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Godfather Pizzeria – Batley

Update: Godfathers Pizzeria has rebranded to Salt & Crust Batley read the full new review here 

Godfather Pizzeria is a fully HMC Certified Restaurant offering Italian/American cuisine from wood-fired pizzas, authentic pasta, steaks, gourmet burgers, to mouthwatering desserts such as waffles, cakes, and churros. They have an incredibly huge variety of options from their menu to choose from and I really like that about Godfathers, because their food is just SO good that I order so many things!    

The place

Godfather Pizzeria is decorated by having wooden effect tiling fitted across the restaurant, with logs placed near the booths so that it complements the wood-fired oven. The HUGE woodfired oven is located in the same area they prepare the food. You can watch your food being made whilst the chefs having a whale of a time preparing the pizza bases which is quite nice. They have an open plan kitchen, with groups of tables surrounding it with large chairs.  If you are someone that often gets cold when eating out I would recommend you sit further back closer to the kitchen, I’ve found it to be warmer there because of the cooker. They have car parking available just outside the restaurant, but on busy weekends, its limited so you’d have to park on the side of the main road. If you do find parking within the car park, be cautious when walking to enter the restaurant especially at night or on a rainy day as there are many uneven surfaces and potholes around that area which causes puddles as its a un-lit area. Definitely needs extra caution if you have heels on ? Phone torches come in handy on dark evenings!

The staff

I like to eat there regularly to the point that the staff know me and my family! I’ll be honest I love the food at Godfathers and it is one of my favourite places to dine. There are times where the service has been disappointing but there food is of such good quality that I can not stop going there because of an odd bad experience.  The chefs are very friendly, smiling and making sure you feel welcome. There was one particular chef who was laughing and joking with us and really made us feel at home. You can also watch your pizzas being made, they literally prepare the pizza dough like how authentic Italians would make them. the Pizzas are hand stretched – they throw the base in the air and toss it around. This as an excellent way to flatten and widen the dough with minimal compression, keeping the dough light. Kids love watching this process, but hey let’s be honest, us Adults love watching just as much right?  On one of my visits, things got a little crazy with a group of customers who were sat opposite the kitchen area. A customer said to throw the base here and the chef threw it at them. That was a sight to see! As you can tell the chefs do try to make sure you enjoy your experience   The Food As I mentioned before, I do come here regularly so I know what to order and my choice of food is common through every visit because I know what will always taste good! Sometimes I am quite apprehensive about trying new things but let me tell you about the things worth trying! So let’s start off with the pizzas seeing as though its a Pizzeria! Their pizzas are made fresh to order using quality ingredients. For starters we always go for the Garlic Bread Pizza because it just tastes so good! We asked for extra chillies on top which gave a fiery kick! It is great for sharing with family and friends or else you will be too full by the time mains arrive! Carb overload! The main thing I love about the garlic bread is the cheese because of the quality of the product. You will have to order this yourself and try it so then you would know what I’m talking about. It is divine! The pizza dough base possesses a well-balanced texture of soft and crispiness, you can really notice that it is freshly made just from how it tastes. But of course, watching it being prepared confirms how fresh and handmade the pizzas are. They have their own authentic Italian recipe for the pizza dough. The melted cheese is so delicious and gooey, not the kind of cheap plastic cheese you would get in other places. The Bollywood Pizza. Spicy Indian tikka base, marinated tandoori chicken, fresh green chillies, red onions, diced fresh tomatoes, red bell peppers, garnished with fresh coriander. We went half an half and got the other half with meatballs as it is my favourite combination. The meatballs are full of flavour and so juicy that it goes really well with the pizza. Normally I would not opt for meat on pizza but whenever we dine at GodFathers, it is a must! The chicken tikka is also delicious containing huge amounts of flavour and it goes really well with the gooey melted cheese. Mmm! I highly recommend ordering pizza if you do visit! Although I could not taste the spice coming through the tikka base, the pizza itself is absolutely delicious!   GodFathers Pizzeria have a wide selection menu, not just pizza, where you can order anything to your liking apart from curry! For those who are vegetarian, there are delicious dishes which you can opt for. These are some of my recommendations: Potato skins, tagliatelle funghi, garlic bread pizza, greek salad. Its safe to say that there’s something for everyone! They are going to be changing the menu soon and they will be adding new stuff on the menu. In one of our visits, we were lucky enough to taste one of their options on the menu. The chef was very passionate about his food and the future plans of the restaurant. We were lucky enough to try the Lamb Special. The Lamb Special (above) contained tender pieces of lamb in a special spicy masala with pickled shallots, sat on top of a bed of zeera (cumin) pilau rice, topped with a mixture of salad, poured over with Raita, accompanied with a side of bread. (Phew, that was a mouthful!) I have never tasted a dish like this before and, it was one of my favourite dishes! There was nothing to fault about this dish other than I wish there was more. The lamb was tender and succulent, it melted like butter in my mouth, possessing huge amounts of flavour, whilst the sauce married well with the lamb and it really lifted the whole dish. The pickled shallots were brined in a tangy kind of sauce which I thought was a strange combination before I tried it but wow I was taken aback by how it tasted. The shallots created a set of subtle flavours because of the brining process and it really added flavour to the dish. I really loved it and I am looking forward to what the new chefs are going to be bringing to the table in sha Allah soon and how the new chefs will be creating new, exquisite dishes! They seemed very passionate! Dough Balls – Delicious soft dough balls covered in garlic and drizzled with balsamic vinegar and sprinkled with parsley. These dough balls are soft and fluffy in texture, easy to bite into. These go down so well with my mum and it’s literally the first thing she orders. She devours them all before anyone else. It is one of my favourite starters on the menu because they are just mouthwatering! Potato Skins with sour cream and chive,  chicken tikka topped with cheese and red onions topped with cheese. Potato skins are made by first baking the whole potato in the oven, after its cooked, you cut it in the half then scoop most of the potato out but only leaving a small amount in. then top it with whatever topping you fancy and bake further until toppings are cooked. These are my favourite starter and I always order these whenever I visit. The potato at the bottom is honestly so soft and fluffy! Tagliatelle Funghi – Tagliatelle pasta is cooked in garlic and cream sauce with mushrooms and onions. I asked for the mushrooms to be removed because I am not too fond of them. Don’t judge me! The cream sauce is rich yet velvety and it is so delicious! The pasta in Godfather is probably my favourite place to satisfy my cravings. They have an array of pasta options to choose from and they are well known for their pasta and it’s my go-to option when I’m craving a nice big bowl of pasta goodness! Each dish is so unique even if they use the same ingredients. This is again one of my favourite kinds of pasta. If you’re about that creamy garlicky pasta life, this one’s for you and you will thank me! Tagliatelle con Spezzatino – Cooked with chunks of beef, onions, peas, flavoured with garlic in a creamy sauce and sprinkled with parsley. This dish proved to be moreish and tasty yet it might not be to your taste as the size of the beef chunks were quite big. Although I found it quite appetising! The splash of the cream sauce really does it for me because I love creamy pasta and this genuinely tastes so good. I’ve not been to a restaurant and loved their pasta just as much as I love it from Godfathers. Lamb Donner is served alongside Piri Piri rice, served with pitta bread and side of salad. Now, I am a donner fan but it can be really tricky to find authentic, non-stunned donner, but, when this arrived at the table, I was pleasantly surprised at how it was served. Often when you go to a donner place, the donner contains mostly fat, with a mixture of the low-quality lamb and it is off-putting. When I first tried this I was pleasantly surprised that it tasted clean and juicy. Tandoori marinated chicken pieces, grilled to perfection with peppers and onions, served on a bamboo skewer accompanied with a side of Piri Piri rice, warm pitta, salad and a wedge of lemon. This stole the limelight with the exceptional, juicy chicken, it was so moist and offered pleasant flavours. This dish delivered huge amounts of flavour because the chicken itself was succulent and cooked to perfection, it was not tough and chalky. This goes so well with the Piri-Piri rice and the pitta bread. However I found that the rice was lacking with the Piri-Piri flavour but despite this, it still stands as one of my favourite dishes and I definitely recommend to order this. Every time I order this, it always delivers well and I am never disappointed. Greek Salad. Freshly chopped Vine tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, red onions and olives, drizzled with olive oil, sprinkled with chilli flakes with feta cheese sat on top with a fresh sprig of basil. This tasted amazing and the veggies were freshly cut and prepped in-house. You can’t beat a good salad! Tandoori Chicken and Lamb Donner Calzone. A Calzone is just a pizza which is folded over. This contains rosemary potato, peppers, Chef’s special sauce, sweetcorn, red onions, topped with spring onions and herbs and melted with Mozzarella cheese. This is delicious. One of the yummiest Calzones I have had! Chicken Sizzler. This was absolutely dishes, definitely beats the sizzlers in sizzling palate in Bolton! An assortment accompaniment of Rice, noodles, chips, tender of chicken, veggies, served with cheese, peppercorn sauce and a cream sauce. This proved to be sensationally and equally enjoyable amongst the family, producing an intense flavour of the chicken working alongside all the other combinations added to the dish.

The drinks

The Godfathers Special. This drink combined flavours of mint, lime and syrup, served in a mason jar with a slice of lemon sat on the top. I really enjoyed this drink because it was not syrupy and sickly sweet which usually is a disappointment for me. It was just the right textures and the consistency of the flavours really pulled through. Definitely a recurring option when I visit!

The dessert

Cinnamon Churros.  Freshly fried doughy churros served with a pot of melted Nutella and sprinkled with cinnamon and icing sugar.  Recently I have gotten into churros and I like to try them in different places, I have had oily and greasy ones which were pretty gross and I have had soft and crispy ones. These churros are definitely on the top of my list. It has the perfect balance between soft and crispy, tearing perfectly in the mouth, whilst providing a delicate crunch. Fried Ice Cream. This was like a churro on the outside that had hints of cinnamon and sugar with ice-cream in the middle.  I was apprehensive before I ordered this because I did not know how the ice cream would taste in the middle. Much to my surprise, I actually loved it! This is an ice cream binge sugar-based extravaganza! Godfathers pizzeria also do American waffles that are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. I am quite fussy when I order waffles as in most dessert places they serve it stoggy. But I really enjoy the waffles here!

The verdict

Overall I would definitely recommend to try this place out if you haven’t. The only thing I would say is that the service is quite lacking, so you have to bear patience. However, they are improving slowly but surely, in sha Allah they will get there. But the food is spot on. However, in some of my visits, the food has been lacking too but they always seem to pull it through when i visit again. The pricing is quite reasonably priced given its a restaurant with the quality of the food. Alhamdulillah, they have a small prayer room available (enough for one person) upstairs, however, unfortunately, they don’t have pardah seating available. They do accept card payment sometimes but it’s better to have cash with you as the card machines does not work. I would definitely recommend Godfathers. Let me know if you visit!

The details

Location = Address: 604C Bradford Road, Batley, WF17 8HA

Contact them via 01924 470333 (To book a table, it is best to give a call between 11am and 11pm)

Access their website via http://godfatherpizzeria.co.uk/

Key Features

 Small prayer room

Car park available outside the restaurant

No pardah booths

No card payment, cash only

HMC Certified



All information was correct at the time of dining, however, we strongly recommend that you re-verify that Halal status before dining to ensure there have been no changes regarding certification/suppliers


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