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Influencers Teach Instagram Course Review – IIEPD

Ever wondered how we built our following on Instagram & Facebook to over 27K then continue reading as we let you into the secret that rocketed our growth which is non other that the training & guidance the IIEPD

Now I will be the first to admit the first year when I tried to grow things on my own were a huge struggle almost like pushing a boulder up a hill. It took fun out of a passion project which almost made us give up but Alhamdulilah have been so thankful for all the help & guidance the IIEPD team has provided to us as it’s allowed us to really grow on social & streamline things in the long term so we can bring some amazing things going forward to all our amazing followers. One of the things I love most is how they pushed us to look at things more holistically & think beyond just Instagram and expand on other networks eg WhatsApp, Facebook but focusing more on our website in the long-term.


We’re all at different levels of knowledge when it comes to social media but it is undeniable that we live in a world were social media is widely used making it an incredible tool.

Sadly it can be really difficult to understand how to get yourself out there and use the vast amount of tools across all the different social media platforms. I know I’ve had numerous conversations with people about how the algorithms have changed and reduced their reach and awareness. Thankfully IIEPD have launched an Instagram training course that covers everything from the basics to the most complex parts of using social media to maximise your affect.

The course is taught by influencers who are currently doing an amazing job across their social accounts. I personally love that the course feels more reliable and I love hearing what influencers have to say about what worked for them. The course is really engaging which is great and each section holds value.

So what is the IIEPD Instagram Training course?

It is described as influencers teach Instagram which pretty much sums the course up. The course has different levels with videos explaining all the different aspects of Instagram from making an account to how to increase your following and engagement through posts and stories. What’s great about the course is it considers all levels of understanding and explains what words like engagement and reach and all the other statistics available and how to utilise them to improve your account and get more people to see your content. Their key aim is to help YOU grow your business and advance your career.

So who teaches the course?

There are lots of different influencers that are recognised internationally as well as leading marketing experts that teach the course sharing their tips and insights.

Jagoda Furtado is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger and influencer. She currently has 275 thousand followers on IG, 15 thousand subscribers on YouTube and is an amazing makeup artist. Worked with many big name brands including MAC, Huda Beauty and Anastasia.
Rowan Row is a fashion influencer who has a verified account with 1.1 million followers on IG and 21k subscribers. He also won the 2019 influencer awards in the fashion category in Monaco. Rowan has had the opportunity to work with some large brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Addidas, Cartier, Starbucks, Specsavers and many more.

Annie M is a fashion, lifestyle and travel influencer who shares her outfits daily and family life. She has worked with lots of big brands such as Ralf Lauren Pretty Little Thing, Max Mara, Harvey Nichols, Mateeno and many more. We have personally met Annie M through events and she is such a lovely soul and truly loves her life as an Influencer.

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Sophie Stanbury also has a verified account with 134 thousand followers, and she is also a TV star in ladies of London by bravo. What is amazing is she has Collaborated with the luxury handbag bag Sienna Jones which was worn by Princess Eugenie on her engagement. She has her own interior design business. She has also collaborated with, Nutella, Fabfitfun, Lowengrip, Cosmetics à la Carte. She is also currently an Ikea ambassador. I personally loved learning from Sophie’s socialite lifestyle and understand how she has achieved what she has.

How is the course structured?

There are lots of different levels of the Instagram Training course

Level 1 teaches you all the basics from making your account to understanding the story features and direct messages. Additionally, it teaches you how to find the right followers and set up a business account. One of the other key things you’ll be taught is all about branding and aesthetics which is important to understand because Instagram is a visual platform and your content is the key way to attract followers/customers.

Level 2 goes into a lot of details about how to make your content and how to grow your account. You will learn all about taking good photos, editing them and the best way to write captions. You get an in depth understanding of how to use stories to your advantage. I know I do not utilise this enough but learning all about using Instagram live, and how to get people to your web links without the swipe up feature is really helpful. You’re also taught some story tips and hacks. You will learn about IGTV and how brands utilise it. One of the key takeaways is content scheduling because doing this makes life a lot easier.  Level 2 also goes in depth about how to get your account to grow organically and ensure you find the right kind of followers without the whole follow/unfollow and buying followers. It teaches about engagement and how to build a bond with your followers. Finally, you learn about influencer marketing which is such a big thing now and how to work with influencers or as an influencer how to find brands.

Level 3 is the advanced Instagram marketing course. So this teaches you all the stuff that sounds confusing from how Instagram matters to making money doing what you love (and isn’t that the million dollar question). For me this is my favourite level because it goes into detail about how the Instagram algorithm SEO and ALT text works but more importantly tips on how to use them to your advantage. There is a section all about sponsored posts from why they are great to the how of types of ad how to set them up etc. You also learn how to utilise Instagram further for your business detailing how to set up Instagram shopping and boost your sales. Finally Level 3 teaches you how to become an Influencer. In a time where you can influence others and get paid for it this is a hot topic of conversation. I have to say IIEPD gives you an in depth insight into the how and best ways to go about your career all the way down to how to get verified. Whilst Level 3 isn’t for everyone I think it is perfect for you if you’re looking to take that step to make more money whether you’re an Influencer or a Business owner

Is it worth the money?

I know spending money on learning about Instagram can seem a bit silly and the price seems rather high on first glance. There are also so many different courses available at the moment, offering a lower price and free trials etc. however, none of them are as in depth. I’ve looked at lots of different courses but they don’t make much of a difference whilst this cause is every in depth and it is taught by different types of influencers which I personally found inspiring. Instagram can be such a powerful tool if done right or really frustrated if not done correctly.

There are different options whether you’re an influencer, blogger, YouTuber or have a business with various price plans.

Once you have enrolled on the course and successfully complete level 2. you get 2 years unlimited access with continuous updates (including new units) and access to their influencer agency network (usually £99 – £349+ per month). This means you have opportunities with big brands and to events prior to others through their business relation PR platform which can usually cost more than £99-£350 a month.. They also offer subsidised support & services through Pie Analysis Digital Agency

Get access to free PDP training worth £500. Our trainers are passionate industry specialists with up-to-date knowledge of the latest digital marketing trends. We continuously work with leading colleges, universities & teaching specialists.

The course is CPD certified which CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) 

There is also the chance to enrol on sessions with influencers which I personally find pretty cool

Entry to Exclusive Private Mastermind / Business Groups (usually £1,000 – £25,000) 

FREE Access To Webinars Delivered By International Businesses To Give You Early knowledge Of Market Entry

(usually £29 – £99+ per session)

You can pay monthly from as little as £20.79. Currently as the course has just been launched they have launched an introductory price which is around half price and worth grabbing whilst you can. 

In a nutshell it is definitely worth the money. There is nothing more frustrating than putting in lots of work but still having to go to the job you’re not that passionate about. IIEPD gives you the opportunity to monetise yourself which basically means earn money so what is really stopping you?

IIEPD have lots of different blog posts where you can see some of the great knowledge you can get from them, from what SEO is is if you’re a complete beginner and lots of growth strategies. 

You can see how the IIEPD team have put in a lot of work over the past 4 years spending over 10,000 hours in research and design over the past four years. They have ensured to talk to industry leaders, educationalists as well as training providers to ensure that the course gives you the best value. Last year the IIEPD trained students in many industries about Digital Marketing and Development.


IIEPD are also launching other modules such as Youtube, Podcasts Leadership to identifying your niche which if they are anything like the Influencers teach Instagram training course it will be brilliant.

If you have any questions about the course, Instagram or even just need a recommendation for an amazing place to eat feel free to leave a comment below or send us an email or DM ☺


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