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Smashville Burger Co

Smashville Burger are known for their delicious and juicy chicken and beef burgers that are of good quality. They are based in Manchester and alhamdulillah their meat and chicken is non stunned which is a breath of fresh air as Manchester is limited when it comes to food places that are fully legit! If you’re looking for somewhere cool to visit with an amazing burger that ticks every box, Smashville burger co. is the place to be. I mean who doesn’t want to eat on a super cool double decor bus? Everything about the place is great from the delicious food to the cool decor. We also have full menu and the secret menu available below so keep on reading.

The Place

Smashville Burger Co is a unique place to eat with the WOW factor. Smashville is an actual double decor bus which has been painted black. The downstairs is the kitchen area with a window that opens to allow you to order outside. You must wait outside to order your food and on Friday’s and Saturday it can get quite busy (but it is worth the wait). You can also order at the window and wait in your car where they will bring your food once it is done.

Then upstairs has been converted into a cool and rustic looking eating floor with lovely vintage decor, tables and chairs that allows up to 30 diners. There are tables for 2, 4 and a larger booth at the back of the bus (which may make you nostalgic if you always rushed to the back of the bus with your friends on school trips!). 

Smashville is parked just by Wash & Glow car wash which can make it a bit of a challenge to get into as the food is so good there is often a long line of cars parking up or waiting for food but nonetheless, it is worth it. If you’re not confident at getting into an awkward space you can park just across the road in the side streets which is free to park (but do check the signs). 

Do make sure to take some cash with you as it is cash only but there is a cash machine fairly close by.


TOP TIP – You may not want to wear your best clothes or something that will absorb smells for ages if you are eating it, given it is a bus the smells stick to you and the bus windows can only do so much. Nonetheless, it is a small price to pay for the yummy food.

I absolutely love their attention to detail, I mean how cool is their logo on the ceiling and the hanging lighting that happens to swing as people get on an off the bus and the cool logo on the ceiling.

The Team

The Smashville team are absolutely lovely. They are friendly and make sure that all their food is of the highest standards. For example a girl ordered cheesy fries but a team member came up to ask her what she would like as an alternative as he didn’t feel they were up to quality, he also made sure to give her back her change which was admirable. They also manage the stress really well given how busy the place gets and try to make sure no-one is waiting for too long.


Let’s get to the most important part, the food, which is DELICIOUS. The menu is fairly simple which saves all the confusion of not knowing what to get. Smashville’s main focus is to use quality meat and ensure that the food is the focus hence the wait. Everything is made fresh to order so they do run out at times but everything is delicious.

The Classic Beef Burger (Single £5.49, Double £7.49) – I’ve had a lot of different beef burgers over the year and the hunt for the best is a long one but this burger has definitely made it to the top of the list.The smashed beef patties are made fresh from Abderdeen Angus and you can definitely tell from the not so perfect shape to the delicious taste.

The patties are definitely cooked to perfection with just enough of a crispy out side and slightly pink inside (not too well done). The beef burger isn’t too seasoned and the portion sizes are great. The burger is complemented really well by the cheese, brioche bun and their special smashville sauce which is a must (only 50p a tub).

The Fiesty Burger (Single £5.49, Double £7.49) –  this is Smashville’s authentic beef burger with a spicy twist. This comes topped with lots of jalapeños, some sizzled peppers and their special sauce which really adds to the flavour. The sauce is a combination of a chipotle style mayo and chilli. If you love a spicy tang this burger is definitely for you but for others in the family they thought the spice overpowered the flavour of the beef.

“Simple Sando” Chicken Burger (£4.00) – This was so so yummy. It was so good that I ended up going back the day after for another one. What makes this burger so perfect is the chicken is double-dipped in buttermilk and cooked to perfection which really adds to the flavour. I would 100% recommend this

The “DIRTY” Burger (£7.99) – This burger is from the secret menu 😉 and it is one I always end up going back to. This burger is the best of both, perfect for if you can’t decide as it includes their delicious buttermilk fried chicken and delicious beef patties. Whilst I usually do not like mixing my meats, the burgers are that good at Smashville that this burger is perfect. If it is your first trip this could be the perfect burger for you so you can try out the different flavours.

The fries at Smashville are so good! They are double fried and seasoned with salt and pepper. They complement the food so well. What makes things so confusing is all the different fries are delicious and the portion sizes are massive.

Parmesan Fries (£3.49) – These were rather unique as it isn’t something I would usually opt for. The parmesan went really well with the fries and there were so many I struggled to finish them.

Smoky Fries (£2.49) – If you’re not in the mood for something cheesy their salt and pepper smoky fries are delicious and complement the burgers so well. Their similar to peri-peri fries but better than the standard takeaway style.

Cheese Whizz Fries (£2.99) – I loved these cheesy fries. Each fry was so full of flavour and the cheese was some of the best warm cheese I’ve had.

Smashville includes one drink if you order your burger as a meal, there are lots of options for you to help yourself to.

The Verdict

Smashville is one of the best places we’ve dined at this year. The burgers are absolutely delicious. What makes the place even better is how unique it is. From it being a bus to the lovely interior and pleasant team. I would definitely recommend giving the place a visit so you can enjoy the most delicious burgers. Be sure to try out their special sauce made in house which is 50p a tub but worth it. Whether you’re not usually a burger person or haven’t had the best experiences I’d definitely advise you give burgers another try and check out Smashville Burger Co.

The Menu

The details

Wednesday – Sunday 5pm – 11pm

Monday and Tuesday Closed

210 Cheetham Hill Rd, Manchester M8 8LW

Cash Only

Parking Available


All information was correct at the time of dining, however, we strongly recommend that you re-verify that Halal status before dining to ensure there have been no changes regarding certification/suppliers

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