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Ice Stone Gelato

IceStone Gelato is a Halal Dessert Restaurant with an unravelled range of Gelatos, Hot Puddings, Cakes, Drinks and Desserts to choose from. Icestone Gelato was first born in the heart of Yorkshire – Bradford. They now have numerous franchises spread across the UK, including Bradford, Batley, Birmingham, Manchester and their latest branch in Liverpool. The menu is pretty much the same across all the branches (menu pictures are below to save you the hassle of what to order). IceStone specialises in Gelato as oppose to usual ice cream where the Gelato is made differently. Yes! There is a difference between the two, it’s exciting to try all the Gelato flavours and work out which is your FAV! They now have a Gluten-Free menu too.

The Desserts – Ice Stone has so many different dessert options that I always struggle to choose what to order! There are lots of options available from the fridge section, from cakes, brownies, profiteroles and much more that you can choose from their fridge at the front.

Their gelatos are divine! I guess I now understand why the place is called Ice Stone gelato. The flavours are amazing and they are so many different types! Choosing takes forever for me. They also do a few sorbet flavours which can also be fun such as lemon and mango. They look amazing and they scream “Devour me”

Over the years Ice-stone has just got better and better. Their dessert is both visual appealing and tastes divine. I’m always torn between taking lots of pictures and just eating because everything is so good!

Chocolate Sponge Cake with Custard – This is one of my ALL TIME FAVOURITES for YEARS. It is definitely a must to order. My little sister loves this dessert and always order this! The cake is baked to perfection and too good to describe. The portion size is also massive!

Ice Stone “Create your own” Creation –You get to pick your two favourite Gelato combination along with 2 toppings and sauces. All of them are then mixed together on a frozen Ice Stone which is lots of fun to watch. Over the years I have tried a few different options at various branches but I have managed to create my own combination. My favourite combination is the Belgian Chocolate Gelato and Cappuccino Gelato along with dark chocolate curls and a cone. I enjoy smashing up the cone and mixing it into the yummy combination. If you enjoy coffee and chocolate you need to give this a try and let me know what you think!

This is how the creation usually served in a wafer basket, however i opted mine with a cone as this is my preference

Jam Roly Poly with Custard – This is by far one of my favourite back to school style dessert. It is way better than what I had as a child and I never thought I would say that! I’ve tried the jam roly poly from so many different places but Ice-stone have by far done it best. I have travelled over 30 miles just to get this! The cake is thin and fluffy with the perfect amount of jam. To make it more perfect their custard is so yummy. I have often ordered extra for the next day and it still tastes just as good.

Apple Crumble – This really takes me back to childhood. Absolutely loved the ratio of apple to crumble if that makes sense? The apple crumble tasted so good with a lovely texture. It felt like it had just come out of the oven.

Milk Chocolate Cookie Dough –drizzled with Nutella and Strawberries. I often opt for it with vanilla ice-cream. This tastes delicious, I love how thin, gooey yet crispy it is made. Definitely worth trying. Also the serving is much more generous than it looks in the picture making it great value for money.

Crepe – I absolutely love crepes but often they are either too thick or do not have enough of something but Ice-stone has made this just right. I love the Nutella and white chocolate crepe served with vanilla ice-cream and fresh strawberries. It is thick enough for it not to rip up quickly, they are more than generous with their toppings which I personal LOVE. The crepe is fluffy and sweet enough even without all the chocolate (that doesn’t stop me!)

Chocolate Fondue – SO delicious! and comes with a candle to keep the melted Belgian chocolate warm (although once it is warm I would advise blowing out the candle because the chocolate will start to burn and go hard). The fondue comes with lots of different topping options and my personal favourites are the marshmallows (finding halal marshmallows has always been so hard!), the strawberries and brownies are also great. Not to forget their profiteroles when available are DELICIOUS as you can add the perfect amount of chocolate.

Ferrero Rocher Freakshake – Loved this thick Ferrero thick milkshake drizzled with Nutella, crushed nuts, Ferrero Rocher pieces and finally a massive Ferrero gateaux slice. This was really delicious particularly the mouth-watering cake that I struggled to finish

The Menu – Icestones menu is so vast but I admire that they manage to remain consistency through all branches. They have all your amazing back to school classics like Jam roly-poly, chocolate cake and custard and apple crumble. They also now have a gluten free menu which is great for those who have a tolerance which means you can still enjoy desserts without feeling left out. How amazing is that?!

The Team  – The staff at Ice Stone try their utmost in order to make everything perfect. However, at times, I have had a few hiccups with my order but they are quick to rectify it. They are super polite and ensure you are happy. The place is really cosy and the staff are always efficient and busy perfecting the desserts.

The Verdict – Ice Stone has over the years been consistently amazing. All of the branches serve delicious desserts that both looks good but tastes even better. I love that Ice Stone has such a variety of desserts and have their own take on good dessert. One of the things that makes them unique and is definitely worth a try is their Create Your Own Creations. It’s super fun watching them being made and they taste even better. I would also highly recommenced their Jam Roly Poly and Chocolate Cake with Custard. Even still everything from Ice Stone is AMAZING. I would definitely advise you to give them a visit and hopefully, there is a branch near you (all the details are below and on our interactive halal food map). The design of each store are also really cute especially their latest branch in Liverpool (pics are below).

The Details

Access their website via icestoneliverpool.co.uk

Order via just-eat or deliveroo or foodhub (West Yorkshire)

All branches tend to do take-out only in the last hour just so you know! I hate that disappointment. Also they turn off the ice-stone to clean it in the last hour or two (it always confuses me cause in that moment that is all I want!)


Find them at 35-37 Commercial St, Batley WF17 5EP

Open: Mon – Thurs and Sunday 2am – 2pm  Fri: 12pm – 1am    Sat: 12pm – 1am

Delivery number: 01924 423786

Collection number: 477444



The IceStone Batley branch has recently been decorated to make it even better.

The velvet interior throughout the place is really pretty. But I LOVE that their is lots of seatinga vailable.

Finally making the place EVEN BETTER is their recent addition of a prayer room. I absolutely love the calligraphy on the wall.


Contact them via 0151 708 5692

Find them at Unit 2, Queen Square, Liverpool L1 1RH

Open Monday – Sunday 11 am -11 pm

IceStone Liverpool is absolutely beautiful! It is located on top of Five Guys (there is an accessible way up without having to use the stairs.

The place is massive with lots of seating available so that you will barely have to wait!

The place has been decorated beautifully with bright blue and pink colours. I also love that the place has been designed in such a way that you have privacy wherever you are seated which is really nice as you don’t have to have awkward eye contact with the person next to you. Also a tip for those who wear Pardah, in some booths and seating areas, you can position yourself in a way that you can lift it up with ease whilst you eat.

Their velvet seating looks so luxurious that it really adds to the experience. In particular these corner booths which act as the perfect place for pictures.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE Nobody Has To Know neon sign which is by the exit because there is no need to feel guilty about your dessert!


Contact them via0161 273 4666

Find them at 131 Oxford Rd, Manchester M1 7DY

Open Monday – Friday 11am – 1am Saturday and Sunday 12 am – 1 am

Bradford (2 branches)

Find them at 725 Leeds Rd, Bradford BD3 8DG; Contact them via 01274 656000

Find them at 304-306 Great Horton Rd, Bradford BD7 1PU; Contact them via 01274 722900

Both Branches are Open Everyday 1 pm – 1 am


Contact them via01484 540507

Find them at 1 – 9 John William Street, Huddersfield HD1 1BR

Open Monday – Sunday 9 am – 9:45 am then 11 am – 12 am


Contact them via01244 319444

Find them at 59 Bridge St, Chester CH1 1NG

Open everyday 10:30 am – 11 pm


Contact them via 01274 745111

Find them at Unit C, Springmill Street, Bradford, West Yorkshire BD5 7HF

Open Sunday – Thursday 5 pm – 12 am Friday and Saturday 5 pm – 1 am


All information was correct at the time of dining, however, we strongly recommend that you re-verify that Halal status before dining to ensure there have been no changes regarding certification/suppliers

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