the place there is a booth called the ‘Manchester Bee Both’ which is decorated with the Manchester Bee all over the wall which is beautiful. 

The place was meant to have a 20 persons prayer room however due to the need for ventilation from the ground and other structural details they have had to use that area for the moment. However, the owner is in the process of getting another area built in the open space upstairs to act as a prayer room. I love the way he put it that a prayer room is what completes the place as a halal restaurant as people should be able to pray as they dine. However, they are more than accommodating in providing an area to pray.


I really LOVE that the place has a unique take on a flower wall, with a green wall with little flowers on it. It makes the perfect backdrop for the perfect Instagram pictures! I had lots of fun with the wall.

The bathrooms are lovely, with lots of separate cubicles including a tap which is nice because I love privacy! I also loved that the taps were matt black and adds to the vibe of the place. There is also brilliant lighting in the toilet. 


In terms of parking there are lots of places to park near by including pay and display street parking, an NCP carpark, a Qpark and various others which are fairly affordable and worth it for the experience of dining at Ribeye. I parked in the Qpark which was just a few minutes walking from the place to the pedestrian entrance. The carpark is also gated. Ribeye Steakhouse visitors receive a 25% discount on parking (scan your ticket at Ribeye Steakhouse to receive the discount).


The team are all hardworking and I really do not know how the chef’s handle the heat of the kitchen. Djafar Yousifi the head chef from Gran Cafe is the heart and soul of the kitchen and works so well with all of the chefs. I briefly managed to meet them after their long day and they were so lovely! All their hard work definitely pays off and you can taste the effort! All of the floor staff were lovely which is really difficult on such a busy evening especially at a pre-launch. They were really friendly and ensured we were happy throughout the night. The manager was lovely as was the owner and it was super interesting hearing all about his philosophy and how he has implemented it. Some of the staff that were especially helpful and accommodating included Naeem who explained things  really well and had the answers to all of our questions. He was also super happy and definitely made the experience even better. Tanisha was also super lovely, she always found a minute to regularly check we were okay and she managed to remember every drink they had and there are LOTS.

'It's All About The Food'

Ribeye really have food at heart, they promise to use the best cuts of meat that are well fed and locally sourced ingredients which Alhamdullilah is great. They use premium cuts of meat such as Aberdeen Angus, Wagyu and Creekstone. If you are a steak connoisseur then this will light up your eyes because you know it’s good quality stuff and you will love it! Ribeye kindly invited us to their press event where we got to taste all the food which means we didn’t choose what to order so all food below are all the tasters and this is exciting because i get to try things i never would order!


The drinks were AMAZING!!! I would definitely go back especially for the drinks. The dry bar is great as you can watch your drinks being made. They also do a theatrical drink where the bartender will make your drinks at your table and it is truly exciting!
Apple tower – This was one of MY favourite drinks. I’ve never had something quite like the apple tower. It tasted zesty with the perfect amount of sweet. 

Manchester Bee – This came in a martini glass which is always fun! I love what it stands for with its name and that it tastes sweet with a hint of sour. 

Mr bowler – This was so fun to watch it being made. This was a flamed drink and the bartender who made it was lovely and explained everything really well. He explained it is his take on an old classic minus the alcohol, made with ginger beer along with herbs, spices and finally zest. The drinks were made using smoke and fire which was great! This included the orange being heated with flames and added into the drink. 

I personally really enjoyed this drink but would advise it can be rather strong and others said it wasn’t their favourite drink. Due to the spices it was a very interesting drink and really gave me winter vibes. My little sister described this as tasting like a firework in your mouth which describes it perfectly!

First street – This was both refreshing and served beautifully! I loved the glass it came in and the use of dried lemon and limes. This was more of a neutral drink, if you’re not too much into zest and you do not want it to be too sweet.



For starters there were a few different things available which was super exciting and it smelts incredible when it all arrived to our table! Check out the selection of tasters we got below! I love the presentation and attention to detail within each dish.

Arancini Risotto Balls – These were very interesting! This was a stuffed risotto rice balls with mozzarella cheese and coated with bread crumbs and deep fried.

Chicken and Fennel Arancini – Chicken breast, chopped and mixed with fennel, then coated in bread crumbs and fried. This was yummy and really unique.

Mini Angus Beef Burger –  These were absolutely adorable. They were so cute!! They were smaller than my palm and I have tiny hands! Cant wait to try the full size one on the Main Menu. The beef burger came topped with lettuce, cherry tomatoes and a thin slice of cheese in a brioche bun which made it much more enjoyable. Surprisingly it took me while to finish the burger. It was flavoursome and well seasoned and had a kebab like taste which was different but enjoyable.


The Taster Steak plate – For the main course we were all given a slate plate with 3 different types of steak, garnished with roasted cherry tomatoes and pretty flowers! The steak came with 2 different sauces. There was Peppercorn sauce which was delicious and different to everywhere else I’ve tried it. Would definitely opt for this again. The other sauce available was a Mushroom sauce which wasn’t something I would personally opt for as it tasted very strong and was more of a bone marrow gravy, however my little sister loved it!

(Left) Wagyu Steak – This steak (on the above pic) is corn fed for 400+ days, minumum grade 5 wagyu, and kept in an open area then wet aged. This process produces intense marbling, outstanding quality and incomparable flavour. This was extremely tender with amazing subtle flavours as your would expect from premium Wagyu meat.  

(Middle) Aberdeen Angus with Truffle – This type of steak was 35 days dry aged in Himalayan pink Salt, grass fed then dry aged. The steak came with truffle in the centre and the fragrance of the truffle was apparent as soon as it hit the table. This is definitely something I will order in the future. If you’re a meat lover, this is for you! Do give it a try. 

Creek Stone Steak – The Creek Stone steak is also corn fed for 140 days, before being wet aged. It comes topped with Monterey Jack Cheese which definitely adds to the flavour. We truly enjoyed this cut of steak. 


We also tried the following selection of fries as a side with our steaks 

Thick Chips - If you aren't that into fries, Ribeye also do thick chips which are great and reminded me of homemade chips.
Sweet Potato Fries - these are my favourite so I really enjoyed them. They weren't oily at all which was great


I absolutely fell in LOVE with the dessert. You can see and taste that the patisserie chef, has put his heart into crafting delicious dessert. Whilst the desserts looked small, they were the perfect size for an enjoyable experience!

Pistachio profiteroles – These were a DELIGHT!! I cannot stop thinking about them and will definitely be going back for more. The profiteroles were super fluffy with a lovely topping that I cannot even describe. You should definitely give them a try.


Tiramisù Cake – Tiramisù comes from the Italian language, meaning “pick me up” or “cheer me up and it definitely did exactly that! I’m not usually a Tiramisu person but this was an interesting blend that tasted delicious. There was a delicious sponge with a lovely thin layer of jam topped with a lovely creamy mixture. Whilst you may expect it to be strong with a coffee flavour or cheese it was actually more creamy and a delight. 


Chocolate Truffles – There were 2 different types of truffles available for dessert both made up of dark chocolate and covered in cocoa powder and the others covered in coconut flakes. These were very strong and perfect for those who are into their chocolate!

The Main Menu

The Steak Menu



Ribeye have definitely managed to master the luxury experience and I cannot wait to visit again and try the full menu as I am sure it will be fabulous. The place is beautiful and unique and much needed in Manchester as there is nowhere that is halal, alcohol-free and this nice! The food is divine. Even if you aren’t a big steak eater the other items on the menu are delicious or you can just go for drinks and dessert ( you won’t be dissatisfied)! 


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The Details

Ribeye Steakhouse. Unit 1A, Number 8, First St, Manchester M15 4FN

0161 470 2222




All information was correct at the time of dining, however, we strongly recommend that you re-verify that Halal status before dining to ensure there have been no changes regarding certification/suppliers



  1. 12/09/2019 / 2:29 pm

    This place is definitely somewhere I’m making plans to go to when I’m in Manchester!

    I love your content and your commitment to finding establishments that do not serve alcohol or stunned meat, thank you for making it easier for us to feel more comfortable in our dining experience! And keep up the great work!

  2. Mo
    25/08/2020 / 10:18 pm

    Not one for the steak connoisseur – very average. We got the ‘Angus Beef’ Ribeye and T-Bone steaks, cooked medium rare. Although they were cooked correct, they tasted awful – rubbery and stringy with lots of gristle. It didn’t help that the steaks were paper thin. At between £25-£30 each you’d expect better. It definitely wasn’t ‘Angus beef’.

    The service was also average so overall not a good experience. A Toros level steak masquerading as a fine dining one – avoid!

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