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Fargo’s Food Factory – Birmingham

Fargo’s Food Factory is an HMC certified restaurant located on the infamous Ladypool Road Birmingham. Fargo’s was opened with the idea of serving family food that is freshly made for you. They have definitely managed to do that by creating a cosy restaurant that serves nice fresh food. They have a range of Burgers, Pizzas, Burritos, Mocktails along with a Halal Global Tapas Menu so don’t worry there’s something for everyone!

The Place

Fargo’s is located in the heart of Birmingham’s ‘Halal Quarter’ and it’s definitely worth a try but I will get to that in a minute.

The place has a rustic vibe with a factory theme running through all aspects, from corrugated sheet metal giving an industrial feel to the menu keeping with the theme factory of the restaurant. They also have lots of cool quotes on the wall such as ‘go on you know you want to’ which if I am honest made me order that bit more. 😛

The Staff

The service at Fargo’s is decent, everyone is always smiling. Management have really ensured to focus on the food and managed to improve their recipes over the years. Shout-out to the chef(s) for making that yummy food!

The Food

Okay, so this is the important part. Fargo’s Food Factory have tried to make sure that everything is of a high standard. All the dishes are prepped fresh to order from cutting the fries, hand pressing the burger patties to smashing the guacamole.

Factory Nachos (£3.50 – small) – Corn tortilla chips, grated cheese, tomato salsa, guacamole, sour cream, pickled jalapenos, spring onions

3 Tapas (£8.00) – Fargos’s have an option available described as Global Tapas. This means you can either have one dish, 3 dishes or 6. This is perfect for sharing or if you just do not know what you are feeling. I love that they have met the idea of global with a few different options from a variety of parts of the world. I must say I love the tiny plates that they come in and that even still the portion sizes are decent.

Garlic & Mozarella Flat Bread – This is a yummy bread that has been baked with garlic and herb butter (which I have never had before) and buffalo mozzarella (which is so yummy, I know the name sounds odd but it was one of the best cheese on a pizza). This doesn’t look that great but it tastes good.

Crispy Peatato Balls – I was so curious as to what this tastes like upon reading the punny name on the menu (which I must say I am a sucker for). Turns out it is potato and peas flavoured with south Asian spice which is battered turned into a bitesize (it is a few bites for me) dumpling. This came served with a chilli chutney which goes well with the balls. These were quite different to anything I have had before and are definitely for certain people with a Chinese food vibe. 

Chuck’s Chicken Strips – Chicken tenders that are flavoursome and fried, served on a stick for ease and less mess (if you are lucky) when eating. They come with a side of ranch mayo. I quite liked the stick idea, stops your hands from getting as messy and thought these were a nice filler and loved the cute small size of them. 

Jnr Stix (£3.50) – 3 fried coated chicken tenders that come served with chunky fries and a sugar-free cordial. There is just enough to satisfy your craving of fried food so that you do not overeat! 

Firecracker Chicken Noodles (£8.00) – So I have to say I love that these noodles look good because who doesn’t love when food looks #nstagrammable? But more importantly, these egg noodles are yummy, sizzled in a soy-based firecracker sauce with lightly seasoned chicken breast, mixed peppers, mange tout, and both red and green chilli. I love the garnishings of spring onion, toasted sesame seeds (they are yummy) and lime. I really enjoyed this dish because I LOVE good noodles and they are difficult to come by.

The Drinks

Strawberry Mojito (£4.00) – I always enjoy a good mojito and this has the classic taste you would expect, sweet yet zesty just as it should be with lots of lime, mint and some fresh strawberry. 

Strathmore Still Spring Water (£2.50 – large) – It may sound odd me putting this on the post but it was the only other drink I ordered and I have to say I love Strathmore water!

The verdict

Fargo’s Food Factory is great for when you do not quite want a take away but you also do not want to go for a super fancy meal. The place is family orientated with some quirky decor. The food is affordable and the menu has lots of variety laid out in a cool way! I have to say my favourite thing is the option for tapas because halal taps options are not so common! Everything we ate was decent and the punny walls make the visit worthwhile.

The Details

Find them at 377 Ladypool Rd, Birmingham, B12 8LA

Open: Sunday – Thursday 1 pm – 11 pm | Friday 2 pm – 12 am | Saturday 1pm – 12am

Contact them via 0121 449 3483 or [email protected]

Find their social media @fargosfood

Access their website via http://www.fargosfood.co.uk/

Table reservations available 

HMC Halal Certified



All information was correct at the time of dining, however, we strongly recommend that you re-verify that Halal status before dining to ensure there have been no changes regarding certification/suppliers


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  1. Shaheen
    29/04/2019 / 8:26 pm

    just want to say thank you for recommending shahi qila in Birmingham. We went today as a family and ordered lamb karahi and the large grilled platter. The food tasted amazing esp the karahi. The naans were delicious too. We wanted a proper desi place and it was exactly that. The atmosphere was nice and the customer service was lovely.

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