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Grillz Steak House – Birmingham

Grillz Steak House in Birmingham is a non-stunned Restaurant on Coventry Road that serves some of the yummiest foods and luxurious, unique desserts all at budget prices. Grillz offer a wide range of food on their menu that caters to every customer’s food choices from the likes of Steaks, Burgers, Pasta, Fish, Curries, Biryani, Peri Peri Chicken and much much more! Not forgetting the scrumptious desserts that’s done by the talented chef Syed who was the owner of the spectacular restaurant once knowned as The Next Desserts! I absolutely love the place and have been back on so many occasions and ended up getting the same food because it is that good. We have the full menu pictures available at the bottom of this page but don’t miss out on what we thought of the food first!

What’s the Restaurant like?

Grillz has a lovely, cosy, feel to the place. The lighting is super cool creating a nice ambience and the seating is comfortable which is a must for me. There are lots of mirrors dispersed along the restaurant which immediately enhances the interior design. I Really liked that the vivid green flower wall contrasted really well with the theme colour of the restaurant due to it’s intense colour! Might i say, its a perfect place as a backdrop for photos and adds to your experience as a diner.

The place is so much bigger than I expected which is great as they were busy but they still seated us super quickly. There are 2 areas downstairs which was great as they tried to seat groups of men together and families and women on the other side which I personally loved. There is also an upstairs which means there is plenty of room for everyone.

The bathroom was so cute with a dark vibe and a bright feel all at the same time and the ladies/disabled bathroom is on the ground floor which is great. I also love that they keep the bathroom very clean and the cute flowers and gold decor is a cute touch to finish the place off.

What did we eat?

Lamb Chops (£8.95) – The lamb chops arrived at our table and was presented beautifully as the chops were stacked on top of each other! This is amazing finger food! They were grilled to perfection with a mint sauce smeared around the plate with a mixed leaf salad. The portion size was great for the price which made my little sister SUPER HAPPY. 

Grilled King Prawns (£11.95) – I’ve had a few bad experiences with prawns in other places and thankfully this was not one of them! The prawns were delicious and my little sister ate them all with a big smile on her face! I would definitely recommend them if you’re a prawn lover. They come with sweet chilli and mayo. They’re quite big which is great and the price is great.

Fillet Steak 250g (£19.95) – I opted for a fillet because it just tastes so good! A lot of people go for the cheaper cuts but for me I’d rather pay a little extra for less fat on the cut. Here we have 250g of lean and tender medium rare steak with a delicate flavour. Whilst it may look super pink and that can be scary if you haven’t had it before, it was actually cooked perfectly to my preference. The size of it was plenty, as I ended up taking some and it came served with creamy mash, steamed vegetables and a nice creamy pepper corn sauce.

Chicken Pasta (£5.95) – This was delicious! I loved the flavour but it was rather spicy, so, if spice isn’t for you I wouldn’t recommend it. I was really surprised by the portion size given the low price but I must say they were generous with chicken and it was super flavoursome. The pasta had an indian feel to it but I enjoyed that, it was kind of peri-periish. I didn’t manage to finish it but it was great for breakfast the day after (don’t judge me!)

Sirloin Steak 270g (£14.95) – The steak comes with a choice of either peppercorn, mushroom or curry sauce and a side at a great price. I opted for pepper corn sauce and creamy mash which went really well with the steak. The steak also came with lettuce and onion rings which was lovely. The steak was delicious and did not disappoint. 

Peri-peri chips (£2.00) – I opted for some thick chips with a peri-peri salt which were really yummy and went well with all the food.

What did you drink?

Mint Mojito (£3.95) – This was SO GOOD! It is definitely in my top 10 mojitos. The mojito had so much mint in it that it was full of flavour and just enough zest and ice. Would definitely recommend you give it a try. It went perfectly with my meal.

Fruit Punch (£3.95) – This was a combination of mixed fruit juice, sugar syrup, mint and fizz. This had quite an exotic taste and not quite to my taste, however, if you enjoy a good syrup based mojito then this is for you. I must say I found the colours pretty cool.

Chocolate Milkshake (£2.95) – You may already know how much I love milkshakes, however, they do not always satisfy my craving because of how i like mine made. This really hit the spot and I thoroughly enjoyed this. It was super chocolatey and just thick enough. 

How was the dessert? AMAZING.

Chocolate Fondant (£5.95) – This was truly amazing! I have been missing the next dessert for quite sometime and this used to be my favourite thing on the menu. I had heard that the chef trained the staff at Grillz but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. I have to say it was exactly the same, it was DELICIOUS!!! A perfect blend of chocolate and the perfect size.

I mean just look at that gooey chocolate filled centre. This comes lovely and warm with a side of vanilla ice-cream, making the perfect combination! Will definitely be going back to get this again.

Cookie Dough (£5.95) – Nothing makes me happier than when a place does a half and half cookie-dough as some of the family loves white chocolate whilst the rest only like milk chocolate. I truly enjoyed this cookie dough, it was full of flavour and just gooey enough.

Chocolate Dome (£5.95) – By far one of the COOLEST desserts I’ve ever had. I’ve been wanting to have a chocolate dome for a long time because they’re all over the internet which has got me craving one!! If you haven’t seen one it’s basically a white chocolate dome that comes with some hot melted chocolate. You then pour it over the dome and watch the magic happen.

In every video I’ve seen it then breaks in the centre perfectly. I made the mistake of not pouring it into the centre and letting it melt, instead I drizzled it around so it didn’t quite go to plan. Nonetheless, when it finally broke I was super happy. As you can see the inside of the dome is filled with lots of yummy goods. The centre had fresh berries at the bottom, some whipped cream and their yummy chocolate brownies. It also had some dried raspberries (the little pinkish/red bits on the inside of the dome) which completed the overall flavour so well!!

Churros (£5.95) – these were ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS. Good churros are hard to come by so I was super happy when I tried these. They come with milk chocolate and white chocolate. If I’m honest I was nervous to dip them into the white chocolate but the taste was great! Would 100% recommend these.

Crème brûlée (£5.95) – I was really surprised they had Crème brûlée on the menu and it made me so happy. So theirs was described pomegranate ruby and millionaire short bread which intrigued me. The majority of the dessert is custard based and the top is hardened caramelised sugar which was super fun to crack!!

What’s the verdict?

I would 100% recommend a visit to Grillz steakhouse whether that’s for food and dessert or just dessert! Just a little advice when you’re finding it there is also a place called ‘Grillz’ and that’s not the same place as I got confused! The address is below for easy navigation. Grillz is a lovely place from the atmosphere and decor to the menu. The prices aren’t too expensive which is brilliant. I was especially surprised by the dessert prices considering how amazing they taste. I’m currently sat craving every dessert I’ve had from there! Food wise there is a large variety which is always great. The prawns were fabulous and the pasta really surprised me. I loved the virgin mint mojito given it was not syrup based and similar to what I make at home, check out the recipe here. Not to forget the delicious desserts, all of them are great. Do let us know in the comments if you visit and what you try or just any feedback on this post. We love hearing from you!

Give us the details!

1018 Coventry Rd, Birmingham B25 8DP

Monday – Saturday 4 till 11 pm and Sunday 4 till 10:30 pm

Cash only (cash machine nearby)

Non-stunned at time of dining

Accessible Bathroom

Street Parking around the corner (check signs)

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the menu

the drinks menu

The dessert Menu


All information was correct at the time of dining, however, we strongly recommend that you re-verify that Halal status before dining to ensure there have been no changes regarding certification/suppliers


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