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The Food Box – Manchester

The food box prides themselves on providing “Proper food for proper people” and most certainly manage to provide amazing food!

#HFGManchester HMC Certified

The place

From the outside, you most definitely cannot tell what The Food box is like. It looks tiny yet it seats 55 people. Even upon entering there are only 2 booths (usually full) and the kitchen is open and you wonder where you will sit. If you are eating in you will then be taken by a member of staff down a long corridor into the seating area which seats so many even though it seems like a tiny place. It honestly is like entering a secret cave, I was in awe. The seating is comfortable, perfect for both families and friends. With bamboo to decorate the place and low lighting, the place feels really comfortable. They always have child-friendly movies playing such as Finding Nemo, Finding Dory, Shark Tale I loved this framed picture reading “No Wifi, the password is 1967 and have a conversation” it was really inspiring and everyone agreed. It really triggered conversation, although we still posted on our stories! 360 views of the seating area.

The staff

Everyone at The Food Box is really friendly and mostly respectful. They ensure to try to seat families in the back and groups of men at the shopfront. That way you get a quiet stay and avoid leaving smelling of food which is most definitely a bonus. The staff come to your table to take your order which you would not expect on arrival.

The food

The menu at food box is really straightforward which I like compared to other places and I have to say made the ordering process much simpler and faster. The Food Box has adjustable grinders from Kirkland Himalayan Pink Salt &  Tellicherry Black Pepper harvested from the Malabar Coast of India. These compliment all the food really well and was a lovely way to garnish everything. The Salad at The Food Box was so good! I love that it had so many different things within it from lettuce/cucumbers to chickpeas and olives. With a side of their lovely hummus and of course lemon to top off the flavour we were so happy! Sadly the owner has removed this from the menu but with a great reason. He said that they were using quality products and heard lots of good feedback however people were not finishing the salad and there was too much waste.  Cheesy Chicken Nachos (£6.50) was to my surprise delicious. I thought the combination of grilled chicken with Nachos, Cheese, Salsa and Jalapenos. They were rather filling and shared between 3. Grilled chicken wrap (4.50) was truly delicious. The chicken is not spicy but it is flavoured to perfection. The wrap is topped with mayonnaise and lettuce and then toasted to make it crispy to bite.

Cheesy wedges and jalapenos (£4.50) were my favourite. The cheese was divine but the portion size was amazing and I may have ordered a little. We ended up taking a lot home and it still tasted good reheated.  Grilled Chicken (£4.00) with cheese and Mash (£2.50) was a nice change to a burger. It felt like I was eating at my Mums which is saying something! I loved the touch of caramelised onions and once again the portion size was so much bigger than I expected.

The Gourmet Chicken breast burger (£4.00) has the same chicken as I ordered with the mash so again delicious. But it tasted even better in a burger with the soft buns, crispy lettuce and complimenting sauce.  All burgers at The Food Box come fully loaded with lettuce, mayo, peppers, onions cheese & burger sauce so mention if there is something you do not like and they will be happy to not add it! Ultimate Roasted Lamb Mix (£9.00) included a Chicken Breast burger and Roasted Pulled Lamb. I also chose to add a side of wedges and hummus. The wedges were so good and I have to say I thought it would be strange having hummus with my meal but I mixed it iwth the pulled lamb and it was yummy. I liked the contrast of chicken to lamb and the jalapenoes really spiced up the succulent chicken breast. Ultimate Meat Filler (£10.00) is amazing! The beef pattie was succulent and the melted cheese tasted so good melted into the cheese. The roasted Pulled Lamb on the side was also yummy and made just right. Sunnah Platter for 2-3 People (£25.00) includes Roasted Pulled Lamb, Grilled Chicken Breast, Chopped Beef Steak, Fries, Rice, Mash, Melted Cheese, Coleslaw, Stir Fry Veg, Nachos & Salsa. The Sunnah platter works around the prophetic tradition that sharing food is a Sunnah said to bestow a host of blessings. We all loved this and enjoyed sharing the platter but struggled to finish it as we also got our own burgers! I loved the variety on the platter especially the mixed vegetables, chicken and lamb. The creamy coleslaw and mash were also really enjoyable and complemented the meat really well.

 The drinks

Mojito Lemon and Lime was very tangy (I mean look at the picture the drink is filled with lemons and lime) but it was not too tangy but rather tasted just right. If you like lemons this is the one for you BUT if you are sensitive to tang I’d ask them to use a little less lime. They also offer the usual soft fizzy drinks, as well as fruit juices, J2O and other fruity mix juice mocktails. The Food Box is known to make the best milkshakes although I have not yet tried them yet, so, let me know if you try one!

The verdict

The Food Box is a secret treasure. I have to say none of these pictures does the place justice. I love the way you are guided to this secret magical like place to sit and eat the food which is succulent, delicious and truly worth a visit. The staff are ever so friendly. I love that they also have the Sunnah Platter (but there is way more food than it looks like in the pictures). The portion sizes are amazing. I would most definitely recommend going to The Food Box.

HMC certified

Open – Tuesday to Sunday 4pm – 11pm

Closed – Closed

Find them at 227 Burnage Ln, Manchester M19 1FN

Contact them via 0161 442 1414 or [email protected]

Check out their website http://www.the-food-box.co.uk/

Instagram @the_food_box_burnage



All information was correct at the time of dining, however, we strongly recommend that you re-verify that Halal status before dining to ensure there have been no changes regarding certification/suppliers



  1. 31/05/2018 / 5:09 pm

    Ahh all of the food looks so delicious! Such a bad idea for me to be looking at food images when I am fasting lol.

    • 19/10/2018 / 11:52 am

      It actually tastes even better than it looks, OMG I feel your pain!

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