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Tribez Steak Grill

Tribez Steakhouse & Grill is a hidden gem that is based in Bolton. Their focus is centred around delivering fresh and good quality ingredients. There is nothing else in Bolton that hits the mark than the food at Tribez because, in Bolton, you won’t find any food that can compare to them which makes them stand out from other food places. The Tribez Menu is themed around African cuisine as well as dishes that can cater to all customers. 

They offer a plethora of dishes such as African Steaks that also include the popular Aberdeen Angus breed of cow, Donner, unique prawn dishes with an African twist for all you Prawn lovers, fresh salads for non-meat lovers, Pizza’s, Gourmet Burgers and much more.

Tribez also have a unique lunchtime menu, and by popular demand they can offer items from the lunch menu, in the evening. To view the full Tribez menu, click the button below. Alhamdulillah Tribez is HMC Certified which ensures that all Meat and Chicken products served here are fully halal and non-stunned with hand Zabah. Tribez also has free parking along the main road and road the corner.

the place

Tribez has a rustic interior with comfortable booths offering some privacy for families and groups. The wooden tables and chairs add a real rustic feel to the place. Tribez is super spacious which I love as there is distance between guests (perfect for pandemic dining). Tribez has pendant lighting which really adds to the vibe along with tribal frames throughout the place.

The Tribez team do an amazing job at keeping the place clean and the atmosphere is lovely.


To make Tribez even better there is a lovely prayer room downstairs which is really specious (perfect with social distancing rules). This just makes dining more enjoyable as you can plan in you salah into your visit.

There is also a sink to allow you to do your wudhu with ease.


the Food

Halloumi Cheese Salad – We decided to give the salad a try for the change, it isn’t everyday that you find Halloumi at a restaurant in Bolton and it was honestly delicious.

Garlic Bread With Cheese – I LOVE garlic bread with cheese and I was super impressed by how good this was. It was the perfect compliment to the meal

Grilled King Prawns – I’m usually quite particular about how I like my prawns but these were so good that we ended up ordering more. They were absolutely delicious 🤤. They are full of flavour and just enough spice. I would definitely recommend.

Lamb Chops at Tribez are cooked to perfection. The chops ooze with juice and just enough spice leaving you wanting more. The meat is just soft enough that it comes off the bone perfectly.

So the most delicious thing at Tribez is definitely the steak. Tribez have the finest cuts of steak and have perfected the art of cooking. It is so refreshing to find somewhere in Bolton that serves delicious steak.

The steak is cooked in a unique African style making the texture slightly different. However you get your steak cooked, you can trust that the chef will ensure the steak is made just right 😻

If you’ve been reading our reviews for a while or you follow us @halalfoodgastro we love a good burger and we are quite particular. The burger at Tribez truly surprised us and was worth every penny. We would highly recommend you try out their juicy beef burgers that come fully loaded and with yummy chips.

Tribez have a range of burgers including vegetarian options.

The beef has just enough spice leaving you craving more after the first bite. The burger is complimented perfectly by the delicious brioche bun, yummy slice of cheese,  perfectly fried egg and freshly cut salad.

Peri-Peri Chicken – For all you chicken lovers the quarter, half or full chicken is a great option with succulent breasts and flavoursome legs full of flavour. The peri-peri flavouring is really yummy and just spicy enough!

Lemon and Herb Chicken – as we decided to opt for a full chicken we gave the lemon and herb a try which was an interesting change from the rest of the menu. It was really flavoursome and the pieces of chicken were really generous.

Tribez Signature Salad (£7.95) – It isn’t often you get a good salad that looks as good as it tastes but Tribez have managed to create a delicious blend. The salad includes a mix of fresh salad, with some delicious grilled pieces of  chicken, halloumi and pineapple. Along with fresh mango chunks and a drizzle of the delicious secret African sauce.

Tribez serves yummy creamy mash along with various other delicious sides at an affordable price, such as sweet potato fries and garlic bread.

The verdict

Tribez is one of our favourite places to dine in Bolton. It is truly a hidden gem with delicious food including steak made in a unique African style to the flavoursome spicy prawns. Tribez have managed to add a little luxury to Bolton with their fine cuts of meat and variety of dishes. There truly is something for everyone at Tribez. They have kept the ingredients to a high quality whilst also keeping prices affordable.  Alhamdullilah you can dine with peace of mind as the place is HMC certified and they have a prayer room to make your experience even better. The owners and team are lovely which makes each time we dine even better. We would definitely recommend a visit.

Saturday 12–10pm

Sunday 12–10pm

Monday 12–10pm

Tuesday 12–10pm

Wednesday 12–10pm

Thursday 12–10pm

Friday 12–10pm

01204 776140

242 Halliwell Rd, Bolton BL1 3QD

The menu


All information was correct at the time of dining, however, we strongly recommend that you re-verify that Halal status before dining to ensure there have been no changes regarding certification/suppliers

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